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When Brenda asked me to do a guest post for her new series, My Cozy Home, I thought I might invite you to have a look at our home. However, our home was featured in a showcase of 26 homes, in July and is scheduled for another glimpse, later this month.

With that in mind, I am inviting you to our Lake of the Ozarks condo.


We purchased the condo, situated on the 6 Mile Marker of the Grand Glaize Arm of Lake of the Ozarks (Missouri), in 2003.


I am from south central Missouri and spent many happy times at the lake, when I was a child.

My husband J and I have wonderful memories of visiting the lake, before we decided to have our own little getaway place there.


The condo has served us well through the past 10 years. It has been a special retreat for rest and relaxation. 

Our children and grandchildren enjoy their time at the lake, fishing and exploring and of course, we can’t forget shopping the outlets.

I celebrated my 70th birthday last month and J’s 68th birthday is this month. J was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease during Fall 2012. He has had Heart Disease since his early 40’s and now has a pacemaker and several other appliances common to those with Coronary Artery Disease.

He has also had several surgeries involving his shoulders and hands, as well as cancer. In spite of these issues, we are active and meet life head on, with whatever it chooses to surprise us with.

Even though owning two homes is a blessing we are grateful for and never dreamed of, taking care of two homes and making sure they are maintained well can be draining. 

So, with that in mind, we made the decision to list our condo for sale. There has been lots of interest and we are hoping it will sell before Winter.







Our home away from home is furnished with garage sale finds, closeouts, and hand me downs. 

Vignettes include several prints, shells and other memorabilia from vacations. The wall, in the photo above, is done with inexpensive calendar pages depicting wooden boats. The frames are from Michael’s.

My own photos of scenes around the lake are also used.









There are three bedrooms and two bathrooms in the 1250 square foot space.



deck after25

The deck is perfect for watching sunrises and sunset reflection.

deck after11

Thank you Brenda, for inviting me to share this cozy little place in the beautiful Ozarks.

Thanks to everyone for stopping by Back Porch Musings.


  1. Pat's condo is so charming! I would hate to part with it if I were them. It looks like the perfect casual place to relax. I have no doubt that someone will fall in love with it and buy it soon!

  2. Pat, can you tell me about the bedding you used on these beds? It looks like all white and embellished with colorful pillows. What is the make and where did you get it, please???? I have been looking for a similar look for us. I never realized how BIG your condo and deck there are. Just beautiful. It would be hard for me to give that up, someone is getting a gem.

    1. Pinky, the first room is the master bedroom. The comforter and shams are Ralph Lauren from HomeGoods. I buy all my white quilts from HomeGoods. They are so nice and the price, as you know, is always great at HG.
      The second bedroom duvet cover and shams are from Linen Source. The big floral pillow and quilt are HomeGoods bargains.
      Third bedroom quilts and shams are also from HomeGoods.
      I like to use the white quilts and change out the shams etc now and then. The closet in the second bedroom is where I kept extra bedding, plus air mattresses because no matter how many beds there are, the g'kids prefer sleeping on the floor, most of the time, when they are at the condo. Maybe it feels like camping out.:-)

  3. Very nice! I live just south of there in Lebanon, and before this summer, I lived closer near Camdenton. I have in-laws in Gravois Mills. You are in a prime location, near the 7 mile marker, and all those hot spots! Good luck on selling!!!

    1. Kathy, Lebanon is my old hometown. I was born there and have many longtime friends still there.:-)

  4. Don't you just love Pat and her style! Loved the tour.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  5. Love Pat's style! I like the way she adds color with accessories!

  6. I love how Pat decorated the condo with fun finds. I am in love with the table and benches.

  7. Lovely condo! It's nice that you got to enjoy it for so many years before making the decision to sell. Love the gallery wall and all the nice seaside touches. Love the wicker chair with the cushions in the first photo. You're both doing well in spite of your health challenges! Looking forward to seeing more of what you'll do with your main residence.

  8. Practical and perfect!!!!! Thank you for sharing! Love your home!

  9. What a relaxing place that would be!! Thanks for sharing her beautiful lake house.


  10. Pat's condo is beautiful and I'm sure will sell quickly. Sorry to hear of all her husband's health problems.

  11. The condo is so lovely and relaxing looking, who wouldn't love spendng time there, we used to have a place at the river and you are right, maintaining two places is a worrisome thing...along with an expensive thing...I know my husband was relieved when it sold...great memories like in your post, just more relaxing to let it go....Phyllis

  12. I've always loved Pat's home on the lake. She is truly blessed in the decorating department, she has wonderful taste Someone is going to fall in love with her place and snap it up!


  13. Oh I love this home. It is decorated so cute. Love the little table and benches. The fabrics used are so nice. I could move right in.

  14. Pat, your cozy little condo is as pretty as your home (which is a blog favorite of mine). I love all the white headboards. I decided while scrolling through that I am painting a headboard for at least one bedroom when I get ready to redo them empty nesty.

  15. Your condo is lovely Pat and it must be bittersweet to give it up. Lots of memories...

  16. I have been thinking of buying a condo at the lake since I am down sizing, however all my friends are in Columbia ,so I scratched that thought of moving down there, I can only afford one home
    your condo looks just what I was thinking of
    I like how you have it decorated like a magazine cover , so pretty

  17. I like this post, enjoyed this one, Thanks for sharing this very good post. Very inspiring! (as always, btw)
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  18. I never tire of seeing Pat's lake house. It looks like something straight out of a magazine. Great photos!


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