Christmas Inspiration From BH&G

I know many of you are already thinking of Christmas decor. So I gathered these images from Better Homes & Gardens to inspire those of us who may need it. (Me!)

In the above photo, there are a bounty of windows to let in natural light, and at the same time visually bring the outdoors in.

For all of you who long for a "white" Christmas, the photo above just about does the trick. The simple accents of nature up on the mantel brings this room an elegant statement.

The eye here is automatically drawn to the mirror over the mantle. A simple yet beautiful wreath made of ornaments is just what the mirror needs without taking away from its prominence.

The above photo evokes an old-fashioned Christmas with the look of ornaments gathered over time. A traditional Christmas setting.

Here is a room that really speaks to me. It has holiday decor all about the room, with a smaller tree not taking the spotlight away from the other holiday vignettes.

This photo is just the opposite. It's all about the tree. The furniture is arranged in a more intimate setting suited for cozy nights of drinking hot chocolate and reminiscing about past Christmases.

You get a more vintage vibe here with the repurposed coffee table, the printed burlap pillows, and the old sign in the background.

Here is a more modern twist, with a hint of Scandinavian style mixed in. The trees on the mantel are very striking and different. The stockings have been given a bit of glam.

For those of you with a corner fireplace, here are some ideas to make the most of this area. The small red trees guide the eye to the fire. And more color is picked up in the large wreath.

This photo is bursting at the seams with color, color, color! From the brightly hued furniture to the wrapped presents under the tree. Love the afghan used as a tree skirt!

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  1. LOVELY!!! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Love this really great collection of Christmas ideas, what a nice Thanksgiving present! Have a wonderful day.

  3. I love all of the inspiration that you've found, the last one has a nice vintage feel to it, doesn't it.
    Happy Thanksgiving!
    Hugs, Cindy

  4. Those are all gorgeous photos Brenda, Hope you are having a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

  5. Great inspiration! Have a happy and blessed Thanksgiving.

  6. Love your post today Brenda! Hope you had some turkey and all the trimmings today with family and friends...I am thankful to know you...xoxoxoxo Carol

  7. Love the cheerful Christmas inspiration Brenda, love all the red with the green wreaths.

  8. Hope your Thanksgiving was lovely.
    The holiday inspiration is gorgeous.
    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

  9. I really hope you had a nice Thanksgiving today. I loved these photos you shared. Lots of good ideas can be found with them for sure. I still have to put up my tree and decorate the outside of my house. Hoping it won't be too cold to do it though.

  10. Oh...these are so wonderful. The first one with the wreaths and tree...reminds me of the "hanging of the green" celebration we used to celebrate at church. The traditional setting is my favorite tree... And the last one...just jumps out at me as a true Christmas past- as though it were from my childhood.
    Love that you put these together...
    Hope you had a Thankful and reflective day today, Brenda... I hope you had some family to share the day with.
    blessings to you my friend. Pat

  11. All very very pretty! A little sparkle, a touch of glam and a whole lot of cheer!

    Thanks for this collection of inspiration!


  12. Your blog header is decorated for Christmas as cute! :)

  13. Love all of these! Well the ones that are white with soft touches of color are my FAV. :-) Makes me want to start RIGHT NOW......LOL thanks for sharing hun and I love that you decorated your website as well. :-) Happy Holidays.

  14. I love color at Christmas. I have tried it both ways, and the older I get, the more I love what would pass for a.childhood Christmas.

    Loved these looks. Your house is made for Christmas!



  15. The lighting in these photographs really seems like cool-toned winter light. I love it. I also love the fire that appears to be drawn on a chalkboard in the first photograph. Very clever. Thanks for these fun photos, Brenda.

  16. These are all fantastic...I think we could all find something in each picture to add to our decor. I really like the little wreaths on both ends of each window (in the first photo).

    Have a great weekend!


  17. Lovely inspiration. I have lots of ideas running around the brain, but I don't decorate until December 1.

  18. Hi Brenda, great inspiring pics. I find something I love in each setting. Thank you for sharing. Hope you enjoyed a nice Thanksgiving. Have a great rest of the weekend. Hugs!

  19. Hi Brenda, Love all the pics, I think it's all about the " TREE" at this time of year so let it shine.


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