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Hi Everyone! I'm Jennifer at Town and Country Living and am so happy to be here to share my home at Brenda's Cozy Home series!! Brenda's blog is one of the first I started reading so it means a lot to me to be here today!!

So here's a little about me and my cozy home ... I've never been your typical house hunter. When I'm looking to purchase a home, I will always choose form over function. Always. People that pass up a house because there's no dishwasher or not enough kitchen counter space are alien to me.

All I care about is whether or not the house has good bones, and by bones I mean attractive bones like wide baseboards, wood floors, decorative trim, built-in cabinets, windows that have separated glass panes and not those plastic inserts that make the windows look like divided panes. I will go without a dishwasher or modern conveniences in order to live in an attractive space with plenty of character.

Town and Country Living Kitchen 

Case in point ... my kitchen. There are no upper cabinets in my kitchen, so we added open shelving because a) it's cheaper and b) it looks pretty. Notice there is no conventional counter space in this west end of the kitchen, but I can use the table and sideboard as work surfaces.

Built-in kitchen cabinet via Town and Country Living

This built-in hutch has both form and function - there's tons of storage space inside and its good looks stole my heart when I first laid eyes on it.

Farmhouse Country Kitchen via Town and Country Living 

This is the other side of my kitchen. Again, not a lot of counter space but look at the unique trio of windows above the sink! I'd rather have those windows than a dishwasher any day ... but that's just me. 

I figure you can always add a dishwasher for far cheaper than you can reconstruct windows. We added the free-standing kitchen island at left since I love to cook and need the extra work surface.

China Cabinet with White Ironstone via

The white ironstone-filled hutch in the dining room isn't a built-in, but it did come with the house when we bought it. I painted the interior blue to make the ironstone stand out a bit more. Would you believe 2 sets of 12-place settings of China are stored in the bottom section? When your house is cozy, you learn to be creative with storage spaces.

White dining buffet at Town and Country Living 

Also in the dining room is a buffet I purchased from a local Annie Sloan Chalk Paint specialty shop where all the ladies are artists in re-purposing furniture and making it pretty again.

Farmhouse Living Room at Town and Country Living 

From this view in the living room, you can see that the dining room isn't huge, but it serves its purpose. Although the rooms in my home have weird configurations when it comes to door and window placement, they at least open into the next room with wide doorways so that the floor plan appears open, making my home feel a little more spacious while being cozy at the same time.

Cottage Style Decorating via Town and Country Living 

And since you can see from one room into the next quite easily, I've kept my color palette fairly similar throughout my home. I love the double window at the east end of my living room. The morning sun pours in and lifts my spirits. Kitty Stella likes it, too! 

The wood floors are painted - they were carpeted when I moved in. I ripped out all the carpeting by myself to reveal white wood floors underneath. But when you have pets and children, white floors are not practical so they received a coat of rich chocolate floor paint.

Cottage Style Entry Way via Town and Country Living 

My cozy, quirky home doesn't have a formal entryway, but I love the front door with its large window and decorative trim. I fashioned an entryway by placing a desk to capture keys, mail, and anything else you might want to put in the drawers.

Cottage style farmhouse family room via Town and Country Living 

From the living room, you can also see the family room. This used to be a first floor bedroom when the kids were younger but we converted it to additional living space after they left the nest, removing the double doors that used to be here.

IKEA cabinet painted Pure White using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint - Town and Country Living blog

Since there aren't many closets in our circa 1875 home, I've added free standing pieces like this cabinet for extra storage. I've learned that back in the day, homes were taxed based on their number of rooms ... and closets were considered rooms so they were often left out of the floor plan to save money.

Claw foot tub at Town and Country Living

When I first toured this house before buying it, my heart skipped a beat when I saw the downstairs claw foot tub (it didn't look like this - I recently painted it). I have always wanted a claw foot tub and would choose this over a fancy garden tub with massaging jets. 

Much to my surprise, the second bathroom also had a claw foot tub complete with a shower and circular curtain rod (I have yet to take pictures of that bathroom).

Summer farmhouse porch at Town and Country Living blog 

My old home may not have the most modern of conveniences, but I think it's full of charm and character and I wouldn't trade it for a new model. I once lived in a new house and didn't like it - I felt like it looked like every other house on the block.

What some people might view as quirks and oddities in my home, I view as charm and character. To each his own and we all have valid reasons for choosing to live where we do. I will always be an old-home kinda gal!

Thank you, Brenda, for allowing me to share my cozy little home with your readers!


{I am working away on fall decor. Tomorrow I should have some more fall decorating to show you here at Cozy Little House. And it won't include a glitzy lamp, I promise!}

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  1. I love your home and agree it does have lots of unique charm. I especially love your kitchen.It is very pretty on the outside too!


  2. Oh, Brenda - having Jennifer as the featured guest was brilliant - I love her blog, absolutely adore her home - and just admire her talent and attitude.

    This was a very pleasant post, thanks for it.

    Have a wonderful day!!

  3. Love seeing this Home... Jennifer has a beautiful kitchen...and her living arrangements look so cozy!
    I am like her...I'd rather have form than function! Old homes have wonderful character.

  4. I love her older home; always have. How funny about the tax situation. I was going back and forth with another blogger the other day about closets and she mentioned the tax and that was the first I'd heard of it!

  5. Congratulations for this beautiful home, so lovely...
    Greetings from Gemany

  6. Brenda, what a great idea to feature other bloggers cozy homes! When I first clicked on your blog, I thought you had redone your kitchen again! Jennifer's home is gorgeous! Oh I've always dreamt of living in a historic home with lots of character! I heard about the tax situation for each room with closets and being taxed for extra doorways! When staying in a B&B in Savannah, the innkeeper showed me how the windows were designed to also be used for doorways to evade extra taxes. I'm heading on over to Jennifer's blog now to see more of her lovely home!

  7. I adore Jennifer's cozy home, I love all the character and quirks, it looks like a lovely place to live in. Thanks so much for the eye candy Brenda.

  8. You have a very beautiful and homey house Jennifer, love all the details especially the burlap window treatments! Gorgeous!

  9. Oh, I adore your home.... white on white - fabulous!

  10. Brenda, thanks so much for letting me be a part of your blog today!! Such an honor. :)

  11. I've always loved your home, Jennifer! I don't think it's quirky...I think it's beautiful!

  12. Such a charming home! So fresh and vintage too.

  13. Jennifer's house is, for me, old world charm. The prettiness is soft and understated and her spaces all shine in a quiet, enchanting light.


  14. I've looked at Jennifer's home so many times, and each time I love it more and more. Everything is so pretty and so perfect. I'd move in - in an instant :)

  15. I'm with you Jennifer! Your home has charm to spare, and you've done a fabulous job of highlighting its beautiful character. I can see why you fell in love with it!

  16. Thanks for showcasing this home...I fell in TOTAL LOVE with her kitchen several yrs ago....(I do, however, LUV my dishwasher...:))but, then, I'm spoiled rotten. hahhaa...
    I sure do love her bathtub with that awesome shelf above it.
    Would you believe that the house we'll be calling home soon has no tub...just a great shower, which we shower anyway.

  17. I quite possibly would have fainted at the sight of the built-in hutch! Gorgeous!! You failed to mention the beautiful Arts & Crafts style kitchen floor tile. My favorite color, which reminds me of a local treasure, Pewabic Pottery.
    Loved the tour, thanks for sharing!

  18. Loved the info on "closets used to be considered rooms and were taxed" - I had never heard that before and wondered if they didn't have closets because they didn't have a lot of clothes way back when....Thank you for sharing the knowledge! I love old farmhouses and big kitchens where stories were told, secret recipes shared and where the farm "boys" took off their boots to warm their feet by the fire. I'm with you on preferring old to new but I think I'd secretly have to have a dishwasher LOL. Thanks Brenda for sharing Jennifer's blog with us!

  19. What an unbelievably beautiful furnished & decorated home, Jennifer! I love everything in it including Stella. And the outside is breathtaking as well. One of the prettiest homes I have ever seen in any blog. Mary

  20. What a fabulous house. Love the blue and white. xo Laura

  21. What a treat to see Jennifer's beautiful home featured here!


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