Internet Problems & A Nice Long Bath

It rained again today. Torrents of rain. I was on the freeway for only the second time since I moved here. Naturally. And I couldn't see beyond about four feet in front of me. At least my car got washed.

Today was a good day. Yesterday was spent mostly on the phone trying to get my internet fixed. Spending six and a half hours on the phone, going out twice to get equipment that didn't work, and having the dogs all upset was not my idea of a well spent day.

I took a nice bath once I finally got off the phone with them at 7:30 last night, after going through about six different techs. Thankfully the last one was patient and knew his stuff and was successful.

I'll be sharing where I went and what I ended up getting at a more than terrific price later. You know it had to be a good deal to get me to drive 15 miles!

There was such great feedback from the frugal post that I think we need to do something like that again and let you all give your best frugal tips in the comments. Or something to that effect. So nice to be getting great advice on how to save money.

Tomorrow Pat from Back Porch Musings is going to show us her cozy home on the lake. Their condo. I've admired Pat for so long. She's one of the first blogs I read. And her photography is absolutely stunning. She is such a sweet and kind woman and blogger. 

You will love her home. Her taste is so elegant. She sets a beautiful table. 

Can you tell I really really like Pat and her blog? 

See ya in the morning.


  1. Hate it when the internet goes down:(

  2. Grrrrr when internet doesn't work. Glad you got it fixed. Can't wait to see what you got!

  3. I can so relate. A few weeks ago I was hacked and probably spent the equivalent of 20 hours on the phone with Microsoft. Not fun.

  4. So proud of you going out to get what you needed. I knew you could do it!


  5. Hate internet problems, but really proud of you for getting out on that highway. xo Laura

  6. Yuck! Hate having internet problems. Good for you getting out of your house to get what you needed. Glad you are up and running again. After all that frustration a nice bath sounds relaxing! Love all the red touches in your photos. Yes, Pat's home is very elegant.

  7. So glad you got your internet fixed. What a mess when it doesn't work properly. Can't wait to see what you drove 15 miles to get..AND...I love Pat, too. She has a great blog- xo Diana

  8. A whole 15 miles?! Woot-woot.
    I totally understand. Where we live it's about 15 miles round trip into our little small town. Going to Walmart is about 35 round trip...
    and that is on F.M. roads and minimal traffic.
    I went to Dallas tonight-- shopping with my daughter @ Joann's Fabric Store... Oh my! talk about crazy traffic. Not to mention it was raining here too. Thank goodness my daughter was driving. LOL...
    Can't wait to see Pat's blog/ home tour.

    take care. "the other Pat" :)

  9. I just hate to drive in hard rain!!! Scares me!!!
    xo Kris

  10. You're a brave girl getting out in traffic and rain soaked roads. We have Rt. 66 and the Washington D.C. Beltway here.. Haven't been on those roads in a long time.. Waaayyy too much traffic.
    The red décor in your kitchen is so cheerful. A red microwave is my next "dream".
    Pat's "Back Porch Musing" is a beautiful blog. She has wonderful taste in decorating and such a pretty yard..
    Am interested to know what you drove 15 miles to get to call your own. I doubt there'll be any stopping you now. ;o)
    Have a beautiful day.
    Charlotte in Va.

  11. Hi Brenda. :) We finally got some rain here yesterday too. My computer still thinks we live in Edmond so every day it gives me weather updates and I'm jealous of your rain and cooler weather.

    We have AT&T you by any chance? I was just wondering because when we have troubles we inform them that husband works out of our home. They will usually send someone to our house pretty quickly. That makes all the difference.

    Love Pat's houses too.

  12. Not keen about driving in the rain especially at night...A nice warm soak in the tub does nicely fix what ails you, I like it with a bit of Lavender Epsom Salt...a nice soak.

  13. We live 1 1/2 hours from Michaels, BB&Beyond and anything really fun so 15 miles is around the block for me. Thank goodness for the internet or I would go crazy....and great blogs. The good news is that we don't have a rush hour in our little town....maybe a rush minute. lol

  14. I think a regular posting about frugality is a great idea! I'm always looking for new ways to cut costs.

  15. Sorry you had so much trouble with your internet - I just hate it when it goes down.
    Love the red in your kitchen. I also LOVE red.
    Can hardly wait to see Pat's post.
    Have a great stress free day.


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