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Brenda has been writing since grade school. She attended journalism school where she majored in professional writing. She loves to decorate, garden, read and spend time with her Yorkies.

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For Me It's The Little Things

For Me It's The Little Things

There are many small touches you can add here and there to your holiday decorating. 

Just stick a Christmas floral pick into vintage bottles, as I did above, and you've got another Christmas vignette.

(Someone asked me about the SNOW decor with the cardinals above. A blogger sent that to me years and years ago. You asked what it is made of, and it seems to be carved wood.)

Many times it is the simplest of things that make all the difference. I am adding a bit here, a little something there. 

Because I don't want the small space I have to be so completely cluttered that I can't focus on what's there.

For instance, standing in the kitchen doorway I can see the twinkling lights in the patio door. 

Sounds like a small and insignificant thing really. But it pleases me to see it. And that is what matters.

Or seeing the lights light up my red glasses. All of these things might not matter to some. They might not even notice it. 

But if there's one thing I've learned in life, it is to pause and notice the small things that surround you. That is where the joy in life comes from.

All the little things that makes your space yours, and that makes you feel good about where you live.

Some of you wanted to know where I got the ornaments on my candy cane tree. 

I have been gathering them over the years. But most of the time when I have bought ornaments, it has been at Hobby Lobby during their half-price sales. 

I grabbed my scissors and went outside a little while ago. I was going to see if I could reach any of the small tree branches to cut down and somehow decorate. But it was beginning to rain. 

And today I'm in the boot because I went out for a bit yesterday (never a good idea for me to go out two days in a row, it seems) and my ankle was painful all night. 

So I decided getting on the step stool today was clearly a bad idea!

I will focus today on making a meatloaf and starting to put together an arrangement for my coffee table. 

I am really enjoying this "one day at a time" Christmas decorating. 

It is giving me time to pause and focus on each thing in a way that wouldn't happen if I was trying to get it done as fast as I could. 

This way I enjoy each small step. And I rest my ankle for goodness sake!

I am not rushing to get out a post for you in the early a.m. like I normally do. But instead I'm publishing a post when I get something done, and not trying to go by the clock.

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Cozy Little House
My Candy Cane Tree

My Candy Cane Tree

I call this my candy cane tree. All done up in red and white. I just finished decorating it.

It can be seen from inside and outside on the back patio, which is nice. It sits next to my little pantry in my small dining area.

If it's warm enough some days to sit out under the gazebo and have morning coffee or afternoon iced tea, I can enjoy it out there too.

Do you recall my buying this red beverage holder at the antique mall last spring? I had my asparagus fern in it during the summer.

Well, seems it also serves perfectly holding my little Christmas tree!

I didn't realize I would end up going with a "theme" until I was well underway in decorating this tree. It just kind of happened.

And because I love the combination of red and white so much, I decided it was a perfect theme for me. 

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Cozy Little House
Errands & Chores

Errands & Chores

Yesterday I went to the antique mall. I was fairly tired from dragging decorations out all week and lifting boxes to get to them, so I wore the boot.

I walked around for quite some time, picking up items, putting them back. I left without buying a thing. 

But I enjoy my time just strolling and imagining. Pondering where I might put something. Getting inspiration.

Then I went by the grocery store and picked up staples for another meatloaf and pot roast. Last stop: pharmacy pick-up.

Then home to the pupsters. (See how they look with their new hair cuts below.)

I was thinking that I've been in this city for over five years now. A couple of years in the little blue house. And nearly three years here in this patio apartment. 

Sometimes I miss being in a house. But I don't miss the upkeep. My ankle just isn't up for much of that any more. 

I have to learn that if I am to walk, I have to set limitations. If I get up on the step ladder to hang curtains, or if I lift things that are heavy, I'm going to have to take it easy for awhile.

It isn't really my nature to pace myself. I'm working on that day by day. Learning patience.

I went out and cleaned the bird bath yesterday afternoon, so the birds would have fresh water.

I sure enjoy watching those birds fluttering around. 

Do you have a bird bath or bird feeder?

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Cozy Little House
A Suitcase Of Santas

A Suitcase Of Santas

I think this year might be a record on decorating like a slow slug this holiday season. I have one thing to show you. My suitcase I like to put trees in.

Maybe I'll get one thing done per day! 

When I get out my Jim Short collection of Santas and snowmen, I always think of Pat from Back Porch Musings. She is gone, but her legacy is still with his. Her photos. 

I often see her photos on Pinterest. She was such a phenomenal photographer!

So we can still pin her photos, even though her blog won't be updated anymore. 

Pat was all about family and decorating and cooking. She was also a great cook. And often took photos of her scrumptious dishes for her blog, Back Porch Musings.

Her death hit me hard, though I'd never met her. 

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Cozy Little House
What Sam Fool Thing Have You Done, For Pete's Sake?

What Sam Fool Thing Have You Done, For Pete's Sake?

The other day I got to thinking: Where did I get all these "Pete-related" sayings?

"For the love of Pete." 

"For Pete's sake.

"Heavens to Pete."

I've never even known a person named Pete. 

I wonder where these sayings originated?

I had a friend once who told me that when she was a child, she would play with her cousin at her aunt's house. And every time she turned around, her aunt was scolding her cousin for something or other.

"Damn it to hell, Bob!" she said her aunt would yell.

So my friend, as a child, thought that this was his name. "Damn it to hell, Bob!"

Isn't that funny? Poor Bob.

And then there's Sam. Don't think I've ever personally known a "Sam" either.

But I find myself saying: "What Sam fool thing have you done now?"

Who's Sam? Did he get in trouble a lot, like Bob? 

I think back, and I can't recall when I started using these phrases. Heard them from my childhood, more than likely.

Do you have figures of speech that involve people's names? 
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Cozy Little House

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