My Cozy Home: Daisy Mae Belle

Today I'm starting a new series. It's called "My Cozy House." I will have guest bloggers show off their cozy homes and give us a tour. First up we have Daisy Mae Belle.

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I'm Melissa.
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I share my home and projects over at DaisyMaeBelle.
I'm so thrilled to be the first in Brenda's new series:
My Cozy House.
What a perfect name!
Thank you Brenda for allowing me to share my home here!
So, come on in...

Summer Front Porch @ DaisyMaeBelle

I wish you were here for real.
We'd sit here on my front porch and get to know one another better.
I'd have the sweet tea ready!

My Foyer @ DaisyMaeBelle

After we shared a few laughs about our families,
I'd take you inside and show you around.
I'd tell you about my 3 girls;
Daisy, Anna Bella and Lila Mae.

My Dining Room @ DaisyMaeBelle

I'd show you my dining room table.
It was the very table that my husband grew up eating all of his meals at.
I'd tell you it was the first thing that I ever painted with chalk paint...
and that I've learned a few things since then,
so I think I should paint it again.

My Dining Room @ DaisyMaeBelle

I'd tell you about my dining room hutch that I found
at a yard sale 13 years ago.
And, that I have painted it twice already,
but I'm thinking it would look beautiful in a pale green...

dining room summer 201307

I'd show you my little brass containers that I filled with moss.
And, I'd have to tell you that the reason I have so much moss in my house
is because I am a lost cause with house plants.
I just can't seem to get the watering down.

Family Room @ DaisyMaeBelle

I'd show you my family room.
And, tell you about the new rug that I just bought after looking for 2 years,
and my husband finally asking if I could please buy a rug?!

Family Room @ DaisyMaeBelle

I'd have to explain to you how I can't resist a cute flying pig.
I have 6.
Yes, I counted just for you!

Family Room @ DaisyMaeBelle

I'd tell you about my dried hydrangeas that I have all over the house.
You see, I have this hydrangea bush that blooms
thousands of blooms every year,
even though I do nothing to it.
And, so I end up with hydrangeas for all of my friends,
Anyone who wants hydrangea blooms!

Family Room @ DaisyMaeBelle

I'd show you the table that I just painted.
And, explain how much prettier it is going to look
when I have this love seat recovered.

Family Room @ DaisyMaeBelle

 I'd tell you about the happy dance I did
right in the carport of some complete strangers
when I realized that this giant metal piece
was actually a part of their yard sale...
It came off of an old building in Kentucky!

Family Room @ DaisyMaeBelle

We'd probably need to stop and sit a spell here in my den.
And, I'd tell you about how these chairs are next for reupholstery...
right after that love seat.

Bathroom Makeover18

I'd show you the silver platter wall I just hung here
in our downstairs bathroom.
{Finally a way to enjoy all of those silver platters
I got for wedding gifts 18 years ago!}

My Kitchen @ DaisyMaeBelle

I'd tell you about these ironstone platters that I picked up at Goodwill.

My Kitchen @ DaisyMaeBelle

And, the chalkboard that I painted right on the wall,
and just hung the frame on top of.

My Kitchen @ DaisyMaeBelle

I'd tell you about how I looked high and low for bricks for my backsplash.
Apparently, the dear brick sellers here in Murfreesboro
don't realize that people are actually having the bricks cut
and used for interior purposes.
But, a quick drive to Nashville turned up exactly what I was looking for.

Old Marble Table @ DaisyMaeBelle

I'd take you upstairs,

Teens Girl's Room @ DaisyMaeBelle

and, show you Daisy's room
And, explain how the other 3 bedrooms upstairs are all still works in progress.

Backyard Fire Pit @ DaisyMaeBelle

And, the next time you came over,
I would insist you used the backdoor!
Because "backdoor" friends are the best!
Life to the full!


  1. Brenda, Thanks so much for allowing me to share! I am looking forward to all of the amazing homes that will be a part of this series! Life to the full! Melissa

  2. Melissa, your home is so warm and charming! What a sweet place for three little girls to grow up :) I loved your tour, thanks so much for sharing it with us!
    xo, Andrea

  3. That's definitely a "cozy" home I'd like to visit.


  4. Brenda what a lovely home Melissa has. I enjoyed my visit and will be back to visit her blog again.

  5. What a beautiful home! Thanks Melissa - and Brenda - for the tour.

  6. Love Melissa's home! I'd be doing the happy dance over that gorgeous piece of metal on the wall too.

  7. Brenda what a fun new feature and Melissa what a beautiful home,

  8. You have a very lovely home! I enjoyed the tour and would love some sweet tea - thank you!


  9. Thank you, Brenda, for this great new series, and for introducing Melissa. I had already been in love with her backyard entertaining space and now had the pleasure of seeing inside her house. What a treat, and the tour beautifully narrated.

  10. Brenda, thank you for this new feature. Melissa is a jewel. I saw her featured at Kristin's this morning as well. Love seeing her home and all the creative ways she styles her beautiful finds.

  11. I loved the visit and I wish I could sit with you and have some sweet tea in your backyard.

  12. I love your new feature and Melissa's home is so warm and inviting.
    I love what she did with the platters.... putting them on the wall in the bath.. how clever. Her style is so pretty and I love her beautiful finds.

  13. What a pretty little tour! And so personal with all the lovely details about your home. You know I love it Melissa! Thanks for the peek. Glad to see the blog is back again hun, I know that is a stresser for sure!!

  14. I so enjoyed my tour of Melissa's home. I used to live in the Johnson City area of Tennessee before moving to NC. It is a lovely state. I love the silver platters on the wall and the moss pots!

    This is going to be a great series!

  15. What a sweet house, love the touches of pastel blue mixed with darker hues and charming vignettes. Definitely cozy!


  16. What a delightful visit to a beautiful home!

  17. Thank you for the home tour! Every detail is just fantastic! I'd probably do a happy dance at a garage sale too if I saw that metal piece!! Score!! Love all the moss - (I have a thing for moss and lichen). The silver trays on the wall are a great idea - I have a hallway where I might do that... Thanks for all the inspiration! Catherine (new follower)

  18. What a great new series! Daisy your home is just beautiful inside and out! How long did it take you to get it all decorated like that ? I absolutely love everything about your home!

  19. What a treat! Melissa has amazing style and taste!Thank you for sharing!

  20. Welcome back to blogger! I do so enjoy reading your blog. Thanks for sharing your life and loves with us.
    God bless,

  21. Beautiful home. Love her dining room ... all of it is pretty and cozy. :)


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