Slice Of Life

It's rather odd. Most of my flowers are starting to go. But there are some that are just budding to bloom.

It is still pretty hot here. I am longing for cooler weather so maybe I can go out and get groceries or just get out. I can't take this stifling heat.

Come on, Fall!


In...and out.



Bits and bobs. Just a little slice of my day.

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  1. all excellent photos.. thanks for sharing your talented eyes with us.

  2. Some many just perfect parts of your day.
    Love Leanne

  3. I just went back and read your post on your gardening efforts bringing an asthma attack. No wonder this heat is extra bad for you. But I know what you mean about even going to the grocery store being miserable in this still summer weather. We are supposed to have cooler temps this weekend and I think it's coming from the west so I hope you get some of that too. I hate to hear that about your health insurance. What a mess it is. I am so grateful for Medicare but worry about what my children and grandchildren will do when they're my age.

  4. I'm with you, the heat just literally makes me ill. Sometimes it's easier to stay home then wear yourself out. Always love your birdies and blooms, Brenda!

  5. Beautiful photos, Brenda! Those flowers are just SO colourful and pretty!! Yes, it's hot here, too, especially today, it was a scorching 88°F!! Literally felt like a sauna. Hoping we fall into autumn sooner than later!


  6. Brenda,
    Your pictures are so beautiful they should be framed on a wall to enjoy in passing or to stop and ponder. Love them.

  7. Yesterday was such an exciting day for me. We live outside of Los Angeles, and when I woke up and went to the door to let the pupsters out I was so surprised. The mountains were shrouded in fog! It was awesome. We've had such heat for months now. It was such a wonderful day. Heat is not my friend at all, so I understand what you mean, Brenda!

  8. Beautiful photos. What is that first flower? It is the most beautiful day here today...finally COOL. Only 75 and sunny. I will send it your way!

  9. OH your bird pictures are always extraordinary...I love today's...

    I have some flowers still coming into bloom here and there as well...mostly zinnias and just a few now

    And then there is something that I planted mid-summer ( seeds ) that keeps getting taller and taller and I forget what I is so I hope it blooms and solves the mystery soon! :)

  10. That looks like an amazing pin cushion. Can you show another picture of it? Thanks!

  11. Hi Brenda,
    Are you feeling better today? I would imagine that you are sick to death of hot weather. It is so debilitating. I guess you will not be able to work so hard outside, Tearing vines down is hard work...I used to tug at grapevines to use for wreath making and would come home so tired and hurting arms.
    I hope your insurance problems get resolved soon.I can't believe how expensive it is now days.
    Take care and take it easy....

  12. Flowers and birds can be the best part of any day! I'm holding one to summertime for now! Sweet hugs!

  13. Hi Brenda~we finally had a cooler day here today in grandson had a football game we went and watched and enjoyed getting some fresh air for a change...I LOVE Fall too...been praying for you for you and your insurance...God is Good he will make everything ok for you and all you have to do is ask...Carol

  14. It was very hot here in Ohio until this a cold front has gone through and it's lovely. I am ready for cooler temps for sure...hope they come your way soon!

  15. We are baking too. We had one break this week but they say it is going to get back up to a 100 this weekend. Say it isn't so.

  16. It's finally cooling down! I can breathe again.
    It was in the 90s earlier this week but yesterday's storms blew in a cold front. The temp is 56 right now and I'm loving it!
    So looking forward to fall...

  17. Lots of wonderful slices of your life, my friend. It has cooled down here and is even going down into the 40s this weekend. Feels pretty chilly after the beach. xo Laura

  18. Wow Brenda! You captured some nice photos of the birds! Love the one with the little bum feathers sticking out the one with the little head sticking out. We had 97 degree weather for 2 days and today it was in the 50's. Suppposed to go down to 40 this evening. It's too quick for me. I'm not ready for it to be this cool.

  19. I so love your bits and bobs posts. Especially with birds and flowers!


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