5 Fall Looks To Bring To Your Table

Here are some fantastic looks for fall courtesy of the bhg.com website. I do love what their designers come up with!

Above, a terrarium/cloche with the elements of nature during the fall inside. Looks a bit like an artistic display set on a moss base.

If you've got pumpkins (or gourds would be great as well) and leaves, you've got the makings of a work of art. You could use glue to attach the leaves, or Mod Podge if you so desired.

Speaking of gourds, look how nice the various earthy tones look grouped together. With the top cut off, they make perfect vases. Wonderful look for a mantel.

I think just about all of us love sunflowers. If you prefer faux, you can just cut off the stem and rest it on a small platform. If you prefer real, have a small container with water to float them in to keep them perky.

Elevate your small pumpkins to new heights. You can use candle sticks, but small urns would work nicely too. 

I don't know about you, but seeing these photos got my inspirational juices flowing. I'm ready to decorate some more! {All photos via the BH&G website}

I've been painting and poofing and putzing!

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  1. Great ideas! I especially love the top one and the bottom one.

  2. Brenda, I get the BHG newsletter and it's packed with fantastic ideas! I've never tried modge podge. That might be next. I'll have to wait because I spent my garage sale money on the guest bedroom. Have you noticed how expensive it can get purchasing craft supplies? I always try to use my JoAnne and Hobby Lobby coupons. These ideas and photos are stunning!

  3. BHG has some beautiful things and lots of good ideas. Thanks for getting these together for us.


  4. Why can't I seem to want to get my pumpkins out? I guess because once they are out they are here until Thanksgiving. That seems far away. A centerpiece I can do, though. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. I wonder what you will come up with! Not quite ready for the autumnal decor here, but it's coming. I can feel it.....

  6. Such pretty ideas! I love them all ...especially "Fall" under a cloche!

  7. The designers that work at BHG are sheer geniuses!

    I love the gourd vases!

  8. In the top photo, we call the green ball outside of the cloche "monkeyballs" and I just realized that I have no clue of their real name. Do you have them in your area? They smell quite strong but I have heard they are good to bring into the home basement to ward off spiders. There was a back road close to the home that I had when my sons were younger and a tree at the edge had these. It would drop them all over the road and when we took walks the boys would enjoy throwing them, etc.Your picture took me back :)

    1. Deb, I think it's the fruit of the Osage-orange. I've heard them called "horse apples" but the Iowa State Extension Office site called them "hedge apples."

  9. Great ideas, Brenda. I'm hoping to get to my Fall decorating today. I did buy two little white pumpkins last week and put them on the candleholders I have on my mantel. I use those candleholders all year to raise things up on the mantel.

  10. I got my mantel done and a little fall in other places in the house. It seems to take until Oct. around here before I can find any kind of pumpkins in the grocery stores.

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