Creative Bloggers Of The Week #9

Angie at Knick Of Time came up with these repurposed overalls. That girl is beyond clever.

Laura at Top This Top That shared a Christmas project.

I love her different versions of burlap trees.

Becky at Beyond The Picket Fence created some gorgeous mason jar lights for her daughter's bathroom.

I am in love with this idea.

I've found there's one thing you can count on in Blog Land. There are creative bloggers everywhere you look!

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  1. Great creative collection, Brenda. I'm thinking that overall organizer would make a great gift for my tween granddaughter. And the burlap trees would be fun to make for my Christmas decorations this year (since I got rid of the ones I had when we moved). Those mason jar lights are very cool. Thanks for sharing all these wonderful ideas. I'm on my way to check them out. ~ Nancy

  2. I love each of the features, but I have to say may favorite is the mason jar lights. So cute and clever.

    What would we all do without your help in showing us all the great things you find in blogland.

  3. Love the mason jar idea, and the overall wall pocket is so cute. Such original ideas!

  4. You're right, Brenda, there is an over abundance of creativity out there in Blogland! These three are very clever and so kind as to share their ideas.

  5. What great ideas. It always amazes me how bloggers continually keep coming up with new ideas, although I'm just not ready to think about Christmas yet.

  6. Thanks so much for the shout out. Don't you just love Knick of time's overall pocket?

  7. There is so much creativity throughout blog land.

  8. Thanks for sharing...loved all of them! such great ideas! Carol

  9. Love the projects Brenda! Those overall pockets are awesome Angie!

  10. Great features again, Brenda!

    And wonderful kitchens on your Pinterest board. I've been following it for a while and I'm amazed at all the vintage inspired kitchens you find!

  11. Creative bloggers, indeed, Brenda! I wish I were half that clever! BTW, I've just started blogging again after a very long hiatus. Please stop by and say hello at

  12. Hi Brenda, I always enjoy it when you highlight other blogs. Thanks for your lovely blog!


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