Flea Market & Thrift Store Decor

BH&G.com has some terrific flea market and thrift store decor on their website. I adore this framed print of the green peas. Sort of Andy Warhol-ish in theme.

Here are some funky eclectic lights above this trestle table. The chairs are reminiscent of the fifties. I would love to be able to sit and dine and gaze at my gardens outside.

Numbers abound. There are numbers everywhere you look. I love the globe collection above what has got to be the prettiest file cabinets I have yet to see. But of course I love golden yellow. Such a happy color.

This room has the distinction of handmade goods. Or the illusion anyway. There was a time when no one wanted handmade goods. I made lots of handmade presents over the years that weren't very popular. 

Now Etsy is big business and so are handmade goods of virtually any variety.

I have always been drawn to ticking upholstered furniture. Back in the nineties, I remember purchasing a rounded back couch at a garage sale that looked just like these chairs for $60. Loved that couch!

And there is an elephant in the room. But it is being utilized as a table or perhaps just a punctuating point between the striped chairs. Orange is in! I'm still not bowled over yet though.

What a wonderful idea for school aged children to have this long desk for homework. Or mom and dad looking for inspiration for their home or yard on Pinterest together. 

This suddenly becomes a built-in desk with brackets between an alcove of two walls.

These rustic-planked walls are to die for. Automatic ambiance. In this kitchen there are few built-ins. A metal table cart being used for an island and other pieces scattered about, sitting in for cabinets. Love the shelves on the wall.

I would trade generic built-in cabinets for offbeat sideboards and buffets in a heartbeat. Definitely sets the personality of the room.

This is an interesting living space grouping. The various colors are distinctly different. But somehow that just adds to the charm.

This room must have been made for me. I love books and I love quilts. A big window to let the sunshine in and a table for morning coffee. I'd be set.

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  1. Love the Home Sweet Home stitching...sweet!

  2. So many things that I love in these photos. Love the sweet peas sign, the industrial stools, the numbers, the yellow file cabinets, the color orange, the ticking striped chairs and the planked wall. We're tweaking our basement this fall and I would love to plank the main wall that you see when you turn to enter the huge finished basement room. I'm painting my sewing cabinet a lighter shade of orange. I have a Pinterest inspiration photo for ideas. I'm going to have to look up your post where you went crazy in your kitchen. I want to have another look. Are you still happy with it?

  3. oh ... i love the new look of your blog! love the bhg photos too

  4. I'm not really crazy about any of the items in that eighth photo, with that giant picture of the man and woman. But, the overall effect is so pleasing that I want to stretch out on the light blue couch and read one of those books on the table. I think that purple pillow somehow is what makes it all work. Thanks for sharing these interesting rooms.

  5. First I love the red and white checks, the blog looks so pretty and fun and I adore all the thrift store decor pictures, the can of peas is too awesome...so many elements in each picture that make it so perfect, thanks for sharing all the photos...Phyllis

  6. Love the ticking stripe chairs and that card catalog cabinet. I've always wanted one of those cabinets.

  7. The print in the first picture would be super easy. Take a picture of a can and have it printed at Kinkos or Office Depot or whatever for cheap. What I spied in that room was the bread box!!!! Woohooooo..if the top was a true red--even better! And the ticking on the chairs. Sizzle!!!!! My FAV is the primitive kitchen! I've always LOVED primitive and that one includes some industrial to go with primitive. LOVING!!!!

  8. Love your inspiration shots - what a great collection!

  9. Some great ideas. Love that rustic kitchen. xo Laura

  10. Hi Brenda, I always enjoy reading your thoughts on decorating photos. I know I can always count on you to have a lot of color. Thanks!

  11. Enjoyed most of these photos....not crazy about the plank walls but then I'm not a fan of natural colored woods...I love painted furniture and walls...:) Oh, a little natural wood grounds a room and I have some pieces I love....never OAK, tho....just not a fan.


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