Fall Mantel, Pumpkins & New Blog Design

Obviously, this is my fall mantel. I've mixed white and blue paint and painted the pumpkin up on the far right in the vintage wooden box. 

There's one below on the book shelf that I painted straight out of the bottle blue. 

I've left some of the white pitchers that are usually up there, and that I have a deep and abiding love for. 

I've put candy corn in vintage mason jars. 

In the sewing machine drawer I have two botanical platters and the yellow chicken you see is in fact a spoon holder that, after this, will go on my oven. I have egg cups with gourds and candles. Oh, so much to see!

I've removed the blooper and blunder lamp and put another, less glitzy one, in its place. 

And I took everyone's advice and moved the brown and white transfer ware platter up where you can see it better. 

Here is the little child's chair I keep in front of the fireplace, now filled with pumpkins instead of the usual white bear.

The little red truck, which normally hauls the sheep around in style, now has gourds and pumpkins to tote around. 

And of course more candy corn, which I dearly love and tastes just right.

I'll be back in the morning with the creative bloggers of the week series. 

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  1. Lovely fall mantel Brenda:) It is so bright and cheery!

  2. The blog post title is not in the curvy font as I see it. Looks like Arial. Dawn created a cute banner for you.

  3. Hi Brenda, ARIAL in Coastal Western BC Canada.
    Dawn did a great blog design.

  4. Love all your fall decor. Glad you are feeling better and able to decorate this season. Your blog header looks like print to me, not script. Love the new look, and all the little birdies ;-) xo

  5. Love the mantle, it is so perfect for the season, I love this time of year cause mantles get to be used for beautiful things like you have done...You've given me some great ideas to use for my mantle...come for a visit...Phyllis

  6. You've been busy, Brenda. The colourful blog design matches your house.

    The title isn't in cursive in my part of Ontario, Canada.

  7. Just emailed you...answering your email...So sorry it is so late. I just read that you are feeling better Can't keep a good blogger down. Your fall changes are so pretty. Love the addition of blue. Your header is in Arial...not script though.

  8. Oooh la la! Love.......it! This design is so you with your love of birds! Love your fall mantel. I see we've both been on a painting frenzy. I'm in line for a blog redesign from Dawn too. She said she sent me an email but I think it got lost. I upgraded my ipad to IOS 7!

    Love, love, love your blog graphics! I'm not seeing the cursive but I'm on my Ipad with Safari. I'll check it on my PC too and let you know if it shows up with your cursive on a PC with Firefox. Have a fab weekend Brenda!

  9. I'm not seeing cursive but it doesn't look boring at all.

    There's just something about blue combined with the pretty sunflower colors that I love. Such a pretty mantel. Love the little sheep. Sheep are one of the many things I wish I had started to collect years ago.

  10. Love the new design Dawn did for you, you know me, I love birdies too! I'm seeing Arial here too in MO. love that teeny truck, so so cute!!

  11. Your mantel is so pretty. Love all the elements but I especially like the picture of the flowers in the basket. I have always loved baskets filled with flowers. Your new blog design is so cheerful, reminds me of your recent kitchen decor. Very inviting. I am not seeing any cursive font.

  12. Love the new look, perfect for your blog. Your mantle looks good.

  13. I love your new banner and pretty fresh look. I'm seeing the font in a plain font....I'll look again later though. Love your Fall decor! You always know just how to balance things to make them work. I put our things and it turns into a jumble! lol I'll keep trying! Sweet hugs!

  14. Amei conhecer o seu blog,achei maravilhoso.Visite-me:http://algodaotaodoce.blogspot.com.br/
    Siga-me e pegue o meu selinho!!!


    Beijos Marie.

  15. Fabulous new blog design, Brenda! This one's a keeper! I see a pretty cursive post title up here in northern Minnesota and a fun gingham background. I'm using Google Chrome.

    Love the fall mantel, too!

  16. The new blog design looks great! The post title is in cursive, here in NJ. I'm viewing on Safari -- I know that my blog looks different on different browsers (it's awful on Internet Explorer). I love your mantel...the candles in the muffin tin is such a clever idea!

  17. Loving the new blog design, so bright and cheery!

    And your mantle looks very festive.


  18. Your blog looks beautiful, Brenda...love the birds...and I see the title in cursive. Fun fall decor!

  19. Love it! Love it! Love it!
    That title is def. not Arial.
    Curvy, yes.
    Cursive? Not really.

    I'm in Maine. :)

  20. It's definitely in cursive for me. I'm use Firefox. I love the birds and flowers, made me smile right away when I saw it! It's so you. Love the mantle and the blue pumpkins are really cute. I'm so glad you are up to decorating. And yes, I love the brown transfer platter!

  21. Your blog title shows up as this:

    I'm using Firefox 23.0.1

    Hope that helps. Very cute blog design :)

    1. I checked it out in the following versions and they all look the same as the above image that I took from Firefox.

      Internet Explorer version 10.0.9200.16686

      Google Chrome version 29.0.1547.76

  22. Love all the Fall touches around your home Brenda.
    The blog looks wonderful too.
    The birds are so sweet.

  23. Here in the Mediterranean, I'm seeing that lovely cursive AND a beautiful display of fall on your fireplace mantel! Those mustard-y yellow and powdery blue plates complement each other perfectly, like autumn skies and autumn leaves!

    Happy Fall!

    PS: Love the red and white checkered background and new banner!

  24. First of all now I want candy corn for breakfast so it's good that I don't have any here yet! :) The mantel display is adorable! I love the mix of colors...Poppy is right..it is like autumnal colors against a clear blue sky! :)

    I see cursive! :) Looks very nice!

  25. Brenda, everything looks beautiful!


  26. Cursive in Minnesota, and those are the cutest little yellow birds.

  27. Looking good! And, just so you know...cursive in Wisconsin! ;)

  28. Cursive in Texas...
    Your mantel looks so cheerful and happy.

  29. oops, meant to add that your new blog dress is adorable and sweet....:)

  30. Beautiful Brenda!
    Yes, it is in cursive and charming. Enjoying all of the glorious detail of you Fall Mantle-makes me smile and happy!
    Warmest Hugs,

  31. Cursive :)

    Your mantle looks very festive, and love the new design, Brenda.


  32. Love your fall post got me in the mood to pull everything out- here in Ala. I see your post title in cursive.

  33. I am using google chrome, and reside in Georgia. Your header is in cursive... The mantel is beautiful. Love that you use the sewing machine box!

  34. No cursive here in Alabama. But the blog looks great anyway.

  35. I love the Fall mantel! And I love the new blog design. Dawn is great. I may have to talk to her about new design for mine. The blog title is in cursive on my blog.
    Happy Weekend!
    xo Kris

  36. I love your fall mantel. Everything works so well together.

  37. Looks like you're ready for fall! Your new blog design looks great, Brenda. I'll have to check out Dawn's site. I've been wanting to add some social media buttons to my blog.

  38. Yes...I like your new look!! Easier to read and see everything. Good job.
    Love your mantal.

  39. I LOVE the new blog look! very nice :-)Carol

  40. Your mantle is decorated so nicely for fall. I bet it's nice to have a mantle and to be able to change things up for the seasons. Enjoy your weekend.

  41. Brenda, here close to Dallas I am not getting cursive..that would be pretty, though, for your blog title. Do not especially like the new design of your blog - I thought your previous Brenda-made one was fabulous!
    Your redo of the mantel does not look as good as usual; I think there are too many smalls and you need a big 'Wow!' in there somewhere, but that's just my opinion. Please forgive me for being critical...

  42. Cute fall mantel! Your new blog design looks great; especially love your signature line with the bird above your name. I'm using Firefox and your blog title is in cursive, not Arial.

  43. Hello...I see the Blog post title in cursive....hug those pups for me....and I love all the decor, and the "glitzy" lamp!!!!!!

  44. And I am in Missouri...and don't worry about any criticism s.....everyone is different and has different opinions....that's what makes the world go around!!!!!!

  45. I see a beautiful new blog design with a gorgeous cursive title
    Susan (LI New York)

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