Creative Bloggers Of The Week #10

Traveling around Blog Land this week, I found these homemade candles made by Town And Country Living

Not only did she make the candles, she also dressed them up so beautifully they would make fantastic holiday gifts.

Then I found these absolutely adorable knitted hedge hogs at Little Cotton Rabbits.

Are these not just the essence of sweetness??? Makes me wish I knew how to knit.

Then I headed back to the US and found that Pretty Handy Girl had made up her own fragrance sprays. I'm smitten.

Many of you know this is on my list of things to do. So I will be gleaning as much information as I can from her post. 

So that's this week's Creative Bloggers Of The Week #10. If you so desire, you can light a candle, cuddle a knitted hedge hog, or spray chemical-free fragrance spray in your home. Sounds good to me.

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  1. Great post the fragrance sprays, and the hedgehogs...everything...I think your furbabies are so cute and adorable... I have a Teddy Bear who is always need of some grooming (blah) the groomer at the vet never has the time and we are always pushing his appointments...petco charges more than double what our charges...need to learn how to groom him myself ...anyway great post- thank you ! Marisa

  2. Thanks for sharing my DIY room scent sprays! And I'm in love with those Hedgehogs now ;-)

  3. They're all so imaginatively brilliant! I love your series, Brenda! Thanks for these beautiful features!

    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!


  4. Love the decorated candles and those hedgehogs are adorable! Thanks for sharing with us!

  5. For some reason I have missed all of your posts this I hunted you down. So if you see a lot of comments on old posts you will understand.
    Those hedgehogs are adorable.
    Although I love those mason jar candles, they scare me. I need to post my safety post about candles. SNUFF them do not blown them out, esp. the handmade ones. That's how I burned my face and eyes.

  6. Wow Brenda ! I love the hedge hogs !! They are so adorably cute !! I love burlap around the mason jar look too, infact have tried burlap over so many jars, boxes, cans etc ! A real sucker for burlap ! Thank you for sharing your finds with us honey !

  7. What wonderful finds, Brenda. I love all of them. xo Laura

  8. Omigoodness, I mostly want to thank you for featuring my candles ... but those hedgehogs!!! Those hedgehogs steal the show! They are just so darn cute. I want to make them but I don't know how to knit either ... maybe that's something I'll learn to do this winter just so I can make my own hedgehogs. Love the room spray idea too. I made linen spray once (very easy to do) so thinking I'll try the room spray next. Thanks for sharing, Brenda!!

  9. I love the hedge hogs..May have to give them a try..

  10. Oh WOW I am sooooo in love with the knitted hedge hogs!!!! I want them ALL. :-) Thanks for sharing with us all today.

  11. Those hedgehogs are too cute for words! I love Pretty Handy Girl! Met her briefly at Haven in August and took one of her classes. That girl can tame a hammer like nobody's business.

  12. I always get so many fun ideas. Just look at those sweet hedgehogs! Very cute!


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