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Inauspicious Beginnings


I went to let Charlie out yesterday afternoon and he immediately set up a barking fit. I went out on the patio and saw an arm sticking through the falling fence next to my bedroom. 

You can see the tree beyond the above pots, but it's a bit blurry. It's not only knocking down the fence, but has smashed in my gutter about 2-3 inches.

My New Yellow Rose Painting

My new painting came. I was really on the fence about this one. 

I actually, less than 24 hours after ordering it from Wayfair, called and cancelled it.

My Love For Photography & Simple Respect

I know little things excite me. But humor me and watch the evolution of my Black-Eyed Susans that are now blooming.


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Brenda has been writing since grade school. She majored in professional writing/journalism in college, where she won awards for her feature writing. She loves to decorate, garden, enjoy nature, read and spend time with her Yorkies.


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