Tweak It Tuesday #105


Anything Goes Here has a nice spot to keep vintage pretties. Looks like a place in another era.

A La Carte has a pretty kitty named Charlie who obviously loves the spotlight.

Forever Decorating created a gorgeous pond. Oh, how I'd love to have this in my yard.

Posed Perfection baked up some nutty chocolate thumbprint cookies.

Magenta & Lime made a wooden window valance.

D.D.'s Cottage painted and refinished yet another gorgeous piece of furniture.

247 Mulberry Lane cooked a delicious recipe. Yum! I love biscuits!

Denise On A Whim created a vintage vignette.

The Scribbler Unfocused showed her yellow, red and white bedroom.

Cranberry Morning has such a lovely spot to sit in and gaze outside.

Scrapality baked zucchini bread.

The North End Loft finished their bedroom.

Okay, let's see what you've tweaked this week!

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Droplets Of Rain & Silly Dogs

I went out to the patio with the dogs early this morning. Rain drops were speckling the concrete. It is cloudy and gray. Hope that means more rain might come. My plants truly love it.

Mr. Sun is hidden by the hyacinth bean vine. I still have yet to see the purple bean pods. But then it has only been producing its lavender flowers about a week or so.

Do you know what this is? It is a moon flower bloom, closed for the daytime. It spreads its large white flower at night only.

Abi has two favorite sitting spots outside. One is in the chair. The other is sitting in this pot. You funny dog!

See you this afternoon for Tweak It.

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Loving The Kitchen I've Created


I just adore this white orchid my friend Kay brought over one day when she came to visit. It has bloomed and bloomed!

So you may be wondering how things in the kitchen are working out. Splendidly, as a matter of fact! My washer/dryer is fixed. I don't miss my stove at all. 

With the microwave, Breville Smart Oven, an electric skillet, my egg maker, and now my crockpot, I have everything I need to cook and bake.

I love to walk in the kitchen and be greeted by all my colorful bottles I've collected over the years. There wasn't an adequate place to hang my stained glass. 

But I rather like it where it is. The mosaic shows through the bottles, and that makes for such a pretty affect.

I'm a happy camper in my kitchen now. All ready for you to come on over for a visit someday and have a cup of coffee. If it's hot, we'll stay inside. 

If it's nice outside, we'll take our beverage outside and sit on the patio.

And watch the resident cardinal couple cavort about the plants and tables and many perching spots.

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Changing Up The Living Room A Bit


There's something I dragged out of one of my closets this morning that you haven't seen before. Do you know what it is?

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Uses For Metal & Pretty Metal Artwork



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Welcome Wagon August 2014

It's that time again. When I introduce new bloggers to all of you.

I woke up to find that it had rained last night. So that made me a happy camper. It has been blistering hot here, and the plants have suffered. 

Okay, on with the show. Up for you this week, I have...

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It's Still Hot, But Let's Talk Fall


Let's pretend the air is growing a tad cooler. And not over 100 degrees in the shade before noon. And we're all digging in every closet and nook and cranny for fall decor, getting ready to deck out our homes for fall. 

(I know I do a lot of pretending. Humor me.)

Here's an easy-peasy three-tiered homemade basket filled to the brim with fall pretties. Pine cones, pine needles, candles. You name it. 

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Thinking About A New Deck?

Raising A Brand New Deck At Home

A brand new deck is one of the first additions that most people make to their new home. It is a wonderful place for family and friends to gather for a barbecue. 

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