In The Wind

Last night I had a strange dream. I was younger. Just a teenager. I was walking. Headed down a winding dirt road.

Book Club Discussion: The Light Between Oceans

I had hoped to start the discussion on our first book club pick earlier this month. But with the whole blog thing, it didn't get done. 

Why I Left WP For Blogger

Most bloggers, from what I understand, move their Blogger blog to and never have a problem. Well, maybe a few. But that was not the case for me.

A year ago I moved to WP. I loved the format. But there seemed to be inherent problems from day one, that got increasingly mysterious. I had consultants go in and take a look, and they shook their heads and said: "I simply don't know."

For about the last three months, I have spent most of my time on this computer trying to figure out what the problem is. Trying to fix it. With every post, it seemed to just get worse. I changed themes, which meant more money out of my pocket I really couldn't afford. Nothing worked.

Overnight, photos would move over and be sitting on top of borders. Words would suddenly change font colors to a barely readable light blue. My photos would be sitting one on top of the other. And no one could find the problem. 

In May, a post posted on both AND Blogger! Now how on earth did that happen?

So finally, about a week ago, I thought to myself: I'm always after people to take time to stop and smell the roses. And here I am not taking my own advice. 

I decided then and there that life had to change. And that meant getting off this roller coaster of constant uncertainty.

Once I made the decision, though I knew there would be work in moving back to Blogger, I felt relief. Like a heavy weight had been removed from my shoulders. I hadn't realized just how tense this had made things. How much it affected every part of my life.

I started the process of pointing my domain feed back to Blogger. Of course it had problem after problem. And finally, they told me my domain feed was lost somewhere in the nooks and crannies at Google, and might never appear again. A domain, Cozy Little House, that I have paid for through 2017. Yeah.

This morning I woke up and paid for a new domain: Hours after talking to Godaddy I checked my domain account, and it said it would not transfer until September 29, 2013. Held up for security purposes for 60 days.

So back I got on the phone, near panic, and asked what the heck was this about. No one had told me this. After I'd emailed people and told them the new domain name, put it on Facebook, had people emailing me saying they kept seeing error messages. 

I feel sorry for the young man who talked to me, probably #45 in the different individuals I've talked to in the last four days. Because to say I was upset is an understatement.

Your guess is as good as mine at this point. I don't know if I'm or if I'm I've paid for it, but I have no idea if I'll see it between now and sixty days.

Back to the reason I went back to Blogger...

With Blogger, you feel like a little boat in a little pond. You wave to your friends as you pass one another. With Wordpress, you feel like a little boat in a vast ocean. Your friends are pinpoints in the far distance. It's just not the same somehow.

Sure, there are problems with Blogger. And I bitched about them constantly before I moved to WP. But here's the thing: Once you are a self-hosted blog, as you are with, then you are paying daily for those problems. If you're unfortunate enough to have them.

Last week my host let me know that I was at capacity, and I would have to pay double for my yearly hosting fee and go to a pro status. I paid $230. It didn't seem to make a difference. In a few days, I was back up to capacity again. 

I called them and spent hours on the phone trying to figure it out. They couldn't come up with an answer. One of them finally said: "I think you wasted your money on the pro account. We just don't know what's wrong."

When I got off the phone, I said to myself: I think you're wasting your money period. With themes that end up with broken code you can't find. With hosting fees. With having people try to fix the problem, whatever it is.

But it isn't just the money, it is the peace of mind. And beyond that, you have to come to the realization that money is money. 

But time, you will never get that back. It is priceless. So I'm not wasting any more time trying to fix something that seems inherently unfixable. Enough.

So I jumped off the roller coaster. And I'm back in the little pond where I can see my friends and wave as they pass me by. I hope now I can actually have time to go read blogs, as it's one of my very favorite things to do. 

I hope I will have time to do projects, clean my house, pay attention to my dogs, walk outside and smell the roses while I photograph them.

I'm simply taking my own advice. I think it's about time. Don't you? I just hope I don't lose too many of you. 

I've told myself the past four and a half years is just gone. I can't bring it back. I might someday get segments of those postings. If Google somehow mysteriously spits it back out.

But to just stop mourning what I can't get back. Because starting over is hard enough. 

What I'm going to tell myself from now on is: If it isn't broke, don't fix it. You might be jumping into even deeper waters.

For those of you moving to, I wish you luck. I'm sure this couldn't possibly happen to you. I think that to see all this occur again with someone else would be very rare. 

But I'm sticking to the pond.