My Cozy Home Series: A Cultivated Nest

Hi everyone! I'm Manuela from "A Cultivated Nest." I'm so honored that Brenda asked me to share my home with you! Brenda and I go waaay back to the "old days" of blogging, and I'm super thrilled that she asked me to be part of the "My Cozy Home Series."

I've always loved the creative aspect of feathering my nest. But more importantly, my main goal is to create a comfortable and cozy atmosphere for my family and friends. Like most people, my feathering is done on a budget.

I'm always making something, or painting something (over and over again...), so what you see today is probably not what you'll see next week! Many things are projects that we work on as a family.

So welcome to my home! Come on in and let me show you around!

We live in a 1960's split-entry which is very common in my neighborhood.

They always say that the entry sets the stage for the rest of your home. I don't have a huge foyer but I've made the most of that tiny space (which is kinda the theme of my blog - making the most of what you have).

The first thing you'll notice is that we like color and dogs! The hall tree is one of my favorite thrifted finds that I painted red (my favorite color). Some of the dog paintings are vintage and some are painted by my daughter.

From here we'll go upstairs into the kitchen. I painted the walls white last December (they used to be pear green). I's crazy to paint your kitchen during the holidays...but I did it anyway!


A Cultivated Nest Kitchen

I also have a thing for cows and farmhouse style. I'm a farm girl at heart (with some French Country thrown in!)

Let's get something to drink and a little treat and go outside and chat a while!

a cultivated nest screened porch

This is our screened porch. I love decorating for the seasons and that includes my porch, which I just decorated for fall. We live in Georgia so we spend a lot of time out here! This is where my husband and I normally have our morning coffee and where we eat many of our meals. It's divided into 2 zones - this seating area and dining area. I've gotta say it's my favorite room of the house!

Let's go into my other favorite room - the dining room. We've been working on updating it all summer.

a cultivated nest dining room

Those "curtains" are actually tablecloths from TJMaxx! I know...I'll never look at tablecloths the same way ever again.

A Cultivated Nest Chalkboard Art

We just added this chalkboard - it was a family project! My husband made it, my daughter drew the cow and I did the other drawing and lettering.

A Cultivated Nest China Cabinet

I have a little china cabinet in there that I like to dress up for the different seasons. I'm doing a little bit of gold for fall in this room. It's fun to celebrate the seasons and change things up a bit.

The living room is right off the dining room and it is all decked out for fall.

A Cultivated Nest Fall Mantel

My husband made that faux fireplace mantel for me, I added the tin back splash and mirror. It's a wonderful area to decorate. Plus it's really cozy on a cold winter morning or evening when we light the candles ~ also very ~relaxing!

This is my fall mantel second time around. I'm a bit of a dishaholic and I found some lovely brown transfer ware plates that inspired a bit of re-arranging of my original fall mantel.

a cultivated nest china cabinet

Speaking of dishes, this is my living room china cabinet where I rotate out my dish collection. Soon I'll be changing it up for fall with some brown transfer ware. I don't have a large house so I find that rotating things is a good way to be able to enjoy what I have since I can't have everything out at once.

There's more to see upstairs but you're probably tired by now.

I know this is supposed to be about my cozy home but it wouldn't feel right if I didn't include the yard! Everyone that visits always winds up with a tour of the yard. So before you go, I want to take you outside and show you my barn and vegetable garden.

a cultivated nest red barn

I love gardening and I'd spend all my time outside if I could!

A Cultivated Nest Vegetable Garden

We have 6 raised beds for veggies, with one for flowers. We also have a little orchard that we planted, and lots of berry bushes. As with many of the projects inside the house, many projects outside were also a family affair.

That's one of the things I love about my cozy home, everywhere I look I see things that I have made or that we've worked on as family.

Thank you Brenda for allowing me to share my cozy home and garden. 

I hope you enjoyed the tour of Manuela's lovely home and gardens. She has always been one of my favorite bloggers. We share a love of color. And I admire how she is so frugal and creative in decorating her home. Please go visit her at A Cultivated Nest.

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  1. I love Manuela's style...oh I have garden envy...and would love to have a visit in that screened porch! She is so creative and a very nice person, too!

  2. Love Love the rooms and I love how neat the garden is.

  3. Hi Brenda and Manuela!:)

    I am so excited to see Manuela's very creative and colourful style here today! Gingham, floral, farmhouse/French Country, cost-friendly, and RED, I can relate! Thanks for featuring her charming house; going back for a second look around!


  4. I have followed Manuela for a long time because of her use of color. Love the china cabinet and dishes, love the red wicker in the dining room, and I guess I really love it all.

    Thanks for sharing Manuela with others to spread the color.

  5. That was great! Manuela not only has a beautiful hand made home, she is also a really friendly and helpful blogger too.

  6. Loved touring Manuela's home. Love all of her colors.


  7. One of my very favorite homes and blogs of all! Great feature.

  8. I have been following Manuela for years, her style is one I love and her personality and kindness shine through her writing. Wonderful post!

  9. A Cultivated Nest is one of my favorite places to visit. Manuela has wonderful taste and I love her use of color!

  10. Manuela's home is such a bright and cheerful place! And her screen porch and gardens reflect her love of color, too. Thanks for the tour! Her home is lovely.

  11. Such a cute, colorful and welcoming home! :-)

  12. So pretty! I love the chalkboard. You all did a great job on that. Do you have a little beagle? I saw a dog in the backyard photo. We have a 9 mo old beagle. My dh loves to garden too. I just love to sit in the garden and read. :)

    1. Hi Joy, He's a Bagel :) He's a beagle/basset hound mix. We got him from a no kill shelter and he's just the cutest sweetest little thing. He's also a handful - quite the digger! But totally adorable.

      I love to sit in the garden and just think. It's where I do my best thinking!

  13. I love seeing Manuela's Home...her use of color if wonderful. My favorite part is her green thumb and the way she does so much on a budget.
    It was lovely seeing her home set for Fall!

  14. Love this home, lots of colour and coziness!

  15. Thanks Brenda for sharing Manuela's beautiful home. She always has such creative and wonderful ideals.
    Love that garden and barn.

  16. I love Manuela's cozy home and garden!

  17. Thanks for posting this. Absolutely a cozy home. I see what you wanted to feature it. Reminds me of you.

  18. She really does have a cozy house and artistic talent obviously runs in her family. xo Laura

  19. How wonderful that you would feature Manuela's beautiful and very cozy home. I love seeing more of it here, her kitchen is very sweet and that red barn makes me jealous. Hugs, Cindy

  20. SeasonsintheCottage Betty Ayers

    Truly enjoyed A Cultivated Nest's home. Thank you for sharing!

  21. I love Manuela's home. I love the colors, the toile, everything! Thank you for featuring her Brenda!

  22. Hi Brenda and Manuela, What great style you have, Manuela! Love those curtains. Thanks, Brenda, for introducing us.

  23. You have a lovely home Manuela that truly reflects your warm personality. And I never heard of a 'Bagel'. (At least not the kind that you don't eat.) Kudos to you for getting him from a shelter.

  24. Manuela's home was one of the first ones that I fell in love with when I discovered blog land. It remains one of my favorites to this day. I love her style so much

  25. Wow, your cozy style always warms my heart. I love the black & white check curtains, along with all of the red painted furniture. You also have a such a gift for gardening...would love to take a field trip through there!!


  26. I have followed Manuela for a long time, but it is nice to see her house in one post instead of snippets in each random post.


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