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We're almost to Halloween. Before we know it the Christmas season will be upon us. Guess I'll be putting up my fall decor soon.

I really haven't put up much Halloween stuff this year. I really like the golds and reds and browns of fall.

Love, love my brown transfer ware platter I picked up at an estate sale. Fifteen dollars. But I never see transfer ware cheaper than that. And I really wanted it for my fall decor.

When "the leaves are falling" was written on here, I expected that to truly happen any day. But it has been weeks, and I look out the window and don't see them falling yet. But it has been cold.

 Thought I'd add a "say cheese" to the mix in the dining room underneath the quilt I made years ago.

Since I had already been bringing golden yellows into my living room decor, fall was the perfect season to try more of the gold out. And branch out to a little more green. As in bringing in the house plants from outdoors.

What colors are you crushing on right now, aside from fall colors? Are you changing things up after the fall decor is put away?

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  1. I am using golds and browns...pops of copper and yellow. I will do very little change before Christmas décor this year. Yours looks lovely.

  2. You know what, Brenda, I am heading toward the granny smith apple green again. I like our blue dining room but I still liked it best before the fire when it was that shade of green. Sooo I've been adding green to things. I love your brown transferware platter. Yum!!

  3. Pretty decor, Brenda. As you know from my blog post, I added touches of gold in my living room for fall decor. I'll leave up most of my fall decor until I drag out the Christmas stuff - which won't be until December.

  4. I was just thinking about your letter balls earlier today, no joke, and thinking how much I miss them - so excited to see a little peek of them this afternoon!


  5. Your Fall touches look so pretty Brenda. I do love your quilt and the crow is so cute! I have a lot of rust and red in my decor but have to bring in the orange and yellows...

  6. Such pretty pictures :) My fall decor is finally up and it stays up until Thanksgiving....oh my fall arrived this afternoon. It's rained here and there off and on for days....but has not been too cold. I left the house with a long sleeved shirt but no jacket and the house windows open. Several errands and stops later ....after it had been pouring down rain for a few hours with the wind blowing like crazy, I swear the leaves were turning colors immediately....blowing falling leaves everywhere and little Halloween ghosts on people's porches blowing in the wind. I think we'll see a dramatic change in the leaves now, within the next day or so. And I wish I'd worn a jacket, ha ha ...brrr :)

  7. I will go straight to Christmas things starting the day after Thanksgiving.

  8. I love your Fall décor and enjoy looking at your beautiful colors and vignette's! The quilt you made is also very nice. I like how you put your color choices together. I thought maybe it was a antique that you had picked up. Better yet you made it! Nice job. Linda

  9. You've got some pretty decorations spread about. I'm so bad this year. I have only decorated a little bit outside and that's all! It's been a very hectic October here, so my heart just hasn't been in it.

  10. You have the prettiest fall touches! I will confess now that Thanksgiving (Canada) is over, I have packed away my fall stuff....I know, I know, bad blogger! I have started with a few Halloween here and there around the house. Then after Halloween I don't do much until Xmas. But I do however, love fall colours! Diane

  11. I noticed your leaves in the first picture right away and thought the golds were so pretty, the leaves such a simple touch. I did just a sprinkling of natural, subdued things in my rooms; small pumpkins in white and one yellow which was a rare find and some wheat and brown leaves. I guess you sort of have to look for it! lol! For the 2nd year in a row I left my box of figurines and ceramic pieces, garland, etc., downstairs, I just don't want the clutter now but I know that will change in time.

    No falling leaves here! But it usually happenes and is over in a day or two. Whacky Midwest!


  12. Everything looks good, Brenda. I love ALL the colors of Fall, too. That transferware platter is lovely. The brown is very hard to find around here. I have been sorting through things and purging. Feels good to do a bit of real Fall cleaning. xo Diana

  13. I actually just posted my fall decor photos a few minutes ago. I live your fall touches and the chalkboard additions!

  14. I LOVE your fall decorations are such a wonderful decorator..always fun to pop in your cozy little house to see all you do!! I am itching to start decorating for Christmas but I always wait until Thanksgiving is over...we have had a lot of rain here in Iowa and the leaves are just now beginning to fall...Take care! Carol

  15. These are my most favorite colors. I could live with them all year long.

  16. Love love love your transferware platter.

  17. It's all pretty! I always love orange, so this is a great time of year for me!

  18. Fall colors are my favorite accent colors. I always have green, but love adding in the rust, and golds. I'm thinking I might try and use the same colors for Christmas this year if I can find some bronze ball ornaments. I have many glass pinecones I already use on my tree. I know you would never understand, but I'm not feeling using red this year.

  19. Very pretty, Brenda! I'm just itching to paint over our gold living room walls, but I'm not starting until I've finished up a few projects that are awaiting my attention. My autumn stuff is staying put until Christmas. I'm not even taking out my Halloween decor this year. Too much work!

  20. I'm looking for rich dark purplish, plummy colors now. Of course, the oranges and yellows that I love all year seem to look their best now too. I love your brown transferware plate!

    I don't really have many autumn decorations but I do love to bring out dishes and linens in the colors to mix with pumpkins. I did stretch my decor this year to do one mantel very spookily and am trying to get up my nerve to post it before Halloween. It might be a little too creepy for some of my readers though. Still debating with myself on it.

    Is your asthma any better now that cooler weather is here?

  21. I absolutely LOVE your brown transferware. Gorgeous!


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