Six On Saturday 8/27/16

I've really gotta try this stuff!

A bedroom fit for three little queens.

Going a bit coastal.

I can't begin to imagine having a pantry this big.

I so love this porch!

Around My Apartment

I have added some pears to the coffee table, a touch of green that I like there.

New Wall Detail In The Living Room

Limitless Walls was kind enough to send me enough removable wallpaper to put up on the wall behind my couch in my living room. 

On The Pathway To Fall

Just a bit ago I heard the male cardinal call out for his mate. 

He sings so sweetly to her. His red coat shines in the sunlight. How can she resist him? She comes flying in to perch beside him.

I raise my camera, but suddenly they're both gone in a whoosh of wings. Their chemistry has cued them to move as one.

Fall Desserts To Swoon Over

The evenings are actually already getting a bit cooler, I have noticed as I let the dogs out in the middle of the night. 

For some reason my appetite picks up then. I am dreaming of fall food and treats!

Fine Print: My People

These are my people.

Copied photos a stranger was kind enough to send me five or six years ago, so that I would know something of my father's side of the family.

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