Stylish Kitchen Banquettes


I have always loved kitchen banquettes. They take up less room and give you lots of seating. 


There are many ways to accommodate this look. You could of course build one into your dining area.

Or use free-standing furniture pieces, like the one above from Ballard Designs, to achieve this look.

A dining table with these individual pieces on either side would look very elegant. Or you could use just one of these pieces and add chairs for the other side. 

The above combination is reminiscent of the fifties. A retro look that is popular today.

And this last one is what I would consider the most modern approach. The somewhat shabby chic look, combined with industrial chairs and a chippy table.

Do you like this type of arrangement? Would you like to incorporate this look into your own home?


  1. I built a 3 chair bench last year for just this type of set up. I makes it so much better when the kids are here...the Littles can all bunch up on the bench and then there are enough seats for the adults!

    I like the last set up with the shabby chic and industrial chairs. Probably my favorite!

  2. love the House Beautiful sample. I'd love to have that in my breakfast area.

  3. I like the look, but no place in my home to have that.

  4. I don't like all the sliding, reminds me of booths at a restaurant. My absolute last choice of seating. I do love the red chairs in the next to the bottom though. They make me smile!

  5. I love it! I've wanted a banquette since my sister had one put into her house in Toronto almost 40 years ago. Maybe someday...if I move...but the kitchen in my house right is too small for even a banquette and table! But I keep "pinning" them...maybe someday.

  6. Thanks for this beautiful blog. I have a small kitchen so there is always problem of storage space. But I found your post very inspiring and also got some ideas for my kitchen Thanks for this great blog.


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