Name That Leaf

I went out yesterday and started pulling the various vines out of the Rose of Sharon tree. I pulled and I pulled and I swear some of those vines were twenty feet long. 

It reminded me of some cartoon from my youth where there is undoubtedly a small amount of rope or whatever in a box. Yet the person exaggeratedly pulls and pulls and there is no end.

Passion vines, morning glory vines. Intertwined and grasping onto the poor leaves and branches like a gnarled hand gripped in death. 

I built up a considerable pile over behind the garage by the shed.

The Rose of Sharon tree looks sickly. I don't know if it's the hot weather, the time of year, or the vines putting a choke hold on it. 

Here is Abi laying amongst the carnage left behind. If you're wondering why I don't get as many photos of Charlie, it's because he isn't still very long. And Abi isn't just soaking up rays of sun. She is soaking up camera attention. 

I'm seeing the biggest butterflies I've seen all summer right now.

This is one of two zinnias I still have blooming. I didn't have as many bloom as last year. I'm going to have to look into that and maybe try another source. I do love my zinnia bouquets to bring inside.

Can you name this leaf? The birds planted it for me in one of my pots, and it's about as tall as I am now. I'm planning on having it put in the ground, probably out front, come fall. Not sure what kind of tree it is though. Do you recognize it?

There are a couple of other vines I found in the jungle I don't recognize. One had these berries on it.

Here is the other one's leaves. At first I thought it was part of the morning glory vine. But now I'm not so sure.

You know what I particularly like about this vine, other than the lovely multi-faceted blooms? It's these little cork screw-like tendrils. I think they look like my hair when I was a toddler. 

Okay, name those vines or leaves if you can. I'd appreciate it. Happy gardening in this last breath of late summer as we hover right at the cusp of autumn.


  1. Brenda, I can't help you with identifying your vines. I have a vine growing on my light at the end of my sidewalk. I do have a Climates vine there but I knew that the more aggresive vine was something else.
    I looked it up by the 'flower' clusters on it.
    Well, it is a milkweed vine. I left it grow and now I have milk weed pods!!!
    I wonder if any Monarch butterflies will find it.
    I hope someone can help you with your identification.

  2. I just don't know,sorry but you have so much going on and it's all pretty :)

  3. Can't name the leaves but I sure love your pictures!

    That butterfly one would make an amazing card!

  4. Brenda, the first mystery plant with the spiky leaves looks like a Texas native hibiscus of some sort. That would be something you definitely like to have in your yard. I don't know how it'll take to transplanting. We had them growing up and they would die down to the ground in winter, even down here. Has it bloomed? They normally produce plenty of seeds for gathering.

    Can't help otherwise, but finding that is a treat!

  5. I recognize the first one-we have it here on our place too. I don't know what it is though-sorry!

  6. Are the spiky leaves on a pin oak tree?

  7. Have you tried your local cooperative extension? I think they are all over the country. We also have a county master gardener program that I believe is tied to the coop ext. Whenever I have a question I try there. Good luck identifying your vines!

  8. Sorry, I'm of no help on this either! Love your butterfly photo; one of the prettiest ones I've seen.

  9. Thevines in the first picture and previous posts, look a little like Virginia Creeper to me. So, if that is the case, all you can do is pull, or spray. I have found them and poison ivy are easier to kill, when I pull the vines up in late winter. Good luck!

  10. I love your little pup. My dogs like to sit and watch me do yard work too. Oh, if they only had opposable thumbs, I would put them to work too!

  11. Sorry Brenda..They don't look like anything we have in the east except maybe that spiky one..Cute Pup..lots of help, I'll bet..


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