Five Exercises To Be A Better Writer

Do you ever just let your mind go completely blank? Not in, lost your mind, had a lobotomy or went on a bender. But as in, disconnect yourself from all electronic gadgets, stop doing or planning stuff. Just wipe the blackboard clean and see what happens.

Trying To Get Myself Motivated

I love the way the morning sun streaks across my old trunk in the office each morning. It always makes me smile.

Isn't it strange the little things that are so important in our everyday lives? The things we would so miss if we didn't have them?

I learned long ago that it isn't the big things that come to you infrequently. But it is the small everyday joys that keep a person sustained.

Somehow I just can't get my creative holiday mojo going yet.

Yesterday I went out to the shed and dragged four big bins of Christmas stuff to the back porch. 

I'm not putting up the big tree. I just don't want to shuffle through all the stuff out there to get to it. So I will be decorating all around the house. 

The Tis the Season Blog Tour that I will be a part of, put together by Joyce of  At Home With Jemma, will begin Monday, December 9th and go through Saturday, December 14th.

The tour bloggers and dates:

Monday December 9th Jemma of At Home With Jemma
Monday December 9th Chris of The Cafe Sucre Farine
Tuesday December 10th Poppy of Poppy View
Wednesday December 11th Sherri, Jess and Nel of Red Rose Alley
Wednesday December 11th Patty of Home and Lifestyle Design
Thursday December 12th Melanie of Comfy House
Thursday December 12th Brenda of Cozy Little House
Friday December 13 Melinda of The Refeathered Roost
Saturday December 14th Dewena of Across the Way
Saturday December 14th Kathryn of The Dedicated House 

I will be doing a farmhouse inspired Christmas. Which means you will probably be seeing my cow and chickens in the line up. Maybe an egg or two.

That is, when I can get myself motivated. I'm hoping tomorrow it hits me. Maybe tonight I'll thumb through some magazines and see if the decorating bug bites me.

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Welcome Wagon Friday 11/29/13

Up for you this week I have...

Christmas Inspiration From BH&G

I know many of you are already thinking of Christmas decor. So I gathered these images from Better Homes & Gardens to inspire those of us who may need it. (Me!)

The Night Before Thanksgiving

I wanted to wish everyone a cozy Thanksgiving. Stay warm. Be safe. Be thankful. Don't over feed the pets. Remember to take the Tums.


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Tweak It Tuesday #66

Last week on Tweak It Tuesday, My Salvaged Treasures shows off her gorgeous display of vintage ornaments vignettes.

The Beeping Siege Has Now Ended

It was touch and go with my sanity while the beeping siege took two days to figure out. If you want to drive someone absolutely nuts, hiding a beeping object will just about do the trick.

What On Earth Is That Beeping Sound?

We've had a little problem here for nearly two days. There is a beeping sound in this house...somewhere...that is driving Abi round the bend. 

Not a couple of beeps, so that I could rush through the house and try to isolate it. Just one "beep." With no exact minutes between beeps.

This morning I did my yoga stretching on my mat with Abi curled around my head. I let her outside, and she is always the first to want in as I stand at the door waiting. I had to go hunt her down. VERY unlike Abi. 

Here's the lengths I've gone to with this dilemma: 

Of course my first thought, early yesterday morning, was that it was the smoke detector. I took it down. I took the battery out, put a new one in. Put it back up. 

Heard a beep...somewhere. Got the step ladder, climbed up it, took it back down. 

I don't even know how many times I've done that. Now it is down and I even took a screw driver to take down the little thing it fits into out of the ceiling. 

Nope. All that was there was ceiling.

Last night after my shower I thought it was in the kitchen. I moved the coffee cart and such away from the wall and took off the extension cord. I replaced it with a power strip that is supposed to be safer. 

I knew this couldn't be the beeping, but I am at a loss of what to do at this point. I have to do something, with Abi at my heels.

While doing that I thought I might as well check the outlet behind the coffee bar. I realized that my mini Keurig has a cord that is not two feet long. Who thinks up these things? Is there a reason it's so short? 

There may be a safety reason. But do you know how hard it is, in a house with very few outlets, to hook up such a short cord? You have to be an acrobat to fix these things.

In my dining room, there is one outlet for the entire room.

There was a lot of finagling with that trying to keep things from crashing to the floor. I had to perch the next power strip on a shelf or it would have pulled the mini Keurig to the floor.

Then I started looking at the mammoth refrigerator. The one that is in the VERY corner of the kitchen and a real bitch to move in and out. I decided I would have to look back there. 

Dust bunnies from two years of a refrigerator not being moved floated up into the air. I knew I was going to have to take another shower. 

Somehow, in my trying to pull it out, the computer lights on the front panel went out. Oh no...

So then I was faced with: How one earth am I going to get back there, because I cannot pull it all the way out, and plug whatever it is back in? I got my flash light and saw that somehow the red button that is turned to on on this power strip had suddenly turned off.

After much climbing and reaching and breathing in of dust bunnies, I rectified that. 


Does anyone, by the way, know why they're called dust bunnies? Not dust rabbits, or dust hares. Or any other animal?

Then I realized I might have pulled it out too far. The ice maker...

How to know what I'd done there? I took the container with ice out and dumped all the ice and put it back in and waited, my right ear to the door, to see if I could hear water running to the ice maker. 

It reminded me of those lessons they taught in high school where kids had to carry around something, pretending it was their baby, in order to learn how hard it is to take care of a baby. Wonder if they still do that.

My baby is a smoke alarm. My nemesis is a beeping noise.


I am now sitting in my chair typing. Abi is on a warm blanket between my legs. She is terrified. You would not recognize this dog. She is not at all her usual self. She is not playing and yapping and aggravating Charlie. I fear she will have to be fitted for a strait jacket soon. 

What to do? Well, I doubt if I look online or in the phone book there will be any help under??? Beeping fixers? Beeping annihilators? Beeping finders? ...Ghost busters?

Charlie is not nearly as frightened as she is. Actually, oddly enough, he's rather calm. Now if this were a gnat buzzing, it would be an entirely different story. He would be under the bedding shaking so hard his teeth would be rattling. 


What to do? I've done everything I can think of. I go and stand in every room and listen. Naturally it doesn't beep when I'm there just like water doesn't boil when you stand over it. 

So I take a dining room chair, and, holding Abi, situate it in various places in the house. 

I grow bored pretty fast, so I get my camera. I think up the idea that if I take a photo from everywhere I sit, I will be cancelling out that particular area. 

Not loud enough here...check.

It beeps randomly. Not at exact times. So hard to pinpoint. I feel like a failure, Abi. I'm so very sorry.

I am faced with a monster that beeps. It has put Abi into a practically catatonic state. There it goes again. Abi jumps, and raises her head fearfully. She is but a shadow of her former self. She is not Abi. 

Not here...check.

I can only think of a few things that have batteries in this house. A flashlight, two clocks, and the smoke detector. If there's something else, I can't think of it. 

Abi is now in a place she never goes, underneath a plant stand. 

Charlie is perched on the couch arm nearby staring down at her as if to say: "What's a matter, Abs?" His ears are perked up in consternation. She is hardly recognizable. She is not the Abi that he knows.

I am beside myself. Whenever I do figure out where this beeping is coming from, I will feel as though I've won the lottery. Or I will bash it with a hammer. Or I will have to be fitted for a strait jacket right along with Abi.

Thirty-six beeping hours and counting...

Abi will possibly need therapy after this. Or a dog whisperer. 

Abi is hiding. Abi never hides. She is an outgoing, playful, full of mischief little girl who keeps everyone constantly entertained. 

Her eyes, that I see peeking from behind the secretary, are beseeching. I feel so guilty. Those eyes are saying: "Mom, please stop the beeping."

I need one of those snugglies. Do they still make those? That you put on and wrapped around your neck and it held the baby in front of you?

Weeks from now, if I figure this out, it will be funny I know. It will be a silly story to tell. I hope I will laugh at myself for not realizing right away what it is. 

Unless...I still haven't figured it out. I don't even want to think of that possibility.

But right now I'm faced with (there it goes) a beeping noise that is holding everyone in this house hostage. That has Abi stuck to me like glue. 

Whatever could it be? ANY IDEAS OUT THERE?

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What Happens At A Magazine Shoot

Well, I was filled with anxiety over the magazine shoot yesterday, but Franklin and Esther, man and wife team (he photographs; she styles) could not have been nicer. I felt like they were old friends by the end of the day. (

Welcome Wagon Friday 11/22/13

Before we know it November will be turning into December. I'm just not quite ready to think about Christmas yet! How about you? 

Decoupage Projects & An Office Cleaning

I can't decide if I'm entirely happy with this decoupage project or not. Obviously I'm on the fence about it. I used vintage images from our wonderful The Graphics Fairy

Whatever would we do without her? And you know me and quotes. I adore quotes.

Maybe all the painting I've been doing has scrambled some brain cells. I do not even want to see a paint brush for at least a month.

Believe it or not, this is about as uncluttered as I can get this room. There's only so much space. I purged and tossed and moved things to the shed. 

I'm enjoying sitting there under the window doing projects. I open the table out and have plenty of room to glue and cut and such.

Haven't sewed in a long time. Painful for my ankle. Still, love my two little Featherweights.

I have a feeling someone's going to be in that button jar tonight. Looks like I'm babysitting the grands.

I don't think I ever showed you this. Got it a couple of weeks ago from Wayfair. Love that place!

I do think the plants being inside is helping my asthma. I have quite a few here in the bedroom.

Well, it's another gray day. Mr. Squirrel has been digging around in my pots. I suppose putting his bounty away for winter.  

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Gray Skies & Cleaning Today

The sky has been gray all day. No rain. No sun. Just gray. That's the kind of day to stay inside and clean. And I've been cleaning, putting my feet up, cleaning some more, putting my feet up, and so it goes.

Tweak It Tuesday #65

Last week on Tweak It Tuesday, Happy At Home showed the craft shelf she built.

Remember The Potting Bench?

Well, here she is in all her glory. She's spent time on the porch, at another house in another state, where I found her at a consignment shop and used her in the kitchen to hold pots and pans. And now she's got a white paint job and is!

Life Changes...Falling In & Out Of Love

There will be a time when you believe everything is finished. That will be the beginning.
- Louis L'Amour

Creative Bloggers Of The Week #11

Christmas is on everyone's mind, it seems. Soon it will be Thanksgiving, and then we'll be toting all our Christmas things out of wherever we have them stored. So many of the projects I'm finding now tend to be holiday oriented.

Welcome Wagon Friday 11/15/13

It's Friday, and that means I have some new bloggers to introduce.

BH&G Colors & Trends

I adore this primary color scheme for a living space. The reds just pop. It looks ultra inviting. And the blue walls set the stage for a very colorful living room.