Organizing Tips For Back To School Via BHG & IHeartOrganizing

Just wanted you to know that Dawn from Creative Cain Cabin has a post you'll want to see. Aren't these wildflowers from her yard in the bucket adorable? Dawn just moved to WP and designed her own site. And it is very impressive!

And now for some great organizational tips from Jen at IHeartOrganizing via

First I must show you this very cute and very organized living space. What do you want to bet there are some items stashes in those wicker coffee table stand ins? The color of green she's chosen for the wall is what I call Granny Apple green, and it looks fantastic as a backdrop for this space.

Tip #1: Get organized with a household binder. Designate a section for each member of the family.

Tip #2: Could a pantry be more organized? She has a space to jot down lists on a hook on the door. And one could quickly take stock with just a glance into this super organized space. (And more of that gorgeous apple green in storage bins.) You can see just how much you have with these see through containers.

Tip #3: Take it a step further and organize your freezer! I have never seen a more organized freezer. Mine is a jumble. I'm going to have to take stock. You can easily see what needs to be cooked and what needs to be bought at the store.

Tip #4: Now how could any child lose their things for school when they're in this designated cabinet space? Book bag: check. Boots: check. Great idea for having everything ready before rushing out to go to school each morning.

Tip #5: Have the family schedule written out, framed, and hung where everyone can see it. Hard to get off track with this one! Then everyone will know when football practice or piano lessons are.

Isn't this dining room magnificent? And you know she's got lots stored in that sideboard. Love the shelf above it with the wine glasses hung underneath.

Tip #6:  Pre-select your children's school outfits for the week, and label them.

Tip #7: For emergencies, have all the stuff you would need in one spot. That way you won't be rushing around hunting for this and that. Great idea! 

Tip #8: Color coding. This way everything gets put back where it belongs with a minimum of effort.

Tip #9: For small children, put a picture of what belongs in the bin on the front. Then he or she will know what toy goes where.

Wouldn't any child love this play area? I've got to tell my daughter about this. A place for everything and everything in its place.

Tip #10: If you need to corral all those books, build these simple shelves for a wall. This way they can be seen, but won't be scattered around the room. (I sure want my grandchildren to love books!)

Ah, I'm in awe of her laundry room. My washer and dryer are stuffed in a coat closet. Just look at the organization!

This very organized girl has got it going on!


  1. Thanks Brenda for showing my bucket of posies:)

  2. Love all these great ideas for getting organized!


  3. Oh yea, I'm definitely going to use all of these organization tips! LOL


  4. WOW! I wonder if she could come help me organize this condo?! ;-) Downsizing always presents a problem with organizing but these are some super tips!


  5. HA HA HA well in regards to the freezer the other day a big package of frozen meat fell out and nearly broke my toe.

    So do you think I could use some tips or WHAT!!? :) :)

  6. I love getting new ideas! I'm an organizing nut! lol Enjoy your day my friend!


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