Fine Print 10/18/16: Teens Texting While Driving

16-Year-Old Girl Dies While Texting On Her First Solo Drive

Savannah Nash of Harrisonville, MO had received her driver’s license less than a week before taking her first unaccompanied drive. She was apparently typing a text message while pulling onto a highway, where a semi truck smashed into her and killed her.

Why These Small Living Spaces Work

People who live in small spaces, and do it well, must be both organized and creative.

It isn't the life for everyone. But it is a way to be both frugal and happy and still have more choices in life. 

Instead of paying for a huge mortgage on a large house half your lifetime, you might want to travel to exotic places or start checking things off your bucket list.

Below are examples of small living spaces that do the words "small space living" justice.

Sunday Slice Of Life 10/23/16

slice of life...
n. pl. slices of life
An episode or actual experience represented realistically and with little alteration in a dramatic, fictional, or journalistic work

Six On Saturday 10/22/16

I always enjoy seeing this blogger's seasonal decorating.

Charlie's Eye Update

I just got back from the vet. They took the stitches out of his eye. But it still is not healed properly. 

So they will see him again in about ten days, during which we will switch from eye drops to ointment. 

See, he doesn't want to open his left eye.

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