Ten BH&G Flea Market Decorating Ideas

I'm finding some nifty flea market style decorating ideas over at Better Homes & Gardens. I believe this brown box is for chickens. Not sure. But now it's used to store magazines. 

Love the weather vane!

I've seen vintage camera collections. Here's a transistor radio collection. I do remember those!

I like the way this TV is literally framed. And the rustic shelves underneath lend a less "electronic" look to the space.

Who needs something fancy to hold a recipe card while you're hands are busy cooking? This one is very simple with a bottle and a fork.

Now I would never have thought up this wall idea. Not in a million years. It would definitely be a conversation starter!

Adore the patchwork pillow and quilt on the back of the couch.

Love this kitchen area with the sign, the bottled rolling pins and the jars of cooking staples.

Here's a rustic beauty on wheels. You could use this cart for so many things in different rooms of your home. Or even out on the porch or deck.

Doesn't get much easier than this. Except for locating a vintage can, that is. Poke some holes in with a hammer and nail and your flower stems will stand up beautifully.

Love this look. A fireplace mantel with a cushion inside. Beautiful detail at the top. And using the mantel for display. Would particularly appeal to the equestrian in your life.

Pair your farmhouse table, or any other kind, with some sweet ice cream parlor chairs or outdoor ones. Makes a great contrasting look. Very appealing.


  1. Brenda, I'm really enjoying seeing the creative uses for repurposing flea market finds. Love the creative idea for storing magazines. Lots of great "thinking outside the box" ideas!

  2. LOVE that last image. I wonder what those ICE letters are made out of-I love them- xo Diana

  3. My parents had a radio just like the brown one when I was growing up. I used to listen to baseball games on it. "Memories"
    Charlotte in Va.

  4. I LOVE the picture frame with the TV inside of it..how creative! and looks so nice! Carol

  5. I love some of these ideas. I have two old radios from like the 40's...if I got one more I'd have a collection to showcase...I now have something to look for!

  6. Great flea market styling ideas Brenda. Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. I love BH&G's flea market Pinterest boards. They have such lovely ideas and photos! Thanks for sharing these.

  8. I don't have a TV on the wall ( it's on a stand ) but if I did I really like that framing idea.

  9. Hi Brenda. There are some simple and wonderful ideas here. Also, there is an easy-breeziness to visiting your blog now that you are back to Blogher, I think it's called. It's easy to look at and read, and, I get the impression it's easier for you to put together, because you seem to have time now for the creative juices to flow -- both on this blog and in your home (thinking of the kitchen project). I'm so happy for you.

  10. Wow Brenda, love all the ideas. Especially the ice cream chairs. Great post, thanks so much.

  11. Beautiful stuff Brenda! Simple is best, and these pictures prove that.


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