At My Window

So odd how some flowers that I thought should have bloomed in summer are actually blooming now.  Nature is full of surprises.

And the morning glories just keep on keeping one. Twining their vines through the passion flower vines and continuing to spread upward and outward.

The mums out back have fully opened. I still can't recall where these came from. I usually choose yellow mums. But I like this shade of purple too.

It will be a day of staying inside. Having some coffee. Sunday things. Quiet hours of daylight. Shortened bit by bit. Until winter has taken over.

I can stand at my bedroom window facing the back, and watch the leaves as they fall. 

They are not falling in earnest just yet. You can count to ten or so between seeing one flutter to the ground, before the next one spirals downward.

Then turns and twists and skips across the yard when the wind picks up. Blowing who knows where.

The indoor plants are fully ensconced back in their winter habitat. Giving a burst of green to every room.

It is one of those days when I got up, showered, and put on a pair of clean pajamas. 

A quiet Sunday. An everyday Sunday. A day that yawns before me with quiet possibility.

One of those days when you feel occasionally pulled to the window. To watch as fall takes over the yard. The seasons trading places. The shifting of positions. 

The one thing you can truly count on. Time moving forward.

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  1. Sounds wonderful Brenda. If you can, don't just watch from the window...go out and enjoy it.

  2. Stacey is on to something, here! Go out and stand under those falling fiery leaves, let them lightly pat you on the head, bidding you adieu, on their last journey in this life, and thank the heavens that you are about to start your Sunday in the sunshine of a brand new day!

    PS: LOVE that first photo of that perfect yellow charm!

  3. I love sitting by window and looking at the leaves and I love the light this time of year and blue skies. I sew, listen to my music or watch old movies. I am in heaven.

  4. You keep your house so cheerful and inviting...and cozy. We are in the mountains of NC for a few weeks and I'm having a cup of coffee on this cold afternoon. Sweet hugs!

  5. Brenda ~ I long for a day to spend in my pj's drinking coffee or hot chocolate and peeking out the windows at falls glory. I spent the day with my daughter painting her living room. All in all we did have fun and a few good chuckles too ;-)
    Have a wonderful day

  6. Everything has wilted from the frost here, no more flowers blooming. So nice to see your's doing well.

  7. The leaves are falling like snowflakes here in Virginia. All colors-------reds, yellow, gold, brown. They are all pretty but I don't like to see the bare limbs of the trees.

    In the not to far off future, the limbs will be covered with snow.
    Mother nature sure does know how to put on a good show
    I'm glad you're in warm "jammies" and enjoying the scenery from your cozy little house..
    I hope you'll have a happy week ahead.
    Charlotte in Virginia

  8. Hi Brenda. I just popped over form Dewena who wrote a lovely post mentioning you. :) I've had a lovely, relaxes Sunday morning too. Hooray for us! Love your mums. I bought some orange ones this afternoon as well as some orange gerba daisies for my daughter. They're her favourites. Now I have to go out to rake up the leaves from the cherry tree out front. Last night's rain brought so many leaves down that the front lawn looks like a beautiful tapestry. I'd love to leave them all like that but I live in a 'hood that looks like something out of the Truman Show! Lol. So out I go. :)

  9. Beautiful words, Brenda, especially the last line. The last of the flowers really lift my spirits, I imagine you get a longer bloom time with your warmer temps. And some just have so much energy. Our leaves change late, they just started last week and they will be off the trees in a matter of days. One big colorful carpet and a pain to rake!

    We had the slowest weekend ever. I haven't left the house since Wednesday. Good prep for winter.


  10. No flowers still in bloom here in northern IL except for mums. The leaves are falling off the trees like crazy now; some are already bare. I love days where you're at home and take a shower and simply change into clean pajamas. That will be me tomorrow - and I'm looking forward to it!

  11. I am enjoying your flowers...all that I have left are my sweet alyssum ( which were fine yesterday but it is 29 degrees this morning so I wonder if they will have succumbed ) and some flowers on the porch. Your mums are stunning! :)

  12. I love pajama days. My Mums are still blooming along with my Nicotiana. A storm is moving in, the wind is blowing and the temperature is dropping here in Colorado. I imagine it will be the end of my flowers as the temp is to reach 18 by tomorrow evening. A few more days and the leaves will be off our big cotton wood tree and it will be time to rake all those lovely leaves into the garden.

  13. Those kinds of Sundays are to be treasured! I have some summer flowers still blooming - I guess they like the angle of the sun. Your photos are so lovely, Brenda!


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