Gray Skies & Cleaning Today

The sky has been gray all day. No rain. No sun. Just gray. That's the kind of day to stay inside and clean. And I've been cleaning, putting my feet up, cleaning some more, putting my feet up, and so it goes.

The washer is whirring its way to the end of the last cycle. I've already done two loads, because I'm washing the bedding. I usually don't do more than a load a week. Unless I'm doing bedding.

I finished my decoupage project in the office. I kind of like it and I kind of feel like it has an "unfinished" look. But then I tend to overdo things anyway. And it's much easier to add things than to scrape them off.  I'll show you more on that tomorrow when I have some more things done around here.

I'm a little peeved that my favorite show did not come on last night. And the rerun from last week, which I always watch again, did not show on Saturday night. Come on, I don't give diddly about The Voice. I want to see James Spader in The Black List. Last week's show was fabulous. I look forward to it all week.

I'm getting ready to give the pupsters a bath in the kitchen sink. Thank goodness they're small enough for that. Then I always clean it out with a bleaching solution. Did you know that Yorkshire Terriers do not shed? Not at all. 

Well, I've got lots to do. Just wanted to check in. See what's going on in your neck of the woods. Did you have sunshine or a perpetual gray sky today?

I guess you noticed the new look. I was getting some complaints that the checked border took awhile to load.

I decided I wanted to have more white and light on my blog. And so I went on Etsy and shopped for blog designs. I found this one at Raspberry Road Designs. She installed it for me. If you want a different blog look for fewer bucks (a lot fewer actually), Etsy is the way to go.

Boy, what did we ever do without Etsy?

The original design had pink instead of red. Of course that was the first thing I asked her. Can you make everything pink red? Yes, she could. And so I have my birdie (you know how I dearly love my birdies) and my flowers. And my blues of course. So I'm good.

If you want to see her other designs, her logo is at the bottom of the blog. She's very sweet and talented. 

Tell her Brenda sent you from her cozy little house.

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  1. Love your new blog design. It is so light and cheerful. Just what we need for these gray days of winter. It is very gray here too and windy most days. I guess the wind is necessary to bring down the leaves, but it makes it so much colder.
    Always nice to get some cleaning done, so if you are done, my house needs some work :)

  2. Yes, it's gray here today and we're expecting rain, which is much needed out here in So Cal, so I'm very excited about that. My Morkie had a bath today too. And yes, it's great he doesn't shed. Love the new blog design and happy you kept your favorite colors. Oh, Brenda, we clean house alike: work a little, rest, work a little, rest!

  3. The sun was actually shining here in northern IL today, but it was quite cold! Tomorrow the rain comes back in for a few days, then bitter cold. I do laundry every single day and it's just two of us. My husband actually generates the most laundry because he wears a work uniform every day, then has his regular clothes from being at home in the evening, and he also has workout clothes and towel every day. I work out several times a week plus take a yoga class, so I have that extra laundry, too. I love your new blog design - I actually like it better than the previous one. It's "cleaner" and brighter. Cute and cheery. I have the designer's etsy site bookmarked so I can look at it later.

  4. Love your new design. Very light and cute. I was mad about The Blacklist, too. Who cares about The Voice. xo Laura

  5. Did anyone want to watch that much of The Voice? I felt my vewership was abused!

  6. Liking the new design--crisp and clean, but still fun! We're FINALLY getting some rain tonight here in N. California. We desperately need it!

  7. The new design looks great Brenda, the little birdie at the top is so sweet! You're so lucky your fur babies don't shed. My Golden Retriever sheds like mad.

  8. I love your page design- and no...the Voice would not be my program of choice!

  9. I like the new page design and way over here in PA it was gray all day yesterday as well.

  10. Love the new design...I adore days like you had no pressure to be anywhere but at home and cleaning. You have a beautiful home and your pups are adorable ...Teddy went in for grooming last week charged us only $25 but because (we) waited so long poor guy was shaved short....he has not been himself since, last night we started seeing a glimpse of our Teddy! LOL Can't tell you about the weather, i'm in an office all day...but I was able to figure out how to include a print friendly button on my blog for my recipes only .
    ( BTW I think it was Sunny but windy) Have a great day! Marisa

  11. Hi Brenda,
    I prefer this new design and here, in France, we have the same weather and it is only 3°C. Time to put on gloves and wool scarves. I have just feed the birds on my balconies.
    I often buy on Etsy. I have just placed an order for an Ascot scarve in Denmark.
    I love to stitch, to cross stitch, to quilt ... but I do not know how to knit (and I do not
    want to learn !).
    Have a nice day.

  12. I adore your design, and yes, etsy is wonderful!

  13. Love the new look! It does load up faster. Gray and rainy here, but I love overcast days. Time to bake some cookies!!!! Days like this bring out my baking genes. Cleaning this morning and showing my house this afternoon. We are selling after 33 years.

  14. I like the new look! Light and Bright! I am hoping to clean this week and get some stuff taken to the thrift shop. I am dreaming of the day that I am done with all the editing. I still have Christmas stuff to bring here and then figure out what to keep and what goes!

  15. So glad to hear you sound up today! It was a beautiful warm sunny day in Missouri, but. This morning it is raining. My Schnauzer Bella doesn't shed either, and she is non allergic for people with those problems. The Blog looks great!

  16. I know that must be a good feeling knowing you're getting stuff done. A grey day is the perfect weather to be inside doing that. We have been fortunate to have pretty sunny skies here this week so far. We had such a nasty weekend though. The temps have gone down and the wind has picked up too. But our sun is streaming through the windows today! I wish my dog didn't shed. You're lucky.

  17. I do love your new blog design, especially your little bird. That's my favorite! It was gray here yesterday until alter afternoon. I also did my cleaning and laundry yesterday. I washed four loads, because I did all my granddaughter;s laundry as well as our's. That didn't include the bedding, so I plan to do all of that tomorrow. Seems like its never ending!

  18. I like the new blog design...change is good. I held on to my old one for so long because I just wasn't sure what I wanted and now I'm so happy with the one I have, I wish I had done it sooner.

    Cleaning on a grey day sounds perfect to me. It's a new day here and it's cold and sunny. I never seem to know what's on TV and when. I fixed the TV in my bedroom to get closed caption and I want to start watching more. I loved James Spader in that law show (my mind hasn't woken up yet!), I will look for this on Tuesday nights.


  19. I like the pin dots, but then I liked the checks also.

    Not hot, not cold, not sunny, not gray - just a fall day.

    I don't own a television, but I love James Spader so I will have to look for his show on Neftlix.

  20. I forgot to mention, James Spader! Blacklist is an amazing show. I looked at the TV listings on Monday and found it wasn't on, too. Very disappointed. I now wish I'd have watched him before in his other legal show. You have great taste!

  21. I noticed your new banner right away. It is perfect for you. Thanks so much for your comforting words. Our pets are so much a part of us. I will miss my kitty but couldn't stand her suffering. I wasn't going to post all that but it just came out. It is amazing how friends you have never met in person can know just what to say. Today was sunny and cold. I picked my grandson and granddaughter up from school and they wanted to go to DQ. We did and boy did it seem cold when we left. They are such good therapy. ((((HUGS))) to you my friend.

  22. Brenda, the slider on the side works GREAT now, with your new design!! I am a HAPPY CAMPER!


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