April 23, 2014

Java Talk: What We Do To Make A New Space Our Own

When you move to a new place, what is one of the first things you do to put your stamp on your new home? Do you put a welcoming wreath on the front door? Put your name on the mail box? Start bringing out your collections to display?

Well, here is one of the very first things I do that makes me feel like I'm truly home. I pick up some cheap but strong coffee beans at the store. I wash and dry a vintage mason jar. And then I fill it with the aromatic coffee beans, and stick a tapered candle in it. Then I light it. 

That's how I know I'm home. No matter where I hang my apron, that first scent when I light it is so delightfully wonderful. Because I love the smell of coffee. I enjoy my coffee every morning. 

This is my ritual. 

I unpack boxes. Put books in the book shelves. Hang my clothes and set up my kitchen and bathroom. But that's what everyone has to do. 

The candle is my treat to myself. It will sit on my stove and from time to time I will light it. Especially on rainy days when storm clouds are hovering and rain pounds on the roof. A lit candle makes a place seem so cozy. 

Okay, it's your turn. How do you make a house your home? What little things are so important that you tend to repeat them in every new dwelling? 

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April 22, 2014

The Plants I Brought Are Perking Up Nicely

We had thunderstorms last night. As I watched The Blacklist, thunder rumbled. This morning I went out to the patio to check on the plants I brought from the other house. 

The hostas I put in one pot. Now it's clear I'm going to have to go get soil and divide them up. They're coming up at a fast rate and I don't want them crowded. Plus there are different varieties in there that I want separated.

They were just tiny when I dug them up. Now look at them!

(I guess you notice the big heavy piece of driftwood. Yes, I was so lucky to be able to bring it with me. I didn't think I was going to get to, for it is SO heavy. But Pam's son picked it up with one hand and put it in the pickup.)

Though the plants looked a little droopy for a few days, now they're looking pretty good. I managed to chop out some of the lemon balm from what had become a big mass in the fence garden. Wish I could have brought it all.

One of my two roses looks like it's maybe going to bloom. I gave the one in the ground to Pam to plant at her house. 

I dug up some of the cannas that were there when I moved in. They're in a pot now. Not quite sure how I'm going to handle them. They get so tall.


These daisies were in one of the big galvanized tubs. They did not even start coming up till toward the end of last summer, and never got to the point of blooming. I was just sure the harsh winter had killed them, but here they are!

Peppermint and these little golden pennies (I think they're called). I just dug some of these up for a new start here so it is one less thing I have to buy that I truly love to plant. Just like all the others I brought that of course many of you sent to me. I forgot to take a photo of the two tubs of irises and daylilies, for example.

I decided to bring some of the wild violets that tend to like the shade. They looked so pretty when I dug them up. Not blooming here yet.

And here is the sturdy little tree that helped guide Pam's son in traffic by sticking up so high in her truck. A commenter said to trim it a couple of inches, so I'm going to get out there this evening after the sun has gone down and do that. 

It shares a pot with this ajuga. I got a few others. Lambs Ear, for one, but it's looking a little stunted. I can't wait to get this place under control enough to go out and get some annuals to jazz things up. 

I ordered a light-weight hose and good hose nozzle from Gardener's Supply. So I'm waiting for that to come. The hoses I have out there I have picked up locally and they just don't last more than a season or so. So I'm anxious to try this one from Gardener's Supply. 

Tomorrow is Java Talk. Since I've got moving and such on the brain, I thought we could talk about what we do individually when we move to put our own stamp on our new digs. Maybe some of you have only moved once or twice. I've moved a lot. And I have my own little ritual I always do to make the new place feel like home. 

See ya in the morning with my cup of coffee.

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April 20, 2014

Tweak It Tuesday #86

Last time on Tweak It Tuesday (2 weeks ago due to my move), My 1929 Charmer displayed a sweet spring vignette.

We Call It Junkin showed off this tablescape for springtime.

Making Our Sustainable Life showed what spring looks like in their neck of the woods.

Cottage Making Mommy made this banana pudding poke cake dessert. Yum!

A Vintage Green showed off some green pretties!

Hello Little Home made some Mango Yogurt Breakfast Parfait.

Simply Fresh Vintage showed us her spring tulip quilt.

Maison de Pax created a DIY stairwell bookcase from reclaimed wood.

Hill House Homestead named this Ugly bread. But it sure does look good to me!

Sharing Shadymont displayed a spring vignette.

Elizabeth & Co. painted this gorgeous piece of furniture.

What a stroke of genius for DIY Passion to create this paint chip artwork!

A Cultivated Nest has really sprung into spring!

Scribbler Unfocused has such a beautiful place to relax and sip some ice cold tea.

Ms. Moozys created a coffee table out of pallets.

Okay, Tweakers, let's see what you've got this week!

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