A Glorious Morning

You can barely see this poor sun. But I think he's happy to be shaded from the relentless sun amongst the flowers. 

We have been blessed with a cool day. Amazing for this region in August. Seems like fall. 

I walked out toward the fence and the most intoxicating perfume floated in the air. It was this.

Oh my. I just stood there and took it in. The cool air and the fence filled with passion vine flowers and morning glories.

Just look at them putting on a show. And it isn't even sunny outside. It is a sight to behold when you have curling twirling vines of purple and white.

It makes one happy just to be alive. To be able to stand out there in the silence, with just the birds chirping, and inhale that enticing aroma. To be able to gaze at the magnificence of Mother Nature at her most glorious hour.

The simple things. The turning of seasons. The golden leaves that carpet the ground. The burgeoning buds of springtime. All the things I love to behold.

If it's not too hot in your neck of the woods, get outside and partake of the magic all around you. 

More passion flowers ready to open. One of the most intricately shaped flowers I've ever had the pleasure of seeing.


  1. I love morning glories. But hubby won't allow them because they are too invasive. :-( So I will just enjoy yours!

  2. Beautiful Brenda!! The vine on your fence looks gorgeous!

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  4. Love that vine! I am about an hour west of you, in that orange and black town, we are thrilled with this mild wet weather. It is so much easier to be in than the summers of 2011 and 2012.

  5. Love the flower pictures today..just beautiful Brenda!We have morning glories every year too..one year the vines were so strong Ralph had to use his chain saw to cut them away...when we cleaned up for the winter months..I agree with you how beautiful flowers are and should be gazed upon by all of us..God is so good to us all giving us such a beautiful world to live in..can you even imagine how beautiful Heaven has to be?? Carol

  6. Hi Brenda! Such pretty blooms and I'm so glad you can enjoy the outdoors. It's so hot and humid here I just can hardly stand it! So my flower beds are filled with weeds.:)
    Thanks for popping in to my little RV blog. We have just started to take Chloe with us. The first time she went with us she was so scared and I just hated to do that to her again. But our last trip I took her and she did fine and actually loved her walks and smelling all of the 'calling cards' the other animals had left.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  7. Such beautiful blooms in your garden!!! I love all of the color!!!

  8. Those darn morning glories!! I'll never see them that I don't remember that was what you were going to take pictures of the day you fell! But, they are beautiful.


  9. Beautiful Brenda, did you start the passion flowers from seed? I WOULD love to get some next year, it is cooler but it is August I am sure the HOT days will return sooner then later for Oklahoma. But fall is fast approaching


  10. It was a glorious day around here, Brenda. A drive in the country to a small town and then a tinier village was a solo treat. Even the yard work, pulling weeds and cutting back overgrown plants, was enjoyable on a day like this. Your garden looks beautiful!


  11. Your flowers all look so lovely still. It seems by August the flowers I love are all spent. Was hoping the sprinklers on auto would keep them going but when I got home from vacation - the weeds and stems have taken over. Mums soon...hopefully. Happy Summer!

  12. Your garden is glorious! Beautiful pictures and we have had a wonderful summer in Oklahoma for a change!
    Love your morning glories and the passion vine is so pretty...didn't realize they had a scent!
    Miss Bloomers

  13. Beautiful flowers and I like the sun peeking out from the plants. It's a fun little surprise and pop of color! We had a chilly evening last night...very unlike our usual summer nights. We had to wear jackets. We even used a blanket last night. I think it's supposed to heat up later this week though.

  14. A year's time has made a big difference on your chain link fence and in your life. The flowers have multiplied beautifully and your ankle has healed. I'm happy for you in both instances.
    I'm determined to have some morning glories next year.. I have some wild, tiny white ones growing on the gate in my driveway. Don't want them there though.
    I love your Mr. Sun peeking though the "glories".. I wish I could find one like him.
    Enjoy your "enjoyable" weather.. We're still having hot and humid here in our "neck of the woods".
    Have a happy Sunday.
    Charlotte in Virginia

  15. You sure have a green thumb. Your flowers make you so happy. Maybe you should be a florist. we have had cooler weather as well. Loving it.

  16. The flowers are amazing, especially that passion flower. It's been cool here all month (70's). Amazing weather for August, but unfortunately the cool weather means my tomatoes aren't doing so well.

  17. Beautiful morning glories! Love the bright and colorful pictures. I hope next year to plant a morning glory. Our weather here has been absolutely gorgeous!

  18. Brenda, your flowers are beautiful. Here in Louisiana it is so hot our flowers and grass are dying. You almost have to water twice a day to keep them alive. Hopefully we get some cooling rain and temps soon.

  19. This has been the best summer...weather wise. I wish it would be like this every year! Everything is growing so nicely...things are not stressed...I'm loving it. It is the little things that bring us pleasure. I have an older friend...almost 80 and she is depressed all the time. She has a lovely backyard that she never goes in to. It has wonderful bones....and a wonderful big back cement raised patio that could be so gorgeous with a little care. I've volunteered to do some things out there. But she says she will not go out there. She doesn't notice flowers blooming or birds chirping. She says she is bored and sick of television...oh she is missing the magic of the world.

  20. I love how those beautiful vines have softened your fence and given you so much privacy. Enjoy, my friend. xo Laura

  21. I miss my morning glories. . . the deer love them here behind the pinecone curtain of east Texas. But, I got to enjoy yours. Beautiful!

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  23. What a wonderful assortment of blooms simply lovely ! From Sweet Tea N' Salty Air

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  25. Wow! what a beautiful garden. You have maintained it in beautiful way. Love the blooms. I want to ask one question I have faced problem of gutter in my garden continuously. Is there any easy to overcome from this problem. I don't know this is right place for this question or not. Please help me.


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