The Pupsters Get A Hair Cut

I'm pretty well tuckered out after all that painting and climbing and such in the kitchen. Reckon it will take me a bit to get the kinks worked out of my back and neck. 

That's just the price you pay for living the DIY life. It was well worth it. 

Abi and Charlie got a haircut. I know they were hot under all that fur. Abi looked like she'd had a perm gone wild.

Those kerchiefs she puts on them lasted just long enough for me to take their grinning pictures. They wouldn't tolerate fussy clothes like some dogs.

On a blog I was reading it said the dogs days of August are behind us. Lasts till about the 24th. Then I don't know what you call this. Pretty darned hot and humid I guess. I'm ready for cool nights and mornings.

Pretty soon the six foot tall yellow cannas will bow down and die back. I'll be cutting back brown foliage.

I'm down to just a few blooming zinnias. They look like they'd rather be any place else but in this scorching heat. I sure feel for folks who work outside.

I'm seeing a lot of fall decorating on Pinterest. So I guess others feel like I do. That the heat has worn us out and we're ready for some cool breezes.

Speaking of Pinterest, do you spend a lot of time on there? I admit I have to have my daily dose of Pinterest. 

Don't much care about the other social networks, though I'm trying my best to figure out Google+. But I love to look at pretty things and cheap ways to make them.


  1. I just got home from Petsmart. There were several cute dogs getting the spa treatment in there.. I know they feel better with all that hair cut off.
    Charlie and Abi look so refreshed and cute. I hope your hot weather will subside soon and that you'll get your cool mornings and nights.

    It's hot and humid in my neighborhood too.

    I'm moving things around, washing special serving pieces that belonged to my Mom and trying to figure out where to put my Fall things.

    My kitties like to get into anything and everything new. Have to put things up high so they can't get to them. There are only so many "high" places in my house. Fall décor will be different this year and I expect Christmas décor will be too.
    I have a feeling that Marley is going to love your new kitchen designs.
    Enjoy your day !
    Charlotte in Va.

  2. Your pupsters look so cute! I still trim our Ellie-Mae, shes real good about it so as long as I can I'll keep doing it. I do enjoy Pinterest and have recently started FB but no other social media...just not willing to let anything else take time from living life. Gorgeous photos as always Brenda! Oh yeah, hot and humid here these past few days...yucky!

  3. They look adorable with their little neck scarves.

    Google+ makes my head explode! :)

  4. Very cute pups....they look so cool now. Loved your kitchen yesterday. What a great idea.I know it isn't for everyone, but those of us who love color...perfect.

  5. Super cute pupster pics! I don't like clothes on dogs, except sweaters in cold weather if needed. But, they look really cute with their neckware. When I picked up my Sophie as a puppy, eleven years ago, she was sporting one too.

  6. Oh the pupsters are so stinking cute! My zinnias are still going strong, but we've had a very cool August (how strange is that?!).

    Here's how I do Google+. I have the button on my sidebar ... and each time I publish a post I let it go to Google+. I think I get some readers from there (just a few tho). ***And that's my whole Google+ story :)

    I'm looking forward, as always, to fall and then Christmas, love the decorating colors for these two seasons.

  7. Your dogs look so cute with their new haircuts! It has been very hot here too. I think we traded the rain for the heat. Best to stay indoors now. My husbands jobs take him into the heat. He is a firefighter and has a lawn business on the side. He comes home soaked from sweat! Nobody is more ready for cooler temps than him right now! Lol!

  8. They look so cool and your flowers are gorgeous. Hugs, Marty

  9. Your babies look much cooler! It is hot here today also and most of my flowers are gone! I do like Pinterest but don't get on it daily. Enjoy some rest after all the DIY cuteness!

  10. Brenda, I'm having a heck of a time trying to figure out social media especially Twitter and Google +. I guess the only way to learn is to continuously use it. I love Pinterest! So many great images and inspiration. Your pups look happy with their new cuts. My pups don't wear their little scarves very long either. They hate dressing up.

  11. we clip our Whestie ourselves..we can't bear to leave him because hes such a baby..your doggies look so good... so trim and proper..ha ha...its boiling hot here in Iowa..I am so ready for some cool weather to hit the midwest..hell I would even take some snow!!! lol Carol

  12. I'm ready for fall too. We finally get a three day weekend and it's supposed to be HHH - not for me my friend, not for me!

    I LOVE pinterest, but I can get carried away there and soon it's been hours - hunh?

  13. Very cute little pupsters. It's time to give my little furs babies a trim too.
    A couple of mornings this week have been glorious, at least for a couple of hours before the heat kicks in. Still in the high 90's here.

  14. I love summer, it's my favorite season. But these upper 80 to mid 90 degree days with high humidity are doing me in. Even though I'd like the weather to be cooler, I'm not ready at all for any kind of fall decorating. I've never been one to rush the seasons. I love Pinterest, but I only go on it a few times a week. I never go on Google+. Same for HomeTalk; I maybe visit that site a few times a month.

  15. Hi Brenda, The pupsters look so adorable. Yes, I spend some time on Pinterest but I'm usually searching for something specific. I like to get inspiration for projects from Pinterest.


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