Morning In The Backyard

This morning I stepped out on the back porch after my morning shower. Birds immediately took flight in every direction. I heard the melody of all their different songs. I love their music. 

I saw that there is one lone pink rose that bloomed after some of the other things died back and made way for it to see the sun.

The female cardinal is blending in well with the colors of fall. I saw her male counterpart, but he flew away before I could get a shot. He won't be far from her for long.

A robin was on the roof next door. This seems to be a good landing spot for them. Look at the mourning dove...

When the mourning doves take flight, they lumber along slowly at first. I guess because they're kind of big. Then they get their groove on and fly just like the rest.

Then there's this little guy. Watch as he tentatively approaches the birdhouse.

And then there's the squirrels that are busily digging the dirt to hide their nuts.

They have been out in the front garden next to the house. Charlie sits on the top of the couch, intensely following their movements. His body is quivering as he watches their every move. 

This particular squirrel raced across the fence, over my  house, into the trees, and onto the roof of the house next door. Little acrobats is what they are!

I'll be back later this afternoon with Tweak It Tuesday.

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  1. Your post looks like spring !! Except for maybe the squirrel..Great pictures..

  2. Your pictures are fabulous. Love the squirrel. Hugs, Marty

  3. I love the views from your back porch Brenda. You are an amazing photographer. Have a great day! ♥

  4. There is a lot of activity in your backyard. I love the photo of the rose!

  5. The birds wake me each morning with their beautiful symphony yet I never see them.

  6. Beautiful pictures as always. I bet those squirrels are driving Charlie nuts!! And Abi could care less. LOL


  7. Hi Brenda,
    Birds are the most amazing creatures, I love to hear their song. I have noticed lately twitters and twirps that I don't hear ordinarily. It must be the migrating birds. I have several squirrels that I watch on a daily basis. I love the urban forest that we are so fortunate to live in, they keep the birds happy and us humans as well.
    Have a lovely day!

  8. I love those squirrel photos...too fun! The robins have been noisily migrating back through here and the dogs don't like it one little bit (they finally gave up on the NOISY Canada Geese).

  9. Love the cute squirrels, but I know they give your dogs a time of it.

  10. You got some great shots of the birds and squirrel! My cats love to watch the squirrels out the window, too. And the squirrels know that the cats are watching...the squirrels "chit" at them!

  11. Fall can be beautiful without falling leaves...yet!

  12. Brenda I really love your photography. It makes me smile to see all the beauty in your backyard! and let me tell you that was a great shot with that squirrel on the run! I've Pinned it to my Autumn abundance board. Have a great week!


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