Slice Of Life Sunday 9/25/16

slice of life...
n. pl. slices of life

An episode or actual experience represented realistically and with little alteration in a dramatic, fictional, or journalistic work

Six On Saturday 9/24/16

Seven No Cost Decorating Tips

So you're a bit tired of how your living room looks, but there just isn't money in the budget right now to buy anything. 

You can still get a whole new look to enliven your space. And it won't cost you a dime. I promise. 

Here are some things you can do:

1. Rearrange the furniture

A New Candle Holder From Gardener's Supply Company

Gardener's Supply Company emailed and asked if I'd like to try out their new copper candle holder.

Book Review: Someone Is Watching

A few days ago I finished a book I could hardly put down, or rather, turn off. I read the Kindle edition. It was "Someone Is Watching" by Joy Fielding. 

Fine Print: Living With Asperger's Syndrome

I didn't find out that I had Asperger's Syndrome until I was an adult, a fairly normal occurrence for a female. 

What Causes Asperger's Syndrome?
Changes in the brain are responsible for many of the symptoms of this disorder. However, doctors have not been able to determine precisely what causes these changes. 

Genetic factors and exposure to environmental toxins, such as chemicals or viruses, have been identified as potential contributors to the development of the disorder. 

Boys are more likely to develop AS than girls.

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