Welcome Wagon Friday 11/29/13

Up for you this week I have...

I really like the look of pairing a fancy piece with a rustic one atop it. Gorgeous!

A wonderfully organized craft area.

And love, love, love this kitchen organization! 

A mantel perfect for Thanksgiving.

Okay, dear devoted Welcome Wagon volunteers, please give these ladies a visit.

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  1. Good Morning Brenda, I love your new look! Hope your Thanksgiving was a wonderful day . I also wanted to say I watched The Blacklist! I just loved it and know why you were upset that it wasn't on last week. Super show. Have a blessed day Linda

  2. Thank you so much for featuring my new organizing blog in your post! :)

  3. Will visit! That kitchen organization spot reminded me of the great Julia Child's kitchen.

    I missed the Blacklist Monday. Totally forgot about it. My son said, "Mom, you have got to see it. Best one yet." Maybe they'll play it before the finale next week?

    Your blog top is so pretty!

    1. Back again to say that I loved the visits but could not manage to leave a comment at Fox and Finch. I'm sure I did something wrong trying to. But the projects she showed are beautiful.

  4. Oh I see your header went Christmas, so cute.

    And thanks for showing us another batch of bloggers.


  5. I will definitely be doing some visiting. Just changed my header over for the holidays, too. Love yours. xo Laura


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