October 24, 2014

Last Monday before my evening shower, I was looking at my hair in the mirror. It's a rather dark bathroom; no window. And I don't like overhead light, so I have a lamp on the vanity I turn on instead. 

My short hair, which grows very quickly, was showing signs of needing a cut. Kay was coming to pick me up to go see the doctor the next morning. So I impulsively reached in the drawer for my scissors and started cutting a bit here and there, on top and at the sides. I have to take my glasses off to see how to do this, odd as that may sound.

My hair has gray in it, and I started cutting at the sides in front of my ears. I thought: Boy, it sure got gray over here fast. 

The next day, we go to the doctor, then out to eat. Kay sat across from me and of course saw my hair, and I still had no idea what I'd done. 

Yesterday in an email I mention something about my hair, and Kay emails back that she noticed the bald patches, but thought maybe it was a side affect of medication and decided not to say anything. But added: "Please don't cut your hair again." 

So then I knew it was bad.

Folks, I still could not see what I'd done clearly. I'd look in the mirror and look sideways and just couldn't see if what I was looking at was skin or gray hair that kind of blended into my skin. And I have new glasses, so no one bring that up. I guess I just don't see sideways very well.

I got in the car and drove down the street to Supercuts. Luckily Shelley was there, who has cut my hair before. I tell her my dilemma and say I thought I was cutting gray hair. I ask her to tell me the truth, because I still cannot completely see the damage I've done.

She tried to keep from laughing. "Well," she said: "There's just not a whole lot I can do. You've cut all the way down to the skin. But I'll try to blend it in." Since I get my hair cut very short, I figured that wouldn't be too hard. 

It was. I still look like I have the mange. 

Once home I promptly email Kay and ask her to please never let me walk out of here again and think she was being kind by not mentioning that I look like I have the mange, or something even more embarrassing. To please be totally honest with me. 

I mean I have feelings. But I'm one of those Honest Joes, or Jo Anns, if you will. I tell it straight. I would have told her if she had bald patches on either side of her head.

I realize people think they're being thoughtful. But if you're like me, you want your friends to let you KNOW if you have spinach in your teeth. That you want to KNOW if the end of your dress got caught up in your underwear in back after you went to the ladies room. That you want to KNOW why others will be staring at you but you don't know why. 

I know she was trying to be nice. She's always very nice. I met her when she volunteered, as one of my readers, to come help me move here. So she's a dear friend, and we happened to hit it off right away. We have the same feelings about many things; the same sense of humor. We both love to read the same kinds of books.

Oddly enough, in college she went into social work, but almost went into journalism. I took some social work classes, but ended up getting my degree in journalism. We realized the other day that we share the love of a favorite poem by Emily Dickinson.

But where she is thoughtfully silent about things like this, I border more on tactless. Things often fall out of my mouth before I've found a proper filter to put it through.

If the shoe had been on the other foot, I'd have said: "What on earth did you do to your hair?"

All you wonderful and caring friends out there, you may be sparing our feelings. But you're letting us go out in public where people will be staring at whatever has gone awry. And we'd really (or I would) just rather know than go out there blind to it. 

Kay is a very sweet and caring friend. Kay is taking me to my ankle surgery next month. I couldn't ask for a nicer or more thoughtful person to call friend. 

Now I'm writing this because to me it is amusing. It is one of those stories I will laugh about and tell to other friends occasionally when I recall it in the future. I would have been amused even if I'd been told about the bald patches.

But I'd rather know. Because I don't want others staring at me and not know why.

Do you have a similar story to share?

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October 23, 2014

Many of us don't have big homes. Many of us have scaled down after the raising of family. Some of us are down to one.

So it makes perfect sense to scale down your home and your possessions. Less housework. Less yard maintenance. Less to go wrong. Less to pay for. 

But how to make those small spaces look not so tiny?

Living Space

Consider a pull-out couch in case company comes. Use a coffee table that is open and doesn't take up visual space. Use pouffes for extra seating or as a foot stool. 

Bring in plants to "round" out corners. And let in the light!

Don't make the mistake of thinking you have to have small-scale furniture. You don't want it to look like a dollhouse.


In a small kitchen, look at white paint as your very best friend. It can open up a kitchen like nothing else can. It lights up the room. White is usually right, is my motto for big expanses and walls.

Dining Space Or Eating Area

Aside from keeping things light in shade, a banquette automatically helps to accommodate more seating. And you might also use the space inside for storage. The wicker chairs are light in texture. A winner all around.

Wicker is a good choice in small spaces because it doesn't have a heavy "look" to it. 


The blue just pops against the white. This room will surely wake you up!

The blue knobs set the vanity off perfectly. Blue has been sprinkled all around. On the walls, the trash can, the window treatment, etc. Your eye has the white to rest on, then POP, there is that bright blue to make you smile.

Don't let the thought of scaling down to a smaller home intimidate you. Purge the things you don't really use or have a deep fondness for. Move only what you truly love. 

Settle into your new digs with the confidence that, should you die, your loved ones won't be digging through all that clutter in the attic or basement. 

Selling things you don't need will beef up your bank account and make you feel more secure. 

You will have more time to get out and do what you love, because your small space doesn't take much effort to clean. You have more time to just enjoy life.


You will learn all sorts of new ways of making your life easier, and thus, more fulfilling.

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October 22, 2014

The leaves are still green here. Clinging to the tree branches. I wish they'd change colors, as they're supposed to for fall. So we could see golds and oranges and reds. 

I saw the surgeon yesterday. He says the hardware put in my leg over two years ago needs to come out. I am in pain much of the time now. I am waiting to see what my insurance says. 

It won't be easy being alone here if I have it done. But I managed it once. So if I can afford what my insurance won't pay, I guess I could manage again. 

Also, the gray area he was concerned about turned out to be a rare circumstance where a joint goes over and attaches itself to the bone. Not much to be done about that. 

Abi dosing in her favorite chair. It faces the patio doors. She loves to be out here in the sun. And I'm so grateful to have this patio area for them to enjoy.

Charlie is not fond of having his photo taken, as you can see here. He's just not like his sister.

You can barely see my beloved pretty cobalt blue birdbath at the top right hand corner. I went outside, and it was knocked over and broken. I imagine by a squirrel. 

I've had it about eight years. And I am going to miss it.

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October 21, 2014


Choosing The Right Bathtub For The House

Bathtubs come in a range of shapes and sizes, and homeowners need to make sure that they are ready to choose a bathtub for each bathroom in a style befitting the layout. The bathtubs come in so many styles that it is easy for the homeowner to choose something that matches the room perfectly. When homeowners are making these choices, they need to consider all the items below.

The Color

Most people are used to their bathtubs being white or a shade of beige. However, bathtubs can come in any color the homeowner prefers. Some people need a soft pink or blue to match their room. Other people need a black or grey tub that looks better in their modern bathroom.

As in the photo above, the tub can be white, but to give it a modern vibe, there can be a darker color that surrounds the tub to set it apart.

The Shape

Every bathtub can be designed in a shape that works for the room. Some bathtubs are shaped in a Gothic style, but other bathtubs are much more sleek. The shape of the bathtub can match the light fixtures in the room, the style of the shower and even the shape of the room.

The bathroom must make sense in the overall design of the house, and the homeowner cannot make sense of the room unless they have the right tub.

The Size

There are many bathtubs that come in small sizes. People who live in studio apartments or small homes can use a small bathtub to fit in their tiny bathroom. Also, people can order large bathtubs that will fit well in their large bathroom.

The size of the bathroom dictates the size of the bathtub, and it is wise for the homeowner to take this into consideration before buying.

The Fixtures

Every tub can come with a set of fixtures that matches the style of the room. Every bathroom comes together when the fixtures are complete, and the fixtures should match the other fixtures in the room. A cohesive design begins and ends with these fixture choices.

When people are planning their bathroom, they need to make sure that they are using the suggestions above. These suggestions will point people in the direction of the right bathtub. They can get the right color, style and size for their home. And enjoy their new bathtub for many years to come.

The above photos came from this source
*This is a sponsored post
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October 20, 2014

The Charm Of Home, as I always say, makes the darned prettiest food I've ever seen. If I lived there, I'd probably eat everything in sight.

Nicer Than New has started a "Silent Sunday" weekly party. Load some photos and join them!

So Much Better With Age created a very cute spider pillow. Looks so real!

Doesn't this look delightfully good by Fairhope Supply Co.?

Garden Up Green came up with a winner of a cute pumpkin with pieces of wood.

I would love to have this brick wall over at Row House Events & Interiors.

A fetching still life - by Frugal Little Bungalow.

A sedate and uncluttered bedroom by Magenta And Lime, along with some organization.

Such a cute fall vignette from House Of Hawthornes.

She had thrifted finds to show you, but I zoomed right in on this kitty at A La Carte.

The Heathered Nest really dressed up these chairs.

A Halloween vignette, by Debbie Dabble.

Pretty colored kerchiefs hanging on a clothesline in the sunshine by 22 Applegate Lane.

I think paper bags had much to do with this cute wreath by Vintage, Paint And More.

Lynda Bergman showed how to paint on canvas drop cloths.

A fast harvest sign by The Turquoise Home.

3 Boys & A Dog displayed a pretty fall vignette outside.

Penny's Vintage Home has a pumpkin man at the wheel of a vintage tractor.

At Home With Jemma displays a pretty formal corner.

 All right, let's see what you've been busy tweaking this week!

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I love the combination of blue and white. But then I also love red and white. Blue and white is more calming. I think I shall always have a bit of blue and white decor in my home for tranquility.

This will be a moon flower. I just love them, blooming at night. Such a difference from all it's sun-loving fellow flowers. Such a treat to walk outside and see the large white flower beaming at you in the darkness.

And surprise of surprises, that big bloom is still there this morning! I guess because it rained and the sun hasn't been shining yet. What a treat!

The mums are doing their thing quite well. Lots of colors. Tucked in here and there in the patio garden.

I shall always have white in my gardens. It softens all the colors, and gives a place for the eye to rest.

I enjoy the simple sight of mugs lined up along a shelf. Things you love should be out where you can enjoy it. Which is why I love kitchen cabinets without the doors. I would be perfectly happy with shelves. 

To me it is gratifying to see my things all lined up in this exact soldier-like pattern. Kind of silly, I know. But it makes me feel organized and as though everything is in its rightful place. 

Then all feels right with the world.

The morning glory blooms are slowing way down. Soon they will be gone. I brought the little seedlings over from the house when I moved. They are very hearty!

The bean pods on the hyacinth bean vine are beginning to turn brown and dry. I am gathering them in a plastic bag for next year. I love to be frugal! I bought one packet years ago, and have had many years of these beauties without paying a penny.

The sun this year is covered by the hyacinth bean vine instead of the passion vine of last year. However, I dug up a few starts of the passion vine. It is climbing, but is not mature enough to have flowers this year. Hoping for next year.

See you later for Tweak It.

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