Tweak It Tuesday #199

Last week on Tweak It Tuesday...

Best Photography
Dancing Dog Cabin - Barn In The Countryside

Best Little She-Shed
Art & Sand - She-Shed By The Seashore

Best DIY Project
A Vintage Green - DIY Sign

Best Window Treatment
Exquisitely Unremarkable - Lacy Valance

Best Patriotic Craft
Lou Lou Girls - American Flag Craft

Best Vignette
Just Jan Blog - Flowers & Plate

Best Outdoor Water Feature
The Navage Patch - New Pond Feature

Best Tabletop Decor
Love My Simple Home - Tabletop Display

Best Recipe
Olives & Okra - Green Beans In Potato Salad

Best Dessert
Chemistry Cachet - Patriotic Strawberry Cake Bites

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Vintage Farm House Decor

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Decorative Items Are Available For Every Corner Of Your Home 

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Antique Farm House Is The Place To Find Vintage Style Items

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Photo Source: House Beautiful
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A Small Apartment In Norway

This is where Mariana and Manuel and their cat, Bamboo, live in Oslo.

It is 525 square feet.

They've rented this space for 2 years.

They like things minimal, but liven the apartment up with house plants.

They have a tiny balcony.

Could you live in this apartment?

Photo Source: Apartment Therapy

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My Yesterdays

It is damned hot. That humid kind of heat that seems to suck the life right out of you. 

So I hover over the thermostat to see if I can keep the electric bill down. I get out early and water the plants. And otherwise I rarely step out into weather that feels like heat from an oven.

The flowers are literally dying on the vine. They just seem to peter out this time of year. The cone flowers are showing their pretty faces while most of the others just give up.

So those of you who were jealous in the spring when I was showing pretty flower blooms, you can rest assured that now it's your turn and my blooms have pretty much fizzled out.

Now's when I drink iced tea, take a vacation from all variety of soups and mostly eat cold sandwiches. 

Somehow I can't remember the intense heat when I was a youngster. We didn't have any form of air conditioning either.

Those were the days when you saw people listlessly waving a paper fan in the all but futile hope of getting a slight break from the endless heat. 

I doubt most would remember those paper fans women carried around back then.  

Women fanning themselves in church as the clock ticked on, faces slick from sweat. With no way of knowing when the preacher would be done and they could finally slip out into the hope of a breeze.

I was never one to be able to sit still long. So in church my mind wandered as the preacher got more and more worked up. 

As a child, I was mostly jolted by that loud booming voice and red face, and how very angry he sounded. 

I remember thinking when I was old enough, I would no longer be sitting in church pews while some preacher worked himself into a dither. Because I didn't like the loudness. And I really didn't believe in hell fire and damnation anyway. 

I was a pragmatic sort, even as a small child. 

There is something to be said for growing up in the sixties and seventies. Life overall was just a whole lot less complicated. 

I sometimes think I remember sounds from way back then. The night sounds particularly. 

Like the almost melancholy sound of a train as it blew through town while I was trying to fall asleep. I wondered where it came from and where it might be going as it clattered down the tracks and on out of town. 

I remember the crickets. The sound of the rooster crowing at daybreak. 

I remember how warm the nest was while I gently lifted a hen to gather her eggs. How my being in the hen house stirred up little tiny feathers that floated and danced in the air. And the chickens squawked at me till I left and shut the door.

All these disjointed memories come back to me occasionally. Thin little slices of life from way back when. Strung together like beads on a necklace.

How some sounds and smells can make you feel happy. And others send you, for whatever reason, into a bit of sadness. 

And you don't remember why or from where the memory surfaces. 

Kind of like when you see a fish as it sluices through dark lake water. Shiny gills flash like diamonds before it dives down deep again. And you have to wonder if you ever really saw it at all.

Regardless, memories are what we have of yesterday. And of course tomorrow is a surprise that hasn't happened yet. 

"My yesterdays walk with me. They keep step. They are gray faces that peer over my shoulder..."  - William Golding    
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4th Of July Decor/Crafts

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Six On Saturday 6/25/16


A NY (Brooklyn) apartment that makes great use of the square footage.

I just keep running across more galvanized pretties!

A quaint blast from the past (no electronics allowed).

I love this light-filled kitchen I came across.

A color-rich room with traces of boho. 

Pressed flowers: An art form I don't see much anymore.

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7 Common Home Remodeling Mistakes Homeowners Make

Even with the best of intentions, it’s possible to make common remodeling mistakes if you’re not aware of them.

As you plan ahead for your remodeling project, don’t get caught making one of these common home remodeling mistakes homeowners make.

  1. Doing DIY Tasks without the Time or Skill

DIY projects can save you thousands of dollars on labor. But be cautious when signing yourself up for DIY remodeling tasks. If you don’t have the time to complete the task promptly, your project could go on for months, or even years.

In addition, if you don’t have the experience or skill needed for certain projects, you may risk wasting time and money if you can’t pass inspections or meet code.

  1. Not Knowing What You Want

If your wants and needs change by the day or the hour, your home remodeling project may be in jeopardy. Before starting your project, make a clear list of your needs versus your wants.

By making these important decisions early, you can avoid changing your mind at various stages throughout the project. Make decisions on details (big and small) now so you can set a budget and stick to it.

  1. Having an Unrealistic Budget

Setting a budget often sets the course for your entire home remodeling project. But your budget needs to be realistic.

Do your research by pricing out materials and labor, and work with a professional contractor to decide if your budget can cover what you want. If not, you may need to adjust your budget by reconsidering your needs versus wants. Or, you may decide to increase your budget to make sure the job gets done right the way you want it.

  1. Rushing a Project

Need the remodel completed in time for an event or a new addition to the family? That’s not a problem if contractors are given enough time and notice.

However, if you’re requesting an unrealistic, rushed timeline, these situations often cause unnecessary stress and problems when delays or unforeseen issues arise. Schedule enough time to complete the project without the rush.

  1. Not Preparing for the Unexpected

As soon as you start tearing up floors and walls, hidden problems may expose themselves. Prepare yourself for the unexpected by understanding that issues may arise under the surface. If they happen, relax and calmly handle them with the help of your contractor.

  1. Making Your Home Clash in a Neighborhood

Don’t be that neighbor. You may have interesting, unique ideas for the outside of your home, but don’t let your ideas go so far that your home clashes with the rest of the neighborhood.

Carefully consider style upgrades and additions to keep the value of your home high while maintaining positive relationships with neighbors on your street.

  1. Not Thoroughly Researching and Interviewing Contractors

One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make is not choosing a trustworthy and qualified contractor. While recommendations from friends, coworkers, and family are a great start, this is only the beginning.

Are they properly licensed? Insured? Experienced? When you’re investing your hard-earned money into upgrades for your home or property, thoroughly research and interview contractors before making a decision and signing on the dotted line.

Need help finding a trusted contractor near you? We know not everyone has time to do the research to find an experienced contractor. At Contractor Connection, we do the hard work for you. By simply providing your ZIP code above, we match you with qualified contractors in your area. To ensure a great experience, you also receive a 3-year workmanship warranty. It’s that simple.
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On Living Alone

I think there is a misconception about living alone. There is a vast difference between being alone and being lonely. Miles and miles of vastness.

I was far more lonely in a dead marriage that had not yet been declared dead and properly buried. 

Being alone is having solitude. It's sitting outside and just watching the birds. 

I find that I very much need that.

So here are some of the best reasons I like living alone:

1. Eating What You Want, When You Want

I have eaten Chinese tofu and vegetables for three nights. I will eat it again tonight. 

I like knowing there is a meal for me in the fridge. I don't care if I've eaten it for a week. I simply heat it up and put it all together in a big bowl with white rice and sit in front of the TV and fork it in.

2. Taking Leisurely Baths 

I never liked sharing a bathroom. I can't seem to properly relax when I can hear someone walking around outside the door either. 

I like to know I can soak as long as I want, as often as I want. And no one else will be waiting for the tub.

I like to lie in a bathtub in cool water and just chill, literally.

3. Decorate However I Want With No One To Object When I Change Things Up

Men hate it when you move furniture around. But I could no more stop moving furniture around than stop breathing. I am an inveterate furniture rearranger. 

Always have been. Always will be. I would die of boredom if I had to look at the same arrangement for years.

4. Having Just Pets As House Mates

Abi and Charlie are everything to me. Right now I am glancing over at Charlie asleep on the couch. His tongue now hangs out the side of his mouth a lot because he's down to two teeth. 

I find this very endearing. And I see him as more vulnerable. I can't help but smile because I would conquer a bear to protect my babies.

Not everyone likes to sleep with dogs. I happen to think it's grand.

5. Enjoying Coffee In A Peaceful & Meditative Place

Mornings are almost sacred to me. I love mornings. I love brewing coffee and sitting down and just taking in that rich aroma before my first sip. 

It is my favorite part of the day.

You just can't beat a good cup of coffee.

6. I Can Happily Be Compulsively Compulsive

You can count on knowing what I'm doing by looking at the clock. The dogs know when I'm about to head to the bedroom for evening stretches. After which I will bathe, feed them and then myself.

I like knowing the towels will stay perfectly folded. I like to know the dishes are all washed and put up before I go to bed. 

I don't like messes, clothes thrown in the floor, toothpaste caps left off, or toilet lids left up.

7. I Can Go To Bed When I Want To Or Read Far Into The Night

There's no one around to irritate because I'm staying up a bit later than usual. No one to tiptoe around so I don't wake them. 

I don't like getting jostled by someone else while I'm trying to sleep. 

I typically stick to schedule. But sometimes instead of reading my Kindle I will watch endless Law & Order reruns. 

I don't know anyone else who likes endless Law & Order reruns. I love their back-to-back marathons on Wednesday.

Okay, that is my list. Seven has always been my favorite number, so I guess it's best to stop there. I could come up with a dozen more reasons why I prefer my own company.

With Asperger's, I need lots of quiet. I can't function well if there are constant diversions or noise. 

But to each his/her own.

Why do you prefer living alone, or prefer living with someone else?
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