Trying To Get Myself Motivated

I love the way the morning sun streaks across my old trunk in the office each morning. It always makes me smile.

Isn't it strange the little things that are so important in our everyday lives? The things we would so miss if we didn't have them?

I learned long ago that it isn't the big things that come to you infrequently. But it is the small everyday joys that keep a person sustained.

Somehow I just can't get my creative holiday mojo going yet.

Yesterday I went out to the shed and dragged four big bins of Christmas stuff to the back porch. 

I'm not putting up the big tree. I just don't want to shuffle through all the stuff out there to get to it. So I will be decorating all around the house. 

The Tis the Season Blog Tour that I will be a part of, put together by Joyce of  At Home With Jemma, will begin Monday, December 9th and go through Saturday, December 14th.

The tour bloggers and dates:

Monday December 9th Jemma of At Home With Jemma
Monday December 9th Chris of The Cafe Sucre Farine
Tuesday December 10th Poppy of Poppy View
Wednesday December 11th Sherri, Jess and Nel of Red Rose Alley
Wednesday December 11th Patty of Home and Lifestyle Design
Thursday December 12th Melanie of Comfy House
Thursday December 12th Brenda of Cozy Little House
Friday December 13 Melinda of The Refeathered Roost
Saturday December 14th Dewena of Across the Way
Saturday December 14th Kathryn of The Dedicated House 

I will be doing a farmhouse inspired Christmas. Which means you will probably be seeing my cow and chickens in the line up. Maybe an egg or two.

That is, when I can get myself motivated. I'm hoping tomorrow it hits me. Maybe tonight I'll thumb through some magazines and see if the decorating bug bites me.

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  1. Love your Christmas header. Now you have inspired me to change up for the month. I love PicMonkey, wish they had left the collage gathering of photos to groups instead of one at a time but I can work with that, just slows things down for a few minutes. I have been making Christmas Vignettes for a couple of days (is 5 a lot for 2 days?), anyway they are my post for Monday. Quiet fun. Take care of you.

  2. love your new header Brenda. I want to decorate tooo but I have to keep unpacking for a few days.

    Maybe one of these years I can be part of a Christmas Home Tour..

    hope you find some inspiration.
    Yeaaaaaaaaaaaa Judy~!!!!

  3. You'll get your mojo on! I love your new Chrismasy header. I can never get the width right! I'm so glad you have Judy - she is really a great gal! I hope you dream of sugarplums and decorating tonight!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  4. I know you will find your mojo, Brenda. Looking forward to seeing all the inspiration and so thankful to Jemma for organizing the Tis The Season Blog Tour.

  5. I'm not in any mood for Christmas decorating either. It'll hit me eventually....just hope it's not upside the head. ;-)

  6. What a girlfriend Judy is! The kind we all need, with a little tough love included! It will come, Brenda, you're just at that stage where you don't know what yet, but you'll find it, you always do.

    I love that picture of your sewing machine with the light pouring through the glass lamp base!

  7. I often have a difficult time getting my Christmas decorating spirit going too. I'm always in the middle of so many projects, that it requires so much cleaning just to be able to get the decorations out. Your new header looks festive and wonderful though!

  8. Can't wait. I love your style and you know that and I totally love that header. As soon as I saw it I said oh how cute. Great job. You did it yourself???

  9. You know what puts me in the spirit is watching Christmas movies. Lifetime Network has several good ones on right now if you get that channel. That was nice of Judy to come over and boost your spirits.

  10. I understand Brenda. I am laying here wondering if this time next I will be in a wheelchair or a cast or both. I cant walk on the crutches. My shoulder is now out from trying those things. I had 3 blankets to make for Christmas that has come to a sreeching halt. No mood now just worry and depression. Why this why now? Poinsettias!! I always get one! I guess not this year if I dont get it by my appt Tuesday. Enjoying your blog.

  11. I was looking through a new Country Sampler magazine today that has lots of inspiration for Christmas decorating. It got me in the mood, so maybe you should take a look at it. :-) Some wonderful stuff in there!
    And I love your new header!

  12. Brenda,

    If you can decorate your blog to look this pretty, then I'm positive your cozy little house is not far behind!


  13. Hi Brenda. Your header is wonderful. Seriously, print it out and hang it on a wall and your decorating will flow from there. I think that header will inspire MY holiday decorating!

  14. Brenda your blog header is so cute! I thought that was one of Judy's jar's! I am hoping to do some decorating on Sunday. I want to participate in some parties but need to get some Christmas up first! You will get there!

  15. Brenda, I can't wait to see what you come up with! Hope your inspiration comes quickly. Have a wonderful holiday season! ~ Jamie

  16. I love that cute little header.
    You are not alone...some years I can't wait to decorate for Christmas and other years I am just going through the motions when I start out...

  17. I will not be putting up my big tree either. I usually put it in front of the living room door (only place in this little house) but since our house is for sale I can't this year. No other place to put it. I am going to use small trees here and there.

    Love the header. I will have to check PicMonkey out. I use Fotoflexer to manipulate my pictures and it is free!

  18. I am about half way through decorating and I have my blog header up, so I am feeling like it will all get done. I know whatever you do, my friend will be spectacular. xo Laura

  19. Hi Brenda,
    I also like the solitude with my dog Layla and I am having a hard time this year too. I was all ready to go last week but I wait till the day after Thanksgiving Day to start my Christmas decorating and now I don't know, yesterday Layla didn't want me to decorate and today things just aren't cooperating. All my love & best wishes.

  20. Maybe this is the year you go simple and fresh...?

    Go easy on yourself, you have been very busy lately.


  21. I love your header...I didn't know you could make them on Picmonkey.

    I am not fully recovered from Thanksgiving. I spent two hours yesterday just doing the dishes and serving bowls and platters. Coolers still filled with water and beer boxes on the porch! I need a little break. I know you will gt the urge to start decorating once you start going through your boxes. Everything cries for a home!


  22. What a sweet friend, Judy is! And the blog tour looks like fun!

  23. I was all excited for Christmas decorating yesterday and we also went to a really neat Christmas bazaar! Now today....... another story. I'm a blob on the computer chair and don't feel like doing anything today! 3 days of rush rush rush, cook, bake, shop, visit, walk, etc. has worn me out. I think I'll give myself a couple of days to just "be" and try not to "do". Maybe that would be good for you too! Sometimes we just need a break from things and to rest our minds.

  24. I hope the decorating bug does bit you! I look forward to seeing your Christmas decor. Because I am new to your blog since last Christmas, I have never seen yours before.

  25. Hi Brenda, the Christmas mojo will hit and when it does look out!! I started early this year and got everything done before Thanksgiving. Usually do not do this and let Thanksgiving have it's glory, but this season I just wanted to be done the day after Thanksgiving and relax. And, you know what, I liked doing that this year as this weekend has been wonderful to relax and see the work finished.
    I can just imagine how gorgeous your home will be. Love your style and homespun décor.
    Great header on your blog too. I need to update mine for the month.
    Have a nice evening.


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