Roosters, Flowers And Polka Dotted Chickens

I've got a mighty handsome rooster, and he doesn't even wake me up in the mornings. When I was a child, the mean old rooster we had was cantankerous, and bit me as I rushed out the gate with warm eggs tucked in my shirt.

This one is quiet too. Just stands there and preens for the camera. That's the kind of roosters I like.

It's not as hot today as it has been. The sun hasn't been out much today, but it's humid. 

I actually got out and ran an errand and browsed through both Pottery Barn and Pier 1. But didn't buy anything. Also stopped at an indoor garage sale. Came home empty handed though. 

Things I see have to be pretty darned special, and cheap, for me to even consider buying them. I've just got this place somewhat cleaned up. I don't need anything else to dust around. 

Now I would probably change my mind if I came across some polka dotted critters. I'd probably be coming home with those if they were in the right price range.

I threw the photos of the flowers in there just because. Just because I love flowers and love to share them!


  1. I love all of your cute roosters! I think I'd rather have the fake kind too, so I could sleep late in the mornings. We've been getting rain, so it is very humid! Glad your weather is cooling down a bit.

  2. Hi Brenda, Did you happen to see the Rooster mugs, bowls and plates at Pier one ? I was in there today and would loved to have bought a whole set of dishes in that pattern.
    I love your Jim Shore rooster.. He sure is handsome and your polka dotted "chick" are so cute..
    It's been hot and humid here in Va. today and the mosquitoes are terrible.. I'll be so glad when they are gone.
    Your flowers are beautiful.. I saw a picture of what I think is your butterfly bush in your Garden section.. It sure has grown. I hope it has attracted lots of butterflies for you.
    Have a great weekend.
    Charlotte in Va.

  3. I love all of your Roosters and chickens - they are so you! Beautiful flower shots as usual.


  4. I love to browse Pier One and Pottery Barn too. We don't have a PB here though. Love your rooster.

  5. Glad to see you are back Brenda. Have missed you. Love the polka dotted hens, I also thing the bundt pan candle holder is a cute inventive idea. Humid here too, rained for 2 hours and so I had to stop with the push mower. Have a good weekend. I'll be mowing grass :(
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  6. I am into polk a dots and look everywhere for them now when I am out and about in Flea hooked me up to them Brenda from reading your blog...I love the way you decorate!!! Wish I had half your talent!! Love your rooster and your chicks!! Carol

  7. You have so many cute things and like you I'm downsizing my 'stuff' but I still find a thing or two on occasion!


  8. I love the way you take pictures. I only have a canon powershot and keep trying to learn how to take better pictures with it. One day I am hoping I can save up enough money to buy me a dslr. I adore your quilts that you have, did you make them yourself?

  9. Hi Brenda, Thanks for your cheerful pictures - you brightened my day!

  10. Very cheery on this rainy morning in Kentucky. Have a great day. xo Laura

  11. I like the candle in the bundt pan. You're always thinking of clever ideas. So good to have you back in true Brenda form :)

  12. I love the rooster and always love quilts and flowers but that candle in the bundt pan is something else! :)

  13. Love the Jim Shore rooster. While it always sounds as if it would be great having real chickens, I think this handsome fellow must be much easier to live with!

  14. Oh, what willpower you have!

  15. I adore polka dots, and I'm completely in love with your chickens!

    It rained here like nobody's business...flooding in some areas.

    Five years ago we went to Hawaii and one of the places we stayed had a rooster nearby and every morning we had to listen to that darn thing for what seemed like forever. I'll take the fake ones tyvm.

    Love your pictures Brenda. You have amazing talent behind the lens (and behind the computer too).



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