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Saturday Outing

Yesterday was an unusually cold day for late April. 

My daughter picked me up and we ran an errand, then went to eat Mexican food. 

Onslaught Of Rain In Tulsa

What you see in the galvanized container above are plants that came back from previous years. I didn't have to plant a thing this year, and it's already so pretty and lush. 

In the container below it, I had to dig out an old ornamental grass plant that looked to be mostly dead and about a foot in diameter. I had to be careful not to tear up any other plants, which wasn't easy. 

Small Space Gardening...Where Are The Blogs?

I am always on the look-out for blogs about gardening in small spaces, like apartment patio gardens, balconies or terraces. But they seem to be few and far between. 

Now Blooming On The Patio

There has been so much rain, I do believe a few of my plants have drowned. Or their roots anyway. 

They look sad. I'm trying to breathe life back into them.

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