Book Club Discussion: The Light Between Oceans

I had hoped to start the discussion on our first book club pick earlier this month. But with the whole blog thing, it didn't get done. 

So, now is the time to leave comments on what you thought about this book. I will ask some questions to help you get started, and we can further this discussion over at Goodreads.

1) What did you think of this writer's first book?

2) What do you think Tom should have done when he found the dead man and the baby?

3) Isabel was a very strong character. Did you like or dislike her?

4) Did you have a hard time with understanding the wording, an old-time provincial vernacular?

5) What did you think of Hannah, the child's real mother?

6) Do you think the ending should have gone differently?

7) Were you rooting for Isabel or Hannah? 

8) What are your thoughts on Tom's leaving messages for Hannah, unbeknownst to Isabel?

9) Which of the two women did you think Lucy should have ended up with? 

10) What did this story say about the state of the marriage between Tom and Isabel? 

Our next book, for August, is The Comfort Of Lies, by Randy Susan Meyers. I have read this author's first book, and I find her writing very compelling. 


  1. I read the book several months ago but just wanted to chime in and say I loved it and look forward to everyone's comments and perspectives.

    As someone who had some fertility issues I could so relate to Isabel. I wanted to beat Tom with a stick for leaving those notes but at the same time, he was doing what he thought was right.

    I find that as I age, there are more gray areas for me. When I was young, I could say this is right, this is wrong, but over time I feel like there are so many reasons why people make the choices they do..good or bad. I guess I am not so hard on myself or others anymore. I think this book deals with a lot of gray areas where everyone's perspective makes sense.

    I cried for the last 30 pages of this book and I rarely cry over novels or movies... I was heartbroken about the ending...that I won't spoil LOL Poor poor Isabel.

    1. I didn't know which mother should win that precious child. Such a tough choice all around.

  2. I haven't read this book yet but I am anxious to read other reader's take on it. xo Diana

    1. It was a great book. It just pulled you right in.

  3. I really enjoyed the book. It made me think about choices we all make and how they not only impact our lives but others. I can't say what I would have done had I been Isabel when she found the baby but I felt her pain and loss and this must have felt like a gift from God. For Hannah is was just the opposite.


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