Cute & Easy Ideas From Country Living

I found some pretties over at and I just had to share. Take some ordinary dish towels and add trim. Aren't these fun and cheerful? I've got to do this.

I love this font they used to put labels on ordinary jars. Looks so old-fashioned. Like something you'd find at grandma's house.

How cute is this? A fork and spoon used as hardware for the cabinets. I bet you've got some extra forks and spoons around the house somewhere. 

This is not only cute, but wise and could keep you healthy. You're not supposed to use the same cutting board for meat as you do for other things. Well, here's your answer!

We're seeing plates on the wall everywhere. But you can use them to explain a sentiment. "These are a few of my favorite things." 

Just think of the fun you could have with your favorite quotes.

That knife block on the counter or island doesn't have to be plain and ordinary. Just paint what you can't see. This is fun and playful. And helps you identify what knife is where.

This makes me want to get in the kitchen and make something pretty!

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  1. Lots of fun inspiration...I love the trim on the towel idea especially!

  2. I've been putting things in jars lately. I don't have but 1 big jar like the ones pictured (I use mine for cookies)...but I recycle the big pickle, mayo, or marinara jar. I've been putting corn starch, brown sugar, pasta, etc in them. They look pretty, and they are easier to store, than boxes and bags of stuff. (keeps fresher too)
    I also like the tea towels with crocheted trims.

  3. I love these simple farmhouse ideas. I really like the fonts on those jars as well as the vintage look of lace on the towels. Thanks for sharing!

  4. LOVE these! Bright, (colour wise and safety wise!), beautiful and fun, they are surely pretty and practical accessories for one's kitchen! This is one time when I simply can't pick a favourite, (not that I NEED to!)!

    Happy Saturday, Coach!


  5. I love those ideas....especially the font used on the jars. Reminds me of red work embroidery.
    Have a nice weekend...I see some new ideas forming in your head for your kitchen.

  6. Embellished towels are such a great idea and a little goes a long always find the best inspiration Brenda!

  7. Great inspiration, Love the lettering on the jars and the painting on the knife holder the best.

  8. Love the cross stitch font on the canisters! Also love the knives on the butcher block. Thanks for sharing!

  9. My favorite is the plate quote. I might just try something like that.

  10. THose tea towels are adorable. I can definitely see some of those in your future. xo Laura


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