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I adore this primary color scheme for a living space. The reds just pop. It looks ultra inviting. And the blue walls set the stage for a very colorful living room.

I've always been fond of kitchen banquettes. I just never have had the right space in which to put one. I have a board on Pinterest dedicated to kitchen banquettes.

I adore the eye-popping red lamp bases here as well. And have you noticed that random colors and prints are all the rage with pillows right now? I think it's beautiful and artistic, and will have to try this. 

The blue and white with deep gold paint is kind of a surprising color combination. But it works here. The blue and white tones down the gold. The abundance of white is the common denominator here.

What I really like here are the two toned green walls. Green brings serenity to a room, much like blue. And the curtains are trendy with the panels sewn with two different fabrics.

Gallery rooms have been hot lately. And once again we see pillows on the couch that have no relation to one another in terms of print or color.

This is one of my all time favorite looks: putting furniture in an unexpected space. 

Dressers and chests in living areas and kitchens and dining rooms are very eye-catching. There's less need for built-ins when you can simply use free-standing furniture. get to take it with you when you move!

Here is another one. The trend is to really go artistic with these pieces used in more socially dominated rooms.

You may not have been around then, but in the seventies and eighties, we used basketry on the walls for decoration. And I think the trend is back! 

I love it because it gives a look of texture where you ordinarily would not see it. 

Hey, what goes around comes around. Eventually!

Numbers are still big, in all shapes and forms and colors. Painted numbers, decoupaged numbers. Any way we can incorporate numbers on furniture and baskets and all sorts of decorative pieces. 

Shelves as more than just a place to store books. Shelves are decor. 

And not just boring shelves. Brightly painted shelves are in abundance. I just love to see how people style their book shelves. Don't you?

Another hot trend has been decorating with succulents and similar plants. In a terrarium-like setting or in shells or anything you consider decorative. 

I just love to see what is up to. They always have something I love to share with you. Sign up for their newsletters. I like to peruse them while drinking my coffee.

I always do Welcome Wagon on Thursdays. Then I'm back to work in the "potting bench" area...

See ya later!

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  1. Although I love color, so much of it is too much overload for me in my house. I like the pops of color more with a neutral background. I have always used dressers in all of my living spaces so I guess that I am coming back in style :)

  2. I love all that color, too. I did hang baskets on the wall in the 70's. Gosh that seems so long ago. I see your blog updated today. Mine did last night while I was sleeping, but said twelve hours ago this morning. NO it wasn't twelve hours. It is so messed up.

  3. LOVE that first photo of that living room....would LIVE there all day, every day...and night!


  4. I love that first picture so much!!!! I wish my house looked like that. Can't wait to see what you're up to there at the cozy little house!


  5. I'm a little different..I get tired of things that jump out at me or that I notice..So I go for quiet soft colors that just kinda all blend together..I like most of those rooms but would get tired og living with them..

  6. The living room in the first photo got my attention, too! There is a different look going on today and I do love it. I'm probably stuck too much in a time warp to change but I admit it is all a fresh vibrant look.

  7. Hi Brenda, Haven't been here in awhile. My blogging has been sporadic for awhile now.

    Since I don't follow trends, I've always hung baskets on walls. Inexpensive and look great. I even have African wooden trays hanging in my living room. :)

    Love gallery walls. And mish mash pillows! Best wishes, Tammy

  8. I love all the photos you posted. I tend to go for darker colors for warmth and neutrals. I think this stems from being a preschool teacher for so long. It was color, color, color all day so I needed something a little less bold in my home to create a more relaxing atmosphere. LOL! I really envy how some are able to put bold colors together, as in the photos. It's definitely eye-catching.

  9. I had those baskets on our walls, and they looked great. I wish I knew where they went. I really loved them.

  10. So many beautiful rooms. I'm a lover of color even on my walls. But I must say I loved 2nd picture of the room with the pale pinkish walls where the color was found in the gorgeous banquette. And I loved the 3rd picture with the beige walls, large picture window and gorgeous, colorful pillows. Gives me more ideas of how to change out my room next time I need to paint. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Love all that color...makes me ready for SPRING! Me too, used so many baskets on the wall back in the day!

  12. What fun photos- full of color and life. I also love the built in banquettes in the kitchen also. We had them in one house. What a great post, Brenda. I think it is funny how much things go around and then become popular all over again- xo Diana

  13. Love the paint color in the first photo, but I think I'm partial because my kitchen and hallway are painted a dark teal...but that 3rd photo with the neutral sofa and bright pillows is what I'm striving for how calm the walls are too - it lets those pops of color shine!

  14. I'm trying to get away from my matchy matchy style and the mismatched pillows are a good place to start. I need to get busy and stitch some up. I've got plenty of fabric in my stash!

    Fun photos!

    1. Agree….Vickie! I think I might have a match-matchy personality disorder! LOL I love your idea to start slowly…with pillows! :)

  15. Love all these beautiful images…thanks for the design inspiration!!!

  16. I love all this colorful inspiration! I definitely need color in my life.
    Mary Alice


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