Great End Of Season Deal

Do you remember this indoor/outdoor chair I got from Pier 1 at the beginning of the summer? I had actually gone in to buy another chair. But this one looked more vintage and it caught my eye. I loved the gold cushion I found to fit inside.

It was a bit more, but sometimes you have to pay a bit more if it's really, really what you like. Otherwise you'll never be happy for one you settle for. 

Every once in awhile, you have to splurge a bit on yourself. Because you're worth it. 

All summer long I yearned for one to match it. But the price for another was way over my head. I splurged on the first one at $169.99. 

And so I waited. And the end of summer sales began.

Unfortunately, this dark brown color must have been the most popular. I called the stores around here and no one seemed to have it. I thought all the waiting had been for nothing. 

But then they found one in a town 15 miles away. I'd never been there. But I yearned for a sale and off I went. 

Once I got there, soaked through my clothes from the rain, I found this. One leg was messed up. Did they have another one? No. I was already getting the after summer sale price. But I would chance this one if I could get better.

Because I really wanted this look. 

How about 75% off it all? My gold cushion that was first priced $39.99, and the chair. 

I got it all, plus tax, for $69. And they said they'd order the repair kit for the leg and send it to my home free of charge. 

I was elated. I love to score a good deal.

I wanted to hang quilts on it and have a real seating area around my great find of a coffee table for $35. (I'm still in love with that great deal!)

Sometimes they sell completely out of what you've waited months for. Sometimes you get lucky and get the deal I got. It was worth driving 15 miles in the pouring rain to me.

Which then prompted me to look at the shelves on the wall behind the chairs. I hadn't done much of anything different with them since I moved in nearly two years ago. I kind of wanted a different look there too.

And yes, I brought the TV back in here. I don't watch it, but Marley loves Sesame Street. If I watch TV it is at night in my bedroom.

And so I did what pretty much all of us do. I shopped the house. I moved the shelves around and added a painting.

And a mirror and some antique relatives. I had fun with it. Which is what it is all about, after all.

The pupsters are happy as long as they can lay on the back of the couch and stare outside. A small price to pay for their happiness. So they can bark at people walking their dogs, or jogging, or pushing a stroller.

I like indoor/outdoor furniture and rugs. They are generally cheaper than their indoor only counterparts, and clean more easily. 

What great deals have you scored lately? We all like to share in your great finds.


  1. I love wicker and yours looks so nice and bright and cheery with the quilts and pillows. I have white wicker on my porch and have always wished I could have a sun room or 'morning' room filled with white wicker. Even if I had such a room, I couldn't have wicker inside..Have always had at least one cat and to them, wicker is a scratching post! :( Still in my MIND I have a morning room and it has white wicker and the colors are yellow, blue and white : ) Never too old to pretend sometimes! :)

  2. You won't believe that with all the coupons my daughter got a 4 piece pajama set for $3.68 at Kohl's. Good quality and so pretty. Originally $48. Wow! We're still smiling and the good buy was a few days ago.

  3. Awesome deal! I'm so happy you found the chair (and cushion) you like at such a great price. It looks wonderful!

  4. I got a Minnie Mouse watch at Kohl's two years ago. It was 29.99 on sale for 12.99. I had a 10.00 coupon which made it 2.99. I really didn't need the watch but have so enjoyed it. Have done nothing to it. Same band and haven't even changed the battery. Thought this was a pretty good deal. Enjoy your blog so much. Glad you got it all straightened out. Yours is always the first one I look at each day. I was worried about you for a while but glad all is well now. Like your new chairs and cushions.

  5. I would have driven 15 miles for that deal too, Brenda. Your living room is lovely. The chair, pillow and kit to fix the leg is a "steal".. I would be doing the "happy dance" for sure..
    Sesame Street has been on TV forever.. I think they've changed a few ideas over the years but I know it's fun for Marley.
    That is Abi and Charlie's room too. Of course they get to be on the back of your sofa, watching the world go by..
    Enjoy your day and your new furniture.
    Hugs, Charlotte in Va.

  6. I really like the chairs...good for you! It makes me smile when people wait and then score a deal. Patience is indeed a virtue! I was just near Pier 1 yesterday and resisted the urge to stop in. Now that I know there is a sale...hmmmmm.


  7. SO happy for you - a "set" of chairs is always a winning design. YAY!

    Deals scored? That's what I am all about, always - I am a disciple of "the look for less," then will be completely out of control and splurge on something totally overpriced to complete things.

    Love a good bargain too and ADORE hearing about others' deals so much!

    Well done, Brenda. Your changes are fresh and fun.

  8. oh gosh Brenda- you scored~!! love those chairs and need 1 in my bedroom..

    I have to go to Home Depot and Pier 1 in a few doors down from that so I'll stop in.. I am trying to do my bedroom in a nautical theme and wicker would be perfect.

    enjoy your new pretty living room.

    I had to laugh when I saw your babies on the back of the sofa.. Nadia and Greta do that too and sound the alarm if anyone walks too close to the house..

    Please say a little prayer for Buffy. She's having seizers again and the meds are no longer working:( I fear she will not be with me much longer and I know I'll be devastated.. Of all my pom girls , she and I match the most in nature and understand each other, just with a look..


    1. Sonny so sorry to hear about Buffy, seems the ones that touch our hearts the most are the sweet babies that have the problems and leave us sooner than the others. I remember my Sweet Jazzie, she had 5 homes in 4 years. She had more health problems than the 2 big girls and was only with me for 2 years but I think of her more often then those that I had for 15 yrs. Be strong, you have Buffy for a reason. Take care. Suz

  9. Looking good! You can change that living room around as much as you like as long as you keep the couch where Abi and Charlie can see out. They wouldn't know what to do if they couldn't get up there.

    Your deal on your chair is fantastic. Good job!


  10. You got an amazing deal! They look wonderful in your home, with the quilts.

  11. Lucky you to get such a bargain. Guess that's what happens when you hold out for a sale:)

  12. So glad that you were able to score another matching chair! I like chairs in pairs anyway. That was nice of the store to give you such a good deal and include a repair kit. That's how all stores should treat customers.

  13. Ha!
    I was at Lowes yesterday...and was telling my daughter, that "I'd love to have a pair of these 'wicker' chairs" (really some type of composite material) ...but anyway, I said, "wouldn't they look great flanking my settee when I get it finished?"
    She said, "yes, Mom...IF you get it finished." Hmmpph.... she has no faith in me. LOL... I may be slow, but come on!

    I love your living room and the way it looks right now. That was a wonderful price on the chair too.

  14. That is an AMAZING steal! I love the look of wicker in a home.... so warm and homey! My deal that I've recently scored was - my grandmother paid for a year's subscription to Family Circle magazine for my birthday. Tucked inside each issue is a coupon for a free container of (tester size) seasonal paint from Lowes. That's eight ounces of free paint... the perfect amount for small projects. Score!

  15. What a fun post! Your place looks adorable! I love to "shop" my house too. I used to be the QUEEN of rearranging until moving heavy stuff got to be too much for this woman! I still do what I can to change it up and give it a fresh often as possible! Your deal...and WHAT a deal! Love your quilts! And your fur babies up on the back of the couch...that's my baby's favorite place too! And she barks at all the same things. We live on a corner, so there are PLENTY of things to see! I love your blog. Don't always comment...but I still love it! Annette

  16. I can't believe you've been there two years already! Seems like just yesterday you were moving over there. The chairs look great in the living room. I have two similar ones on my porch and I love that I can hose them off. Doesn't get easier than that!

  17. Brenda I love that chair. I have been looking for a chair for my small living room and saw one much like your's and thought it might work. I haven't bought it, but might check out Pier 1 and see if they still have a chair like yours. Great price.

  18. What a shopper, and what a happy ending. Your chairs, cushions, and quilts are charming. I bring my porch wicker in every fall for extra seating during Thanksgiving and Christmas, and then I always miss it when it goes back outside in the spring. Outdoor rugs are great indoors, too. I have one under my dining room table, and it wears like a rock! Way to go!

  19. Love your chairs! I have a really old antique wicker chair almost exactly the same. The cushion is worn out and it sits at my son's house in his storage area of the barn. I also have a white wicker antique rocker stored there that was my great grandmothers! I wish I had them at my house but nowhere to put them. My husband seems to have a "thing" for chairs and keeps bringing home his "deals" from the local Restore or St. Vincent De Paul!!!

    I shop St. Vinnie's (we call it for short) alot for "finds" and one of my funnest finds was a few weeks ago when I found a little old box of chipboard shapes, tags, flowers and designs for $2.00! It had 56 pieces and they are darling. I scrapbook and papercraft, so finding anything crafty puts me in heaven! I also found some old Hawaiian greeting cards for $1.00 that are very vintage that I can use for my cards and scrapbook layouts. I was thrilled!

  20. I love what you did with this room! It seems so cozy and welcoming with the quilts and natural tones.And I LOVE a good bargain story.

  21. Sometimes, when you have a specific look in your mind, and only THAT look will do, because it's become a schema, formulated and set up in that little corner of hour mind, and very similar to that bigger one in your home, (case in point), it is worth waiting for the saving and the satisfaction! You scored big time! It's all beautiful and you got your set! Just wish I could have been there to see it and score my goal of the season, too! Happy for you and sweet Judy!


  22. As I was looking at your beautiful pictures, including the sparkling floor, (this was my first visit to your blog), I thought, "she must not have dogs". Then I stumbled upon the picture of them on the back of the couch. How do you keep your floors so free of dog hair and toys?

  23. The yellow cushions are very nice on the dark wicker. Sometimes patience pays!

  24. Great look. They look vintage. Oh how I love a good deal.
    I have one couch just for the dogs. Well, I sit on it too.

  25. Great deal! That is how I got my yellow chair on my was coming unraveled so I got it at 75% off. I'm surprised you got the cushion at such a good deal too. I didn't know we have repair kits. That is the first I've heard of it. I just rewound and wove the wicker and fixed it with hot glue. It's held up just fine. I was hoping a settee would have an unraveled leg so I could get a settee cheap too. But no such luck. And now we are out of yellow chairs or I'd buy another. Maybe next year!

  26. Holy Cow- WHAT A DEAL!!!! I love it and you can fix it and no one will ever be the wiser. I love that you found a matching one! xo Diana

  27. That looks so lovely and cozy, Brenda! It was meant to come home with you!

  28. What an amazing deal - you're the Queen of Bargains !!!
    How ironic because my post yesterday was on how ripped off I got on a farmhouse table LMHO
    Came by to thank you for the follow and that I'm now following back!
    Big hugs,

    1. Your home is beautiful. And the wonderful part of it is you didn't have to get permission from anyone! It's all yours, and you can do what you like with it. If that's not making lemonade from lemons, I don't know what is!

  29. Great score! The chairs look wonderful in your cozy LR, especially with the quilts and pillows. And your wonderful coffee table. Your home has really come together. I think it takes living in a place for a while and moving things around, then filling a gap here and there before it all feels right, don't you? Just this morning we put a rug in the DR that has been in the wrong room for the last six years! You will have to share when you get the repair kit. Some of my old wicker could use some help, too. I mostly use a hot glue gun, but there might be a better way.

  30. Brenda - your living room looks great! So cosy and lovely. You have a great eye and it's always nice to get a bargain. J

  31. Brenda,
    I LOVE those chairs! Love the color and style of them and you did get a good deal!! I can see the Pier One Store sign from my front porch !!! That is how close the store is to me!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!!


  32. Why that was worth driving 30 miles! What a fantastic deal and they look great. I'm very partial to wicker myself. I have a pair of arm chairs in our living room between our two loveseats. Then I have wicker side chairs in our bedroom and a little area I wanted to fill in our living room. There was some HGTV Design Star that said in HGTV magazine that she abhorred wicker inside - you can bet she lost my vote right then. Wicker is definitely cozy. I like how you have the quilts on them too. Lovely!


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