Tweak It Tuesday #58

Last week on Tweak It Tuesday, The Long Awaited Home dressed their front entry up in style. It's got it all. Pumpkins and mums and the whole nine yards.

More Simple & Cheap Fall Decor Ideas

Fall decorating abounds in Blog Land. Well, here's a few more ideas from the website. What says fall more than pumpkins and leaves?

Why We Move Things Around

My post title was actually a rhetorical statement. Because I truly don't know why we have such a tendency to move our furniture and things around. 

Creative Bloggers Of The Week #4

Suzan from Simply Vintageous By Suzan has made some lovely fall decor for her home. This pretty glammed-up white pumpkin is one of them. 

Tips For Accessorizing Your Living Space

Country Living has been bringing us gorgeous decor and inspiration for years. I use to have stacks of their magazines I thumbed through again and again. So these great ideas are from

Welcome Wagon Friday 9/27/13

More Fall Decor Inside...

Fall in the dining room. I love the gourds you can buy. Such colorful textures. Each one a little different from the other. 

I need to grow gourds. Note to self: ponder growing gourds and maybe pumpkins... 

A corner of the living room. Yes, I have faux flowers this year. I don't think I could take the natural stuff from outside. Much less go out there and hunt it down. So faux it is!

I know you remember this. What I call "the glitzy lamp debacle." I could look at it for approximately two days and off to a closest that ugly lampshade went. 

And it got a new one when I placed my order for supplies from, as I do at least once per month.

Better? And for just under $10. No shipping costs because I always wait until I am ordering over $45 worth of goods. Brought right to my door. It's been a lifesaver this past year.

I'm very thankful for all the support I got yesterday. I'm okay. Staying indoors. I found some asthma medication from a couple of years ago that I'd forgotten I had. It's helping. You all are the best! Really you are.

I'm joining Debra at Be Inspired, Sherry at Home Sweet Home, Rooted In Thyme's Simple & Sweet Fridays. And Stylish Friday Finds at A Stylish Interior.

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The Powers That Be...

This morning I got up and drove to the Urgent Care Clinic. 

I went to the front desk. I had the almighty insurance card I'd striven so hard to get in my hand. She looked at it. "I'm sorry," the woman said. "People with this insurance have to get a referral first." 

"But this is the Urgent Care Clinic, where you go when you have to. A referral for urgent care?" 

She just shrugged. I was baffled. As of August 1, I'd managed to get on a low-income health insurance plan for the self-employed. I'd waited months to gain access to it. 

The fact that it's likely going away the last of December due to infighting between the powers that be is disheartening, yes. But today, I still had the magic card. Right? 

She pointed me to a phone on the wall. "Call them and see if they'll give you a referral," she said. "Tell them to fax it." 

"Them" is the university teaching hospital I will be going to October 1, to see a doctor or intern or someone. 

It will be my first appointment because I haven't had insurance for months. They'd never seen me. What were the chances? 

None. That's what. They refused to help me. There would be no referral.

I went back to the desk. "What am I supposed to do?" I asked her. It was clear I wasn't turning on my heel and waltzing out immediately. She called for a nurse. 

The nurse came and listened to my lungs. "You need breathing treatments," she said.

Tell me something I don't know. "Well, what am I supposed to do to get that?" I asked her. 

She looked at the other woman. She looked at the floor. She was clearly on the fence. She was clearly feeling powerless. "I don't know," she finally said. "I'm sorry." 

So the almighty card wasn't worth much after all. I can remember, a few weeks ago, when I learned I was only to have it till the end of the year, emailing my youngest daughter in Oklahoma City. "I knew it was too good to be true," I wrote. 

Last summer when I broke my ankle on both sides and had surgery, I recall a man called me up to his desk. At that time, I still had my ex-husband's Cobra. He jotted some things down. He asked me how much of a check I could write. I wrote it for $800. I told him that was the most I could manage. He said he guessed that would have to do.

Then he said, "I need you to know that your insurance isn't good enough for an overnight stay. So as soon as you wake up, you'll be getting dressed and leaving." 

I didn't think I'd heard him right. I didn't want to spend the night, certainly. Because of Abi and Charlie. But what if something went wrong? 

That card didn't seem to be all that powerful either. 

So, I ask you, is there any health insurance card that has power any longer? Does good affordable health care exist? Or is that a myth? 

And what if you get really sick, like with cancer, and the numbers start soaring upward at an alarming rate? Does it really matter how good that card is then? Or is it only good till you hit a certain number?

Fortunately during that surgery nothing went wrong. 

I use to be kind of a news junkie. I loyally watched the evening national news every single night while I did my yoga stretching. I kept up with everything that was going on in Washington. I avidly read Time or Newsweek.

But about six months ago, I stopped. I just couldn't listen anymore. 

Those people sitting in their seats of power did little more than bicker.

I told myself: It's never going to stop. They don't care about people like me. They're far too insulated in their padded elected seats. 

They don't know what it is to have to stand in disbelief because you're sick and refused care.

Well, I think they should have to walk in our shoes for awhile. I think they need to turn over their insurance card. I think they need to stand at a front desk and then be turned away. 

I think they need to see what it's like on the other side. Our side. 

Maybe they'd understand that something, something needs to be done. 

I'm not a genius. I don't know what it is. But this bickering needs to stop and the real issues need to be addressed. Like right now. 

And if the powers that be can't come up with some sort of plan to help the citizens of this country receive help when they're sick, then they should be unceremoniously tossed out of their seats and made to walk out. Just like I was today. 

I think they need to be told that if they can't do any better, then it's time to hit the proverbial road.

I don't want to be a burden on society. I want to pay my way. I want to purchase my own health insurance. But I believe it should be commensurate with my income. 

Is that so illogical? I live very frugally. I don't waste money. Is that really too much to ask?

Today, clearly, it was.

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Dishes, Dogs & Fall TV Shows

Still not feeling well this morning. May just go to some 24 hour clinic today. Think I need something else to get me over the hump with this asthma that's hanging on and on.

Checkered Rolling Pin & More Kitchen Shots

I'm housebound again. The asthma has kicked in and I was only outside a little bit yesterday. 

When I breathe and wheeze the dogs can't figure out what it is! Thank goodness I can get into a doctor on October 1. I took some kind of generic allergy medication I had in the cupboard a bit ago and I'm breathing better. 

I just hate not being able to go outside when it's so nice out there now.

Someone asked me to show some more kitchen pics. Here are the shelves with my new dishes. And if you're wondering, yes, my kitchen shelves are always this neat, because I'm a neat freak about it. 

Now not everything out of place bothers me so much. I've always been a stickler about kitchen stuff.

No matter what I do I can't get good photos of the bottom cabinets. There's just not enough room to back up.

Here's a question I don't know if I want the answer to. Would you be able to live with a kitchen that looked like a collage? A very colorful collage?

I have another question for those of you with asthma. Do you stay inside in the spring and fall? Because I don't even know what it is outside that aggravates it so. 

Last time I brought it on tearing out the vicious murderous vines. Remember that one?

I'm kind of wanting to decoupage the back of my brown living room stand alone shelves with an old torn up book of Bartlett's Quotations. 

(I found a used one on Amazon because I've always loved my Bartlett's Quotations and had a copy since journalism school. Actually that very same first copy. Which is probably why it's falling apart.)

I've pondered doing this for a long time. But I wonder if paint and glue aggravate allergies. I think I shall wait until it's a bit cooler before I decide.

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Tweak It Tuesday #57

Last week on Tweak It Tuesday, Poppyview displays a charming space in her home. 

Around The House

I love vintage mason jars. Doesn't everyone? So many uses. And so lovely painted as well.

Brisk Cool Air & Nature's Beauty

There was a distinct chill in the air last night. I woke up sometime in the wee morning hours and was cold. Been a long time since I felt cold.

Flea Market & Thrift Store Decor

BH& has some terrific flea market and thrift store decor on their website. I adore this framed print of the green peas. Sort of Andy Warhol-ish in theme.

Creative Bloggers Of The Week #3

Well, I've been traipsing all over and looking to see what bloggers have been up to this past week.  

Above Kathleen from Faded Charm is in an organizing mood. Seems that fall does that to her. And oh, isn't it lovely???

Fall Mantel, Pumpkins & New Blog Design

Obviously, this is my fall mantel. I've mixed white and blue paint and painted the pumpkin up on the far right in the vintage wooden box. 

There's one below on the book shelf that I painted straight out of the bottle blue. 

I've left some of the white pitchers that are usually up there, and that I have a deep and abiding love for. 

I've put candy corn in vintage mason jars. 

In the sewing machine drawer I have two botanical platters and the yellow chicken you see is in fact a spoon holder that, after this, will go on my oven. I have egg cups with gourds and candles. Oh, so much to see!

I've removed the blooper and blunder lamp and put another, less glitzy one, in its place. 

And I took everyone's advice and moved the brown and white transfer ware platter up where you can see it better. 

Here is the little child's chair I keep in front of the fireplace, now filled with pumpkins instead of the usual white bear.

The little red truck, which normally hauls the sheep around in style, now has gourds and pumpkins to tote around. 

And of course more candy corn, which I dearly love and tastes just right.

I'll be back in the morning with the creative bloggers of the week series. 

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Welcome Wagon Friday 9/20/13

Oh my, I was just outside watering and saw some leaves falling. Yea! I'm really ready for fall. And some cooler weather!