Around The House

I love vintage mason jars. Doesn't everyone? So many uses. And so lovely painted as well.

My Singer Featherweight from the forties. It's a true work horse.

Someone asked me to show a close up of this pin cushion. Got it from Etsy years ago.

Oh, how fast the month of September is passing us by.

I'll be back this afternoon for Tweak It Tuesday. 

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  1. That SInger is a true workhorse..Wish I had one...

  2. I adore that artsy adorable pin cushion from Etsy!!

    Peeps are so clever sometimes.

    Happy Autumn to you!!

  3. love mason jars too Brenda, that pop of red and blue truly made it more eye-catching!

  4. So many pretties today. I enjoy this kind of post.

  5. It is passing by quickly, seems like only the other day it was sweltering and August...wonder if it's just our perception. I love your calender, it's so you.


  6. I was just gifted a woking sewing machine like yours, haven't tried it yet but it even came with the original sales receipt and manual.

  7. Brenda,

    With all these bright and cheerful lovelies, not to mention practical, your cozy little house is one I definitely wouldn't mind moping around in!!


  8. I am repeating myself, but I love the whole look of the blog.

    If I ever drop by your cozy little house, some of your sweet little red/yellow/blue items might turn up missing. But, I would be nice and leave other sweet red/yellow blue items.

    I was chatting with another blogger about a business where we listed our items we were willing to swap out with other bloggers. I don't have the money or the room to have everything, but it would be fun to have some new things and then return them.

  9. I LOVE your red little tea pot...makes me want some tea!! it is the afternoon..gonna go make me some..Rose tea is my favorite...Love your pretty post today Brenda! happy Afternoon to you! :-) Carol

  10. Just love your blog with all the neat pictures of your treasures. Everything is displayed so neatly. I love the Singer Feather weight machine wish I had kept mine but it was not in working order. I will enjoy visiting here to see what is new. Puts me in a pleasant mood this morning as I drink my first cup of coffee!
    New follower from Blackberry Winter Crafts. Come by for a visit.


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