Creative Bloggers Of The Week #4

Suzan from Simply Vintageous By Suzan has made some lovely fall decor for her home. This pretty glammed-up white pumpkin is one of them. 

But it's not just the photo and blog site I want to share, it's the commentary that went on between she and her husband while she was making them. 

Typical man-speak. You'll love it.

Suzan says - Painting pumpkins
John says - You're painting food now?????
Suzan says - The orange doesn't go with the house at all John - c'mon - use your head
John says - You're painting food now???
Suzan says - They're only pumpkins - I wasn't going to serve them to you for dinner
John says - Ridiculous - just ridiculous...............painting pumpkins..............
John says - They looked really nice in their natural state
Suzan says - But they look nicer now!!!
John says - Are you going to paint the cranberries you bought?
Suzan says - Why would I ever do that?
John says - To match the pumpkins of course - cranberries don't go with anything either
Suzan says - And you say I'm ridiculous???
Suzan says - mmmm - unless I spray paint them - you may have an idea there John
John says - I'm buying a lock for the fridge -
And he grabs an apple and goes running down the hallway -
John says - Quick Soda - grab your biscuit - Mama's in a painting frenzy again......................
AND Soda actually goes running down the hall with him LMHOROTF !!!

And while he was laying down in bed munching his apple ( Soda did NOT have a biscuit )
I started decorating these Pretty Pumpkins..................

...John walks by with his apple core
John says - Here you go
Suzan ignores him
John says - I saved half an apple for you to paint
Suzan ignores him
John says - Putting some jewellery on your pumpkins now are we?
Suzan ignores him
John says - I'm not trying to be funny - actually I like it - I think more people should put jewellery on their food -
John says - Is that the Queen Pumpkin by any chance?
and he roars as he walks away
John yells out - Should I put earrings on your steak tomorrow night?
I thought of flinging a pretty painted pumpkin in his general direction for a moment.

And I do love Kari Anne's hutch all dolled up for fall at Thistlewood Farm. If I sat there at that table to dine, I wouldn't be able to stop staring. I'd probably miss my mouth with my fork. The kids would be laughing. I doubt I'd get invited back a second time...

Pamela, at From My Front Porch To Yours got her living room all decked out. There's so many pretties to look at my eyes just can't seem to land on one thing! It's beautiful, Pamela!

I just adore this twined-up pumpkin from Maryann at Domestically Speaking. They're Dollar Tree pumpkins. I just love how the twine defines (hm...and that rhymes...) the pumpkin. Superb idea.

And completely off the fall decor grid is Betsy's pretty embroidered hanger covers she made from salvaged pillow cases. Her blog title is so befitting: My Salvaged Treasures. And she sure does salvage a lot! "Waste not, want not" must be that girl's motto.

Oh my, I could stare at this dining room for days. It's Vickies from Ranger 911. Perfection, Vickie! From the pretty blue and white table runner to all the decor you've graced this room with. A beautiful place to dine for the holidays with family and friends.

I adore this mantel (I think I'm going to start calling them mantle-scapes) at Rhondis from Rose Colored Glasses. I think it's the gray frames that are the icing on the cake. The arrangement is gorgeous, Rhondi!

Isn't this just the cutest thing? Gold leaves. Beth from Unskinny Boppy gathered some leaves from the yard, used polymer clay, and ran them through a pasta machine. She said hydrangea leaves work very well.

And this is what she ended up with once she painted them! She mentioned putting a hole in them to use as ornaments. Great idea, Beth! (And just look at those napkins! Swoon...)

I was very taken with Laurel's (Chipping With Charm) fireplace and mantel decor. She uses stuff much like Betsy, in unusual but very effective ways. I would never have thought of putting all those things together. But it's pretty as can be. It screams "nostalgia", Laurel.

Now you know how crazy I am about the open-shelf concept in a kitchen. Little Cottage On The Pond's Tricia has one of the most gorgeous open-shelved kitchens in the world. If someone said I could have any open-shelved kitchen I wanted, I would choose hers.

I hope you enjoyed seeing what creative bloggers in our community are up to. Have a great weekend.

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  1. Lovely inspiration, Brenda. I should take it a sign to get fall out of the attic.

  2. Hi Brenda
    How sweet of you to feature me in this post!
    ((hugs)) Rhondi

  3. The conversation between Susan, and her husband is most likely one that is going on in more then one household just about now. It's even funnier when he wants her to paint a apple core.

    Great collection.


  4. John and Suzan's conversation is hilarious! Each of these pictures makes me want to visit their blogs, none of which I'm yet familiar with, and I will. It may take me all day in bits and pieces but I will.
    Thank you, Brenda (and you did give me an idea last night. We'll see if it works out!)

  5. Wow, so much inspiration here Brenda. Thank you so much for featuring my hangers made from salvaged pillow cases.

  6. great inspiration, Brenda! Love Tricia's wonderful kitchen!!

  7. All gorgeous, all inspiring and all spotted by Brenda for our enjoyment! Thank you for all these great finds

    You are our Dazzling Decorating Detective!


  8. These ladies all have lovely homes. I would be the same way sitting in any room in Karianne's home. Just looking with my mouth hanging open.

  9. Great minds think alike. Several of those were my favorites of the week also. I have a photo of those sweet hangers from Betsy in a post I am working on. And, I want to make a table runner like Vickie's.

  10. Thanks for featuring my twine wrapped pumpkins :)

  11. That conversation is hilarious! Love those hangers! Good bunch of inspiration.


  12. John and Susan's conversation is hilarious! Sounds very similar to what goes on between me and Dave! Loving this series Brenda! You sure are great at picking and finding some stand-out creative blogs! Love everyone of these. Headed over to discovers some new blogs and revisit some old friends.

  13. Thank you so much for featuring our dining room, Brenda!!!! It was such a lovely surprise on rainy Saturday afternoon.

    John and Suzan's conversation is pretty funny when viewed through her hubby's eyes. I'm sure there's never a dull moment in their house! And I'm totally inspired by all the wonderful bloggers you've highlighted today. Thank you! Now I've got some blogs to visit........


  14. Wow, LOTS of inspiration...I am honored to have my fireplace included!! Thanks so much Brenda :)

  15. LOL! What a great story! I paint my pumpkins, too! Thanks so much for the shout out and have a wonderful day!


  16. So many creative blogs and ideas! I paint my pumpkins too!

  17. So many beautiful things to see!! Still crackin' up over John and Suzan...I plan on painting pumpkins too : )

  18. Wow- Brenda. There are some wonderful ideas/ projects/bloggers here. I just adore Susan. Her husband and mine are twins-but have different parents- xo Diana

  19. OMG...amazing features. I love every single one of them. Fabulousness!!!


  20. Oh, I love the hanger covers! Oftentimes, the pillowcase itself will be stained or ripped but the edge in perfect condition. A pretty idea for salvaging it. Thanks Betsy!

  21. Mercy! I think I'm suffering from a little decorating/crafting inferiority. Beautiful & inspiring. :)

  22. They've got me beat..for sure..can't compete

  23. Thanks for this post--there are so many wonderfully inspiring ideas here! I laughed out loud reading the conversation between Susan and her husband--priceless!! I'm looking forward to the next installment of Creative Bloggers of the Week.

  24. I just love seeing all this inspiration, Brenda...thanks again for sharing it with us!

  25. Great features!Ah yes love reading Suzan's blog too! She is a riot!And she has got some talent too!

  26. These are all wonderful. Love the blue and white inspired dining room, and of course John and Suzan are always hilarious. Have a great rest of your day, Brenda. xo Laura

  27. I have so enjoyed visiting these inspirational and talented bloggers-so many wonderful ideas.
    Thank you so much Brenda!

  28. Thank you so much for featuring our kitchen! I love all of the talented bloggers you showcased here, and the conversation between hubby & wife had me cracking up!

  29. And here I thought everyone painted their pumpkins?!

    Love those leaves! Now I need a pasta machine.


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