Principles Of Feng Shui

The home decor choices that you make might have a bigger impact than you think. Those who follow the ancient Chinese practice of Feng shui believe that the home decor choices that you make invite certain energy into your house that then follow you into other areas of your life. For example, the items in your kitchen are connected to the wealth and prosperity in your life. Adding live, colorful plants, this can help bring more prosperity into your life.

My Gallery Wall

Yesterday I finally did my living room gallery wall. I wish the light was better, but it is dark and rainy and stormy outside. 

Tweak It Tuesday #62

Last week on Tweak It Tuesday, Number Fifty-Three showed how her kitchen is shaping up.

Not Sure How To Decorate Your Walls?

I am getting ready to attempt a gallery wall. A little scary since I just went through the house fixing nail holes.

Some Flowers Are Still Hanging On

On Monday nights you will find me watching The Black List. It is my favorite new show. James Spader, in my opinion, is giving the best performances of his career. 

Week after week I am astonished at his acting skills. His mannerisms even have me spellbound. And for someone who doesn't watch much TV, that's quite a compliment. 

I keep wondering if he developed those mannerisms himself or was told to do them. But they are perfect for his role.

They've been showing Monday's episode again on Saturday night, and I watch it again. If it weren't for him, it would just be another show. But he makes it superb. I am hooked.

I have brought all my house plants back in. Some I took out of the potting soil and put in those pebble-like things called Hydroton that I ordered from I want to see how they do before I pot them all.

Just look at my fence garden. Completely out of control again with those vines. But last time I got out there hacking them down I was sick with asthma for weeks. So I guess I'll just have to let Mother Nature freeze them.

I know. Someone is going to email me and ask me to please at least cut them away from the colorful sun's face.

I still have a few roses blooming. They're quite protected by all the bountiful vines.

And the same goes for the morning glories, but they've slowed their growth a bit. 

I cannot remember where these mums came from. But they're finally opening up and blooming. I have them in a galvanized tub.

These red berries are growing vines on the other side of my driveway. I don't know what they are.

I still have an occasional zinnia. I just love them. 

This year they came up red and pink mostly. I planted more colors, but none of them came up.

The leaves are finally starting to turn colors. I've got to get out to the rose garden and Swan Lake and take some photos soon. 

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Creative Bloggers Of The Week #8

I just love the breathtaking scenery at Aiken House & Gardens blog. Carolyn decorates beautifully both inside and out. So when I saw this outdoor space I had to show it off.

Welcome Wagon Friday 10/25/13

Up for you this week I have...

The Flag Pole

Some things you just never forget. Not always so much the event itself. But some innocuous little thing that accompanies the event. A car horn. The way the clouds looked just over the horizon. The sound of someone laughing in the distance.

Life Stew

Life is a medley of different things all going on at the same time. Fear and joy and grief and happiness. All mixed in a pot that makes up your day. 

Tweak It Tuesday #61

Last week on Tweak It Tuesday Must Love Junk showed us her little blue room. (Hm, I have a little blue house!) Boy, can this girl decorate.

For All The Lost & Exploited Children

By now, many of you have seen this photo of the little girl known as "Maria."

Creative Bloggers Of The Week #7

I've decided I'm doing three features each Saturday for Creative Bloggers Of The Week. I find I'm spending so much time online choosing featured posts that I'm not getting much of anything else done!

BH&G Small Space Solutions

Last night I curled up in bed with the dogs sleeping next to me and opened up my latest issue of Better Homes & Gardens. I have subscribed to this magazine for years. And I have to say, it just keeps getting better and better. 

Welcome Wagon Friday 10/18/13

The sunshine feels good today. It is a bit nippy though. A good time to go visit some new bloggers though!

Seasonal Decor

We're almost to Halloween. Before we know it the Christmas season will be upon us. Guess I'll be putting up my fall decor soon.

Six Destressing Techniques

I've been doing a lot of reading lately. About making my own soap, using essential oils, making beeswax candles. I've ordered several books to further educate myself. 

Living On The Periphery

I sit here staring out the window. It is a cold and sunless day. The sky is a solid sheet of gray. 

Tweak It Tuesday #60

Last week on Tweak It Tuesday, Dwellings showed her lovely living space. It looks so peaceful and cozy here.

BHG Wall Ideas & Solutions

All that yellow just makes me happy. And that yellow mirror atop the yellow walls makes me want to do a happy dance.

Red Of Course. That's the name of one of my many Pinterest boards. So many prints, so little time...

Oh still my heart. This makes me swoon.

Color spice up that bedroom! Look at those pretty green lamps. Just waiting to be all lit up. And those prints on the wall. Hue heaven...

I do heart this. From the wall of paintings to the baskets to the lamps to the mini bar.

Oh yeah. Color abounds. Frame that space. Park a couch underneath. And color your world.

I'll be back this afternoon with Tweak It.

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Update On My Quest To Live Cleaner & Greener

Creative Bloggers Of The Week #6

Donna over at The Decorated House really knows how to deck her home out in style for fall and Halloween. 

My First Project With Duck Brand Deco Laminate

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Duck Brand® for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Welcome Wagon Friday 10/11/13

It's that time of the week. Let's welcome some new bloggers.

Mr. Woody Woodpecker

Watch closely. This is the woodpeckers hole in the tree. 

Why I Color My World

I know that many bloggers love the muted colors and tones to decorate their homes with. And I think their homes are elegant and beautiful.

Tweak It Tuesday #59

Last week on Tweak It Tuesday, Down To Earth Style showed how you can put your own design mark on your rented house. Great ideas here!

Morning In The Backyard

This morning I stepped out on the back porch after my morning shower. Birds immediately took flight in every direction. I heard the melody of all their different songs. I love their music. 

My Cozy Home Series: A Cultivated Nest

Hi everyone! I'm Manuela from "A Cultivated Nest." I'm so honored that Brenda asked me to share my home with you! Brenda and I go waaay back to the "old days" of blogging, and I'm super thrilled that she asked me to be part of the "My Cozy Home Series."

I've always loved the creative aspect of feathering my nest. But more importantly, my main goal is to create a comfortable and cozy atmosphere for my family and friends. Like most people, my feathering is done on a budget.

I'm always making something, or painting something (over and over again...), so what you see today is probably not what you'll see next week! Many things are projects that we work on as a family.

So welcome to my home! Come on in and let me show you around!

We live in a 1960's split-entry which is very common in my neighborhood.

They always say that the entry sets the stage for the rest of your home. I don't have a huge foyer but I've made the most of that tiny space (which is kinda the theme of my blog - making the most of what you have).

Creative Bloggers Of The Week #5

Oh me, oh my, I do love this. I could live in this little potting shed. Which belongs to Mary at Home Is Where The Boat Is.