Fall Looks For Your Home


The subtle decorating of fall colors about a room is easier on the eye than a lot. In fact I think I'm going to stop decorating for Halloween and instead just decorate for the season of fall.

In the bathroom, small touches like fall colors in towels perks up this spot easily.

Roll up shades lend a cozy ambiance to a room. As does a pretty throw on the couch for cool evenings.

Just changing out the lamp shade to burlap or linen evokes fall. Sprinkle fall color about your room. I love the gold transparent lamp base.

Orange and gold shades are just so pretty together. (And remind me of candy corn too.)
It's time to pull out the rugs and add table cloths and set a fall table.

Put together various flowers in glass cylinders and wrap with burlap or a fabric of your choice for one giant bouquet. 

Another subtle reminder of the season.

I just adore this look. A sisal-type rug, a settee to place at the table instead of just chairs, and autumn sprigs in a tall elegant vase.

Carve initials and pretty scrolls into pumpkins. Add some mercury glass candle holders and drape a fall-inspired vine above.

Don't forget to add some fall ambiance to the bedroom. Add a pretty quilt or blanket in fall hues to the bottom of the bed. 


  1. I really love that last dining room photo! I normally don't do browns and oranges and golds but at this time of year...they appeal to me. But only in Oct and November. Great inspiration photos.


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