Creative Bloggers Of The Week #7

I've decided I'm doing three features each Saturday for Creative Bloggers Of The Week. I find I'm spending so much time online choosing featured posts that I'm not getting much of anything else done!

This week I have a guest room, a darling kitchen, and a bathroom done on a budget. 

First up is this guest room Megan just finished at Farmhouse 5540. It just grabbed me with the somewhat primitive touches and muted colors. 

The touches of red are just perfection in this room. The chrysanthemums and striped pillows are gorgeous. A mellow room with spirited spots of color.

Up next we've got a colorful and cheerful kitchen, at a home where chickens are very important, inside and out. Elaine at Sunny Simple Life has decorated her kitchen with vibrant color and beloved collectibles.

I just adore her kitchen! The chickens here have truly taken hold. (I wonder if hubby Dean had much to do with this area. He loves to decorate as well.)

She just added these sweet canisters, and I am absolutely head over heels in love with them! Elaine, when can I come sit down in your kitchen and have a cup of coffee and just stare at your kitchen?

Now I've got a guest bathroom done on a budget. And Mary of At Home On The Bay did a phenomenal job too.

Here's the before and after. What a difference! I love the new sink and the wood underneath. She has really brightened up this little bathroom.

She's going to have some mighty happy guests come to her house. Maybe as soon as the holidays. Love it!

I'm quite taken with the flower print on the wall. It just brightens the whole room. A wonderful job done on a budget.

I am being featured today over at Susan's Must Love Junk blog, where she tells more of the "blogger behind the blog" if you'd like to visit. She and Kris have come up with a fantastic series that I love to read every week.

See you next week for Creative Bloggers Of The Week. Over and out.

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  1. Aww thanks. Yes Dean did the little stove area of the vignette. He has a hand in it all whether I want him to or not.

  2. Dearly love Elaine's new chicken canisters! Going now to read all about *you*!

    Mary @ Ms. Redo

  3. Saw your feature and loved reading about you!

  4. My favorite feature of the week, always looking forward to this one. And yes Elaine's canisters are the bomb.


  5. Loved reading about you this week Brenda. Enjoyed visiting the creative bloggers you found this week.

  6. I enjoyed these features. My favorite was the guestroom in your first pic. I follow her blog already and really enjoy all that she does. I visited Must Love Junk and enjoyed reading more about you over there!

  7. Thank you for the feature Brenda! I'm off to Must Love Junk.

  8. Love the bathroom redo..See you on "Must Love Junk"

  9. I follow Megan and Mary's blogs and I love their different, but equally charming styles! Elaine's kitchen is a colorful fun spot and her canisters are adorable. :)

    I read your feature at Must Love Junk and it was fun getting to know a bit more about you. Have a great day! It just started snowing here!!!

  10. I love the color and the chicken theme of Elaine's Kitchen...and your are right. She is creative so many different ways. She says she isn't crafty...but you don't have to be craft to be creative. Just read her blog and you can see that.
    I'm off to check out the other two blogs...and see them for myself!
    I'm like these Creative Blogger (weekly) ... Keep up the good work of rooting them all out!

  11. I just have to say that I am in LOVE with that bed and bedding! :-)

  12. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR FEATURING MY ROOM! I am so excited to have some new followers thanks to you!!

  13. wow!! lovely features!! you sure look like you're back at home here at blogger - so glad it's working so well! looking good!!

  14. Those are all wonderfully creative bloggers. I enjoy this series very much!


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