Small Space Decorating Ideas

I love the mixture of colors in the above photo. Whites, spring greens and a touch of orange. (I think orange is starting to grow on me!) The simple jute-like rug grounds the furniture around it.

I don't know about you, but I have Better Homes & Gardens newsletters emailed to me. I enjoy seeing all their wonderful ideas. 

I'm focusing on small space decorating with these photos, all from BH&G.

If your living room space is at a premium, you can choose an ottoman instead of a larger coffee table. This little space looks snug and cozy in front of the fireplace.

This room automatically appears more spacious due to the very large window behind the couch. The two chairs with varying blue stripes gives it a cohesive and somewhat dramatic feel.

Another living space with small cubed tables instead of a larger coffee table. I love all the pattern in this photo. The tall shelf works and doesn't overwhelm the space because it is open.

This neutral sectional is situated into a corner. Yet it doesn't look crammed into the space. The open windows above the painting give the illusion of more height to the room, drawing the eye upward. Thus the room seems bigger than it actually is.

Here we have yet another coffee table alternative. There are so many ways to create a spot to corral the furniture around. The ideas are endless.

There are so many ways to live large in a small space. I actually prefer the coziness of smaller quarters. It makes you choose what you love most and do away with the rest.

Just because your space might be small doesn't mean you're stuck with small pieces of furniture. Better to have a few big pieces that make a statement rather than a cluster of smaller pieces that make the space look diminutive.

If you live in a small home, what small space decorating ideas do you implement into your space?


  1. Hi Brenda..I loved your post today showing small spaces..I have I used an old antique dresser I purchased at an estate sale for a mere 20.00!! same old knobs and al on it..I fell in love with it and could NOT believe the price on it..had a broken leg but my husband is very handy and fixed that right away and its perfect save space we set our 42" tv on top of it and set our dvr and blue ray player on the floor underneath it..worked perfectly and gave us so much more space to put our leather chairs and big leather couch...bought 2 leather storage boxes that fold up when not in use from Valerie Parr Hill on them! to hold my yarn and all my crocheting and craft books...we even managed to squeeze in my old antiue hutch which holds all my Paley vases and Christmas collectibles...we love comfy and cozy and that is what we have now..Happy Sunday Brenda!! Carol

  2. I love them all and like they are not cluttered. I think that is the trick to making the space feel bigger.

  3. I like to buy furniture which doubles up uses. For example my coffee table is a chest, so that I can store all kids junk in it & I use antique wash stands instead of console tables, so that I can make use the drawers & cupboards

  4. These are all quite pretty but I like yours best ;)


  5. Own home is small, so I'm always interested in looking at small space design. I love cozy lived in spaces that you can add your own personality without looking too cluttered. Thanks for sharing these ideas!

  6. These are great design options for smaller spaces. Love these ideas for different coffee tables as well.
    Mary Alice

  7. I love small space decorating too - perhaps because I have a small space. I particularly love the daybed.

  8. When they started showing orange in decorating ideas a few years ago I didn't like it - I thought of the 50's, orange and turquoise. But then I saw a decorator using orange with red and PLUM and I was sold! It is a beautiful combination...

  9. my house is a WHOPPING 360 sq.ft. bigger than yours but still small by some's standards.
    I also don't have a dining space, but an eat in kitchen, with 1 wall of built ins. The rest of my kitchen is furniture tucked in along with appliances. I FINALLY like the layout after years of building on the 'unfitted kitchen' look.
    I use a chest of drawers for linens and paper goods (for the big gathering) I have a hutch for my microwave, bread box, and small appliances. I actually have 2 tables in my kitchen. One for eating on, and one in the middle w/drop sides for extra prep space.
    It might look like a jumbled up mess to some; but it works! It finally came together for me when I moved my huge Chambers Range toward the cabinets...just a mere 8 inches! The work triangle flows now!
    I love reading about small spaces and incorporating ideas into my home.
    ...The picture above with the Orange Cube tables and lime green accents... yeah, that makes my heart sing! Love the color.


  10. Great ideas, Brenda. Orange is growing on you? Me too. I'm not ready to buy a lot of it but I'm warming to it the more I see it used in decorating.

  11. I love BHG also and like you get their newsletters. I fact, I have a 'small space' post waiting to be published that has some of the pics you've chosen as well.

    I love small spaces. For me, it's about efficiency. Good planning can make a small space surprisingly livable. Items that are multi purpose, built ins, proper scale, etc. all are super important elements for small spaces.

    Orange used to be my least favorite color, but for about two years I've come to really like it too.

  12. I don't buy decorating magazines very much but I have noted that the 5 or 6 that I have bought over the last year or so are because I've been drawn to cottages / bungalows with alot of color inside. For instance in your photos I was instantly attracted to the one with the golden / peach? colored walls. And there was some tour / showcase of homes a week or two ago with a few bloggers and the home that caught my eye the most had colored walls. Yet her home and the size of her rooms were probably 5 times or more bigger than mine and I am afraid that painting my walls a color will make the room ( Thinking of my living room here ) seem even smaller than it is. Yet some brighter colored accent pillows and little touches here and there would probably do the same thing for my space though to a lesser degree.

  13. Love that blue and white. xo Laura

  14. The one with the painting between the windows and the couch is something I would do. My place is small, so rather than having a coffee table I have small tables that fold up and slide being a piece of furniture. This way I can bring them out when needed and have more openness when they are put away. I also use my walls as a gallery rather than having tables with things sitting on them. And hiding electronics makes a room look bigger.

  15. I live in a small cottage and my tips about living in a small space are somehow contradictory. Don't avoid furniture: if you only have a table in your dining-room, it actually looks smaller than if you have a table and a china cabinet. But, try to find furniture that doesn't eat too much space: if the cabinet is high, you don't want it to be to deep, for example.

  16. I love these pictures you selected. In our small living room, it made a big difference to use a smaller-sized sofa. The scale fit the space much better than our previous large sofa, and because there is more open space around the smaller sofa, the whole room feels larger and more spacious. I also use a small side table for our coffee table, and have slid a smaller ottoman under it, so we can put our feet up when we want, and have a place to rest a tea cup as well.


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