More Fall On The Blue Secretary

Today I am showing you another area of my living room where I have decorated for fall. This is the top of the blue secretary. (Or that's what I call it anyway.)

I did not really decorate for fall last year, as I was still recovering from ankle surgery. So I did have to buy some things this year. 

Michaels had their fall florals on sale 50-60 percent off. I picked up some faux pumpkins and I painted a few of them. You'll see that later.

I typically have sand and sea shells in this clear glass vase. But I took that out, washed it really good, and added three packages of beans and peas. You can't really see the bottom layer. They're just a different shade than the beans on top. 

This is so simple to do. Just empty the first package of dried beans/peas. Make sure it's fairly level. Then dump the second package in. I used green peas. Then I used the last package of beans. 

I took the same candle and just sunk it in. Makes a nice fall accent.

We have Welcome Wagon in the morning. But probably tomorrow afternoon I will be showing you the mantel area and how I've decorated there. 

Are you busy and buzzing with fall decor at your house? Once I finally got myself going, I was on a roll! 

The house is cluttered with things I'm moving so I can put fall on display. Have no idea where I'm going to put all this stuff!

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  1. Sounds like fun and I love the beans. I always forget about that. Looks amazing. Hugs, Marty

  2. I love this pretty fall vignette. The white pitcher with the autumn grass plumes and leaves, the little mini pumpkins, and especially the fun glass container with the beans and candle. Really fabulous!

  3. Brenda, Everything looks beautiful! I love the secretary! Anything on it would look fabulous! Just gorgeous!

  4. I bet you're enjoying being able to do more this year since you can finally get around now. I love what you've done on top of your secretary. Michaels has a good assortment of faux pumpkins etc. I have some from years past too. I haven't brought my Fall stuff out yet.

  5. The beans are a great idea. I am slowly getting my "fall" on.

  6. Sweet vignette Brenda! I've not done any Fall decorating, with S & J staying with us my house is packed to the room for decorations!!!

  7. I love your fall vignette, Brenda. Love the beans idea!

  8. Very pretty, Brenda! I really like your white pitcher and the arrangement inside looks very natural and real! Beautiful!


  9. It's looking pretty festive over here! I'm still moving kind of slowly on the Fall decor. I love the candle in the jar with the beans/peas! I have some jars of barley with candles over here. I imagine by the time I get all my Fall stuff going everyone else will be putting up Christmas! :)

  10. glad you're feeling up to some fun Fall decor this year. It's good for the heart and soul to do a little decorating, I know it's always good therapy for me. great idea for that candle with the layers of beans, looks homey and cozy for sure!

  11. The beans and peas are a great idea, Brenda! I love that white pitcher with the fall bouquet too! I'm definitely into the fall gathering mode.

  12. I have to tell you what I do. I bought a tub...just white....and right before I decorate for Fall, I wrap my regular decor things and put in that tub....then, I don't have to keep moving it. It stays in there until really after Valentine's....then I put those things back out. I used to put it in the Fall boxes...unpack, put in the Christmas...etc. too much work!

  13. I've been playing with fall decor these past few days, too - but I'm still tweaking things! I did the same thing with a clear vessel and the beans and candle today, too! Easy, inexpensive, and pretty.

  14. This is so pretty, Brenda! I love the idea of painting the faux pumpkins...I'm always on the hunt for those at the thrift store!

  15. Oh you know we are around here. Hubby was getting more stuff out tonight.

  16. Been decorating for Fall ALL day today! What a job. I love it though. This is my favorite season. Love the layered beans. I use old coffee beans too.
    xo Kris

  17. You know I've jumped on the Fall bandwagon! I love the beans and it reminds me that I have some that just might be enough. I think I did something like that with a clear straight sided vase at one time. It really adds a lot of texture. Yours looks so pretty Brenda!

  18. Brenda,

    A beautiful balance of colour and texture and symmetry in that first photo!! Why haven't I noticed that blue secretary before? Have you just painted it or is it new? Isn't it amazing how our beloved red is perfect in any season?!:-)


  19. Very pretty ! :) The most I have done so far is clear out some summery things, bring in hydrangea to decorate with in various locations indoors, and put up cornstalks outside since they are available now. It's sort of interim here...inside and out.

    Love the layered beans and all the different textures in your display !

  20. I love that little pear in the display on the secretary. We are in the midst of packing -- yea, husband found a new job, but it means a move to a different town. So, no fall decorating here, except for what the plants outdoors are providing. Love seeing the mums starting to bloom.

  21. Love the natural elements that you used and the way they compliment your beautiful secretary. Yea, fall!

  22. Looks great Brenda. I'm sure it must be fun for you to be able to decorate again this year. xo Laura


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