September Book For The Book Club

This is our September book you voted on. I am getting ready to start reading it. 

I understand from emails that some of you got a bunch of my old posts yesterday. I am trying to fix this. But I don't even know where they're coming from, so that makes it a bit difficult. I apologize for this problem. Please bear with me. Just delete them.

Every time I try to work on solving it it deletes the feed or deletes the blogs. So if anyone knows of someone who has knowledge of such things like this, please let me know! I'm just worn out with this continual trouble. 

Now on some blog rolls it says I haven't posted in a week. You know THAT isn't true!

But I thank you all for being patient with my efforts.

Happy Labor Day!


  1. I got lots of emails but I knew from the dates it was a google foofoo:)

    is there any other way to participate in this book club thing without using facebook? I just cant go there.. if not its ok.

  2. Brenda, I hope your "computer" problems are over for good very soon. I'm gonna hang in there with you, though, because I LOVE your blog!! One of these days my life will slow down enough for me to join in and read some of wonderful books you find, but for now I'm just compiling a list of them. Have a wonderful day!!

  3. Yesterday late afternoon, I tried to access your blog several times & got the "error 404 message". Later in the evening, it came up like always with the current post. I had other problems with other blogs. Glad to get you back. Happy Labor Day! Mary

  4. It was strange. The many post that appeared did not actually link to your blog. No worries on this end.


  5. Hi Brenda,
    I've been getting double blogs from you since you made the move. When I see the long one with many links to older blogs, I know I'll get the error message if I click on them, but I can also scroll thru the email and re-visit some of your older posts and re-enjoy them. I know it is frustrating for you to try to figure this out, but for the rest of us, that is what the delete key is for.
    Your current post always shows up in my inbox a few hours later, so no worries.
    Hugs to you and the pups!


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