Welcome Wagon Friday 9/6/13

It's that time again. I've got three new bloggers for you to meet and greet. 

First up...

She's already got fall going on at her house.

And she's talented at refinishing furniture.

She is sooo talented! In various mediums.

This is Heather's second blog. Her other blog is Inspire Me Heather. This one is to help you blog.

Okay, faithful volunteers, go visit these great ladies.


  1. Thank you Brenda, for featuring my little blog - you are so sweet! Have a wonderful weekend!!

  2. Wow! This is a wonderful thing you are doing for us newbies!! Thank you so much for featuring Prodigal Pieces. :o)
    Larissa ~ Prodigal Pieces

  3. Thanks Brenda for featuring my artwork and blog. Its so nice of you to feature new bloggers. Your Tweak It Tuesday party always brings me lots of traffic. I'm sure this will too!

  4. Thanks Brenda for sharing them with us today! Have a blessed day! :-)

  5. This is so cool that you do this! I'm off to visit these ladies. :)


  6. I am already in love with that Flower Journal miracle woman! :) Everytime that I click on something I like lately..it's her! :) Doesn't she make you want to PLAY! :) ?

    I'll visit the others :)

  7. Always into reading about new bloggers...it's such a great way to find interesting people out there.

    Way to go Brenda.


  8. That's so great that you feature new bloggers! I have read a lot of your blog and really enjoy it (even though I didn't comment at the time).

  9. Brenda,
    Thanks for sharing three new bloggers with us.
    I remember when I first started blogging and you reach out to me and my little ol' blog, I felt so welcome to the blogging community and was so excited. It was a grand feeling and one that I will never forget.
    Now, I'm off to visit the new talented ladies.
    Have a blessed weekend,


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