Flowers & Still Working In The Kitchen

This morning before it got hot the dogs and I went outside. I took my scissors and green pitcher and clipped a sparse bouquet. Everything seems to be on its last legs in the zinnia department. 

You can no longer see the brightly colored ceramic sun hanging in the middle of the fence. It's completely covered now with vines.

I cut a flower from the hostas, only to see it had ants all over it. It wasn't coming inside.

So, because the pickings were slim, I cut some blooms from the garlic. I think that's what Charlie is sniffing. I doubt they'll eat that like they chow down on the zinnia leaves.

Here's a peek at what I'm working on. I think it's going to take part of this week to finish what I've started. I'm just making it up as I go along. Which is normally what I do.

Here's an idea I picked up from another blog at some point. (Bloggers have such nifty ideas!) I saved one of the boxes my Walmart stuff came in (I order household supplies and cereal and such about twice per month, and it is delivered free over $45). I knew I would need it for this. 

You punch a small hole in the box. Put the screws through and screw your cabinet pulls and knobs in. Such a great way to paint all sides at once!

I didn't paint it here on the porch. It's just drying. 

By the end of yesterday they were dry and I've already put them back on. No power tools here. Just me and a screwdriver. Manual labor. But I think they look better with what I'm doing in there. 

Hope to show you by mid-week. 


  1. Very nifty idea! I've seen people use boxes as a paint booth inside the garage too. It's always sad to see the zinnias go... goodbye to summer. :(

  2. Great idea for painting the hardware. I am painting some this week and think I have a box I can use for that project. Charlie is so cute smelling the flowers.

  3. Super idea for the hardwood. I love it. Hugs, marty

  4. Precious photo of Charlie and the flowers! Can't wait until you get done.


  5. Your flowers are pretty. I just love to clip things right out of my flower bed. They are the best bouquets of all - never perfect but just right because they are mine. :)

    What are you working on?

  6. Love those Zinnia too...mine are all but done...1 lonely little pink flower..but oh the joy they give when theay are blooming...Your "sparse" flower vase is lovely, filled with color and charm...:)

  7. Our flowers are looking a bit scruffy around here, too, Brenda. I see my phlox are still in full bloom though. My geraniums have weathered pretty well this summer so I think I might try to overwinter them inside..some of them.
    Can't wait to see what you are working on. xo Diana

  8. That is the sweetest picture of Charlie. You should frame that one. You've got me with what you're working on, can't wait to see it!

  9. He is so darn cute sniffing those flowers! :)

  10. Can't wait to see your project, I know you are working hard at it.

  11. I can't wait to see what you are up to! Love the table you painted. So pretty!

  12. Brenda, great idea about the knobs, I should remember to do that, since I have most likely pinned it more then once, lol.

    Next time try putting all of the flowers into a sink of cool water, and gently sloshing them around, that should get rid of any bugs...the bouquet is still very pretty, hosta less or not.

    It's still quite warm here, although I dream of frost, go figure...must be tired of watering.


  13. What a clever idea for painting the hardware.

    The table holding the zinnias has a cloth on it in one of my all time favorite Moda fabrics. Why do they have to discontinue popular prints?

  14. I absolutely adore zinnias (second on my list only to tulips!) and love bringing them in the house, as well. Unfortunately, the only thing blooming in my garden right now are black eyed susans and morning glory~ not great for the table!

  15. I LOVE that idea! I always wondered how people spray paint knobs and handles. Now I know the secret. I will have to remember that. Can't wait to see what you're working on.

  16. Hi Brenda! Your cut flowers are really pretty~I also love the Zinnas~they are just so colorful and bright~they last a long time in water too after cut to bring in~I am glad summer is almost over as Fall is my very favorite time of year!Your doggies are just too cute~I LOVE them both and love when you show pictures of your fur babies~enjoy your evening~Carol

  17. Looks great! Hope little Charlie didn't get an ant up his little nose. I see a Tilda in the background! I Tilda with a nose. I've been seeing those. I've pinned about 600 Tildas. I've made another one!

  18. That's such a great idea! I can't stand spray painting small gadgets (like cabinet hardware), because I always end up with spray paint all over my hands. This. is. brilliant! ((Oh, and I added the "Welcome Wagon" button to my sidebar... I just love your little blog. You do so much for us.... ;)

  19. Great tip for painting the hardware-- I think I've done something similar...except I used a piece of styrofoam and the spray paint reacted with it..and melted it.What a mess!
    I can't wait to see where you put these handles.
    The flowers are pretty...I didn't plant any zinnias this year, wishing I had.
    The pups are so curious aren't they?


  20. Great tip for painting hardware !

  21. Great idea for painting hardware... I can't wait to see it back in place.

  22. Zinnias are one of my favorites. Thanks for the painting tip. xo Laura

  23. You have been busy, I loved your table you painted just the other day, may steal that idea from you :-) and the spray painting of the pulls and screws, I do that all the time, it sure does help the process and keep a mess to a minimum.


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