Welcome Wagon Friday 10/4/13

{As of this month, I have been featuring new bloggers for Welcome Wagon Friday for four years. Of course I lost my old posts. But those I featured will remember, and I will continue to put the spotlight on new bloggers in the effort to get them acquainted and established in our blogging community.}

Okay, up for you this week I have...

This is beautiful. Go over and look at the before photos!

I just LOVE this. 

This girl makes the most adorable signs! I would love to have a Cozy Little House sign made one day.

Tulips...oh, sweet love.

Love her sweet kitchen. Perfect makeshift island. I don't have very much room, but I very much want a kitchen island. I haven't given up on finding a space.

Okay, my loyal and dedicated volunteers, please give these new bloggers a it's-such-a-pleasure-to-meet-ya visit.

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  1. I love Welcome Wagon Friday, it's such fun to go visit bloggers that I haven't seen before. Great features this week Brenda.

  2. Brenda, back to your homemade remedies. Go to Poppyjuice-poppy.blogspot.com. She makes all sorts of home remedies and money saving tips. I use her homemade laundry soap recipe and love it. She may have some ideas that you can use. Good luck. Blessings, Ann

  3. Wonderful featured blogs, Brenda! I've already visited the kitchen makeover and I'm so impressed with the end product. Now onto the next...

  4. love the kitchen SO nice of you to introduce the "newbies"..Thanks

  5. I've always relied on WWF to find new material to read and inspire. I appreciate this feature of you blog sooo much!

  6. A warm welcome to all the new bloggers that you have featured today, Brenda! Sweet!

    Happy weekend,


  7. I never miss a WWF! You featured me when I was just starting and I am always grateful for that....your the best my friend. Diane

  8. I always look forward to WWF! By the way, my mom had a set of measuring cups just like those in the top picture-I'd forgotten all about them until I saw that. Thanks for the memory!

  9. Brenda, Happy anniversary for the Welcome Wagon Friday series! This is a thoughtful and giving way to welcome new bloggers into the blogging world! You always have such nice features. Good karma my friend. Very good karma. Going for a walk. I know what I'll be reading tonight, new blogs!

  10. Thank you so much for this very sweet feature! I have received many visitors! Thank you! I hope you have a wonderful weekend! God Bless you!

    Leah @ Graceleecottage.blogspot.com


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