More Simple & Cheap Fall Decor Ideas

Fall decorating abounds in Blog Land. Well, here's a few more ideas from the website. What says fall more than pumpkins and leaves?

Give individual leaves their own spotlight. Sometimes less is better in a table top vignette.

And you can do the same for pine cones. I love the many textures of pine cones.

I adore this pillow with the acorn graphic. Simple and very pretty. I've got to try transferring graphics to fabric, for I love this look.

This idea doesn't have to cost a dime. Fetch some leaves from outside and attach them to a glass candle holder. Then tie a ribbon around it. Beautiful and very elegant.

An ordinary frame with various kinds of leaves attached to the glass. This would look great propped up on the mantel or a shelf.

To unify a look, use various shades of the same color for a very fetching display. Isn't it remarkable how the variations of one hue can be so stunning?

Another easy way to perk up your living space and say it's fall is this pillow. Make a pattern for a leaf. Trace it onto felt or wool felt (I prefer wool felt), and applique it on the pillow. Or you could attach it with glue or adhesive paper and skip the sewing altogether.

What a great idea for a seasonal display. Use the elements of nature. Attach to rope and use it outdoors or indoors. I think it would look great draped across a mantel.

Take plain napkin rings, preferably of a fall color, and tuck leaves inside for your fall table. Doesn't it look fantastic against the turquoise plate?

I love stylized shelves. A piece of fabric for the back. Then add simple fall touches. Nature has a bounty of things outdoors for you to take advantage of. 

A cake plate with an arrangement of small pumpkins, walnuts and various nuts. Doesn't get much easier that that. 

Paint your little pumpkins with a sparkly paint, then use them to hold candles. The tray that is used is either the same or a similar color. Which just adds to the dramatic glam look.

What a lovely splash of color on a windowsill! All lined up to enjoy inside or out.

Another use for that pretty ornamental corn. Hot glue them to a fall-colored candle. I think a piece of raffia tied around this would look pretty as well.

Doesn't get any easier than this. Just put those little white pumpkins in a glass cylinder and you've got an elegant display to place anywhere in your home. 

I'll be back this afternoon with Tweak It Tuesday. 

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  1. Wonderful ideas! I love fall decorating!

  2. All these reminds me of when I was a child, and when my boys were young: for school projects we had to gather leaves and press them into books or iron them between waxed paper and then make projects or labeled pages with the various leaves...I wonder if that was just in our area of the country or common to most places

  3. Beautiful ideas Brenda...I love those pinecone topiaries!

  4. Really great ideas! They are all so pretty!

  5. Thanks for all these great ideas - I'm going to work on my little china hutch today!

  6. I hope things go well for you tomorrow!

  7. The fruit farm here has a field of pumpkins ripening ... it's wonderful to walk through with all the flashes of yellow and orange among the green :)

  8. SO simple and sweet and FUN! The turquoise plate ensemble reminds me of the blue autumn sky and of course, the leaves are the ''couleur du jour''!! Bright, but cozy! Amazing finds, Brenda, thanks for the inspiration!

    Good luck tomorrow!


  9. I'm working on some easy simple projects without much success....but more on that later! I'll keep trying! heehee!

  10. Beautiful features, Brenda! Hope you're having a great start to your week and thanks for the party! XO

    1. Funny my comment ended up here...user error lol...

  11. Love all the pillow ideas. I love to decorate for fall, but not Halloween.

  12. I love the bittersweet in the little old bottles. I've tried growing it with no luck. I guess I'll have to go faux.

    * I thought I was the only one who hasn't tried transferring graphics to fabric!

  13. I love your posts. I never used to decorate for fall but now that I retired, I'm giving it a go. The ideas you present are usually something that I think that I can actually do. In fact, I've already tried a couple. I also like your red check, it just makes me feel good.

  14. Pumpkin love!! Thanks for the fun and creative ideas! I love your blog because I can shop my house and maybe go to the $ Store and pretty up my house. Everyone is waaay ahead of me. I did put a scarecrow on my desk at work :)
    Clara from Redeemed Junk and Stuff

  15. Hi Brenda, Wow! Lots of inspiration and I'm off to stylize my shelves. Thanks!


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