Nature's Paintings

Victory is the beautiful, bright-colored flower. 
Transport is the stem without which it could never have blossomed.
- Sir Winston Churchill


  1. Brenda - you take the most beautiful pictures. I'm taking up painting as a hobby this winter. I think your flower pictures maybe a big inspiration for me. If I can produce anything presentable, I'll send you one. J

  2. Nature does a pretty good job, doesn't she? Great photos, Brenda!

  3. The blossom and the stem are amazing, but the photographers eye captures it all beautifully, thank you.

  4. All gorgeous-love the ballon flower best.

  5. These are gorgeous / I do not know what that first flower is but the photo is just stunning!

  6. I could see these framed... in a grouping on the wall.

  7. Send those photos to Walgreens right now to have prints made --- then frame them and hang them! Beautiful! After a long day, they brightened my spirits immensely! :)

  8. The flowers are so pretty. They would made beautiful prints to go into frames.

  9. Your photo's are beautiful. God gives us such deep beautiful colors!

  10. Such a lovely moment looking at those flowers and great pics ... the flowers around here are sort of frizzled from the summer heat. Happy weekend. Robin

  11. These close ups would make the most beautiful note cards!

  12. Dearest Brenda; Thank-You so much, as your Photos are such a Joy to so many people.
    You are truly Gifted.

  13. Dear Brenda, Hi there. I read your blog every day and love following your story. I just have to say, although I think this is actually my first comment, that your photos posted today just (about) leave me speechless. I have thought many times that you could earn an income with your photography! I wouldn't know how to begin but I am sure that if you reproduced these photos in greeting card format and packaged them with envelopes in a simple cellophane packet, you would quickly receive orders for them. No pressure. Hopefully that kind of venture wouldn't diminish your enjoyment of your gift. Of course, seeing them published as a calendar would be a huge hit. Don't mean to obsess on commercial options but I couldn't resist voicing what I am sure many of your readers often think when they see your beautiful work. Today, I just couldn't hold back. You have such an amazing eye and to hear you tell it, you make it sound so simple to get shots this beautiful... but I know that it is not.
    And I know you have so many other talents--there's your sewing and crafting, your writing.

    We've been enjoying being the recipients of your lovely work for free for so long. I know your followers would help you with some sales just as you've so generously helped others with your advice and tips and 'welcomes'.

    Thank you for all you do for your readers. Every post from you is a treasure.

    Best regards,
    Caroline R.

  14. This is called true nature art. The floral artwork is really beautiful.


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