April 16, 2014

After The Move

The internet is now working! Above you see a different setting for the potting bench than you saw before. Only thing is, I purchased this rooster fountain from Decor Steals, but it is missing the fitting that connects the tubing to the rooster, so I can't try it out!

I've emailed them, so hopefully they'll send it to me. I'm excited to see what it looks like working.

I'm exhausted. Judy and John are beyond exhausted. Today I feel like I was blown from one end of Oklahoma to the other. I'm not getting as much done as yesterday because frankly, I'm just pooped out. 

But I will be on this decorating thing so fast your head will spin. I have all kinds of ideas for this place that you have not seen at my digs before. I have high hopes for this small 1960s place that could use some updating. On a renter's budget of course!

I plan to write more posts about small changes that pack a big punch. Because lots of us are at the point in our lives where we're scaling down and trying to live a life on less. It is possible to take a standard patio home dwelling and put your own mark on it. Or a studio apartment or any place else.

You just have to look at the glass as half full instead of half empty, and use your imagination. Look at it as a challenge and have fun with it. 

I am excited to tell you that I am writing from my new desk, which is one of my old sewing machine tables. Because it is smaller. And guess what? I'm looking out on my very cluttered but filled-with-possibilities patio! 

Yes, I can sit here and write to you and gaze out at my beautiful space. That is...when it actually IS a beautiful space. Right now it's a jumble of things.

I want to get more done inside first. And do you know what this crazy Oklahoma weather is up to? I had to cover my plants that are clustered together out there, waiting to be repotted with pretty colorful annuals and given new life. The wind is blowing like crazy.

The day before yesterday, Judy and I carted things over here in the snow! And I was wearing shorts because I don't have enough sense to check the weather, and had most of my clothes over here already. 

This is for Judy. My rock. My port in the storm. My very bestest best friend. Who has gone above and beyond the call of duty of any friendship so many times now I have lost count. Who is now over at my other house getting things ready for an estate sale. 

I tried to talk her out of it. I'd just donate it all. She said we'd donate what doesn't sell. Lots of the living room furniture will be in that sale. I would help her, but she wants me to stay here.

This living room looks quite different. And I hope you're going to like what I do here. Change is good. It means you are evolving in new ways. Moving forward.

In my younger days I'd have already had everything in its place and the pictures on the wall. But I'm not young anymore and have to pace myself. I will be taking photos as I go. I have tons of boxes to unpack inside and outside.

I know it's just been a couple of days, but I've missed you all very much. I want you to know that I've managed to move each and every plant you sent to me after my move to Oklahoma in late 2011, that didn't die from the harsh winter here. I did lose a few. But the rest are out there in pots just waiting for me to give them some love.

Those plants for me symbolize what a wonderful bunch of readers I'm lucky enough to have. I am extremely fortunate.

For your words of encouragement in my darkest of days. For your loyalty when I've faltered and felt things closing in on me. 

And as I've said before, when I was embarking on my trip here a few years ago: you guys are the wind beneath my wings. Truly. I don't think I even had wings before I started blogging. I have learned a lot in just a few years. And much of it from your kindness when days were dark. 

You proved to me that there really are some fantastic people in this world. And not to lose faith. Because my voyage thus far has been filled with people who care. Making sure my little boat didn't tip over in a storm. You helped guide me safely to shore when I felt lost at sea.

And now we're on a whole new journey! I can't wait to share it with you.

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April 13, 2014

Comedy Of Errors

There are five women who are real worn out. The fall-in-bed-with lots-of-aches-and-pains kind of worn out. 

Three women came to my aid. Linda, Mrs.G (of the blog Granny's Square) and Kay came yesterday and helped haul a lot of stuff to the new place. Pam's son and his fiance were an immense help. I just can't thank them enough. So nice to have a big strong man to lift heavy things!

It's been a hectic few days. On Thursday about 4 p.m. I decided I couldn't take what I thought was a bladder infection any longer. I went to the Urgent Care clinic. As I was taken back, after hours of waiting, I saw they had boots stacked up on a shelf.

I asked them if they had a boot I could buy. Mine are just worn out and not sufficiently supporting my ankle any longer. 
The doctor said she wanted to x-ray my ankle, which hasn't been x-rayed for well over a year. Everything was fine. Hardware was still in place. But this led to my getting a new boot! This one doesn't go all the way to the knee, so it is easier to get around in. 

I'm prefacing this so I can tell you the following story: When the assistant came in with the new boot, she knelt down and started strapping it on. Then she turned something and I heard what sounded like air being pumped. I asked her what she was doing. 

She said I'm pumping up the boot. I looked at her in astonishment. My other boot has this same little dial on it, but I didn't know it did that. I've worn it off and on for a year and a half, and not one person in medical personnel told me about this. 

You pump it up and it stays taut around your leg. Hello, it's got a magic button. But it doesn't help you much if you don't know what it is.

So here I've been walking in something like a wading boot that flopped around, and I should have had it pumped up and strapped around the top to hold it taut to my leg. 

The girl said: "Don't tell me they didn't show you this." Um, no.

Not one person; the surgeon, physician's assistants I've seen, physical therapists. Not one person showed me this. They strapped it on for the first time about a year and a half or so ago, and did not pump it up to hold it in place. And I was nary the wiser.

Judy was with me when I got that first boot, and she couldn't believe it either. It sure does make you wonder if I might have had more healing had I had the stupid thing strapped taut to my leg with the use of the pumping device. Instead of it slipping up and down with each step I took.

Fast forward. Late yesterday afternoon Judy was checking the gate that leads out of my fenced patio. She opened it just a smidgeon and the dogs shot out like a rocket. 

Judy had already chased Abi around this neighborhood the other day when we were trying to fill cars with stuff from the house. Open the gate and you think you can sneak through and out she goes.

Judy said she would get up almost to her, and then Abi would start running again. Running willy nilly like a fool and totally unaware of traffic. So poor Judy has been getting lots of exercise. 

Yesterday I was hobbling down the concrete in pursuit as well. I'm just slower. When I got to the end of the buildings, I saw Judy chase Abi around a Sonic. That must have made some people in the drive-through lane a tad confused. 

I was trying to get Charlie, who eventually came to me, crab-like and meek as usual. He thinks it's just grand to "get loose" but then realizes he's in trouble. Thank goodness. Oh, but not Abi. She's a wild thing.

Meanwhile Judy is still chasing Abi around Sonic at dinner time. Finally Judy was at one end and I was at the other and I managed to grab her. Abi's in the dog house.

So if anyone in Tulsa saw a woman chasing a dog around the drive-through lane of a Sonic, that would have been Judy. Who, after days of helping me and chasing dogs, is really tired. She deserves an award for friend of the year.

Make that a lifetime award. 

So now you're up to date. We've been hauling boxes and plants and meeting three new friends who very kindly offered to help us, and chasing dogs around fast food joints. Wish I had a video of all the theatrics.

I just had a bit of time and wanted to let you know where we are on this. I've changed decorating/placing furniture strategies I don't know how many times, and the furniture isn't even there yet. When you're dealing with a small space, you've got to place priorities on every single thing you bring in. 
And of course those priorities have a way of changing. 

It's stopped raining, so back to work for me.

I'll get back to you when I can. Might be Thursday.

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April 11, 2014

Welcome Wagon Friday 4/11/14

This may be my last post till next Wednesday when I get my internet hooked up. I'm beginning my move today and will be moving through next Tuesday. Here's my Welcome Wagon picks for this week...

Love the little blue birds!

Yum! I love carrot cake.

Isn't that a clever repurpose?

Okay volunteers, please give them a warm welcome!

{I'll be back as soon as I can!}

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