Good Deals & The Woodpecker Is Back

Well, I'm working and resting a bit and then getting up and working some more. If I wasn't so head strong, I wouldn't have taken on just everything all at once. 

I should have left the stuff on the wall in the office and bedroom and then I wouldn't have seen all the nail holes and scratches. Because then I went to town. But I've never been known to have good sense when I'm on a mission.

I wanted to show you this lampshade. I was in Lowes buying paint last Friday and this was on clearance for under $5. It isn't the prettiest shade of green I've seen. But it came home with me. More "stuff."

Then I was in Target, which is right down from Lowes, and happened upon these two signs. I took one to someone who worked there and said: "These say $1.78. That can't be right, is it?" 

Indeed it was! She said they were probably the very cheapest things in the whole darned store!

Yeah, I know. Needed them like a hole in my head. 

And speaking of holes, my little friend is back today. Haven't seen many birds around. Don't know where they go when it's cold. I've always wondered that. I don't think they all go south do they?

And this here is Charlie Ross's hiney. Got to get moving!

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  1. Hi Brenda...Love your sign and yes birdies do fly south in the winter months...then come back in the Spring...some hang around all year but most of them migrate...we feed the birds all them! Carol

  2. You found some real deals, whether you needed them or not. AND, Charlie Ross has a cute hiney !

    I have sparrows, black capped chickadees, doves and cardinals at my feeder.. I put out corn and sunflower seeds for the squirrels, thinking that would keep the furry critters away from the bird feeder.. No such luck.
    Enjoy getting ready for the CS folks.
    Charlotte in Virginia

  3. $1.78?!!! Now that's a price that definitely went 'south', lucky for you! Charming and very CLH!

    Sweet woodpecker. I miss my Blue Jays! They're such beauties!

    Don't overexert yourself, my savvy styling friend!


  4. I just never seem to think of shopping at Lowe's for anything besides nuts and bolts and so on. I'll have to look closer and see if I can find something as delightful as your lampshade. It looks great on that lamp.

  5. Brenda,
    So fun to shop for deals and when you happen upon them unexpectedly they are even more of a thrill. Target seems to be super friendly right now, hope they stay way through the entire Christmas season. I was in there just the other day looking for a cat they talked for one of the grands. This particular cat was $10 more than the one at Walmart-a manager was cruising by and I asked her about the price, she told me if I had the paper ad from Walmart she would do a price match. I did not-but I did have a portion of the price on a picture my daughter had sent me on my Iphone-they accepted that!
    Now, that is customer service!

  6. Hi Brenda! Love your new lamp shade and the cute signs. Now you slow down on your refreshing! Remember, the magazine folks like what they've seen! ;) Take care of yourself.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  7. Hello Mr Woodpecker I have missed you :) Love that lampshade too! :)

  8. It's just not right to pass up deals like that -- you had to bring them home! And they are great, by the way! Love your woodpecker pic!

  9. Ok... the lamp pretty. I've never spotted a shade at Lowe's for under $5. I'd say, it would have to come home with me, too! I wonder about the birds too. I guess they just feather their nests like we do and hunker down for a long winter's nap. All the books tell how to feed them in the winter with lard and bird seeds (suet) to help them stay warm and healthy. So, I guess some of them do stick around.
    Hang in there, don't go into a frenzy before the photo shoot... just take a deep breath and relax.
    Let them do the rest!

  10. Cute post Brenda! Wow, what a deal you scored at Target. Those signs are so cute and best of all they're red!

  11. What cute signs, but what I want is the woodpecker. Actually I don't really want him, but I would like to see him up close.

  12. Amazing post! The photos are so beautiful!

  13. I have a red tailed hawk that frequents my yard. Poor thing was in my garden yesterday taking a rest from some crows that were tormenting it.

  14. Sometimes a hole in the head is the only thing that makes sense and keeps us going. I still am in awe at the stuff Judy gets from the flea market there and garage sales. truly unreal. I went to the thrift store in a nearby town and spent 13- got a lot of stuff though for my craft ideas and better than a lunch out. that is a steal at target. I rarely go in to Target- not close to me. love seeing Charlie's hiney.

  15. I signed up for google- so I can post now on to the site= yea!!

  16. We had this conversation before, my wood pecker hits on the metal chimney flue only on weekends at six in the morning. He's not yet returned. I hope the little pecker died.

  17. Love your bargain signs and they look great on your walls! I am so behind in EVERYTHING home and blog related! I better go and get busy!

  18. Hi! I have just recently found your blog and love it! We have the same kind of woodpeckers here in Alabama & our little house is also blue. You found some nice bargains. The signs are a nice pop of color on your walls. I love your adorable dogs! We have a Shih Tzu that found me a few months ago. She is such a sweet little thing.
    I would like to invite you to visit my blog.

  19. I hope you're feeling better, the sign are nice, I need to check out our target for clearances.
    Have a good day!

  20. If you set out t bird feeder you will soon see how many birds stay for the winter months. Which reminds me I need to set mine up. Your signs are very cute. Great deal. xo Laura

  21. Hi Brenda, That's a cute hiney that Charlie Ross has! Those are cute signs too. What a bargain!

  22. I wish my hiney was as cute as Charlie's. *sign*

    Those signs should be filed under 'deal of the century'.

  23. We have a woodpecker too, he just pecked holes in one of our front porch columns to make a nest inside it...ugh!
    Cute pup, even from the backside!

  24. I saw a woodpecker just like yours the other day. His red crown sure stood out. You got some amazing deals, wow.

  25. Great finds, Brenda! And look at that CUTE pup! xo


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