What On Earth Is That Beeping Sound?

We've had a little problem here for nearly two days. There is a beeping sound in this house...somewhere...that is driving Abi round the bend. 

Not a couple of beeps, so that I could rush through the house and try to isolate it. Just one "beep." With no exact minutes between beeps.

This morning I did my yoga stretching on my mat with Abi curled around my head. I let her outside, and she is always the first to want in as I stand at the door waiting. I had to go hunt her down. VERY unlike Abi. 

Here's the lengths I've gone to with this dilemma: 

Of course my first thought, early yesterday morning, was that it was the smoke detector. I took it down. I took the battery out, put a new one in. Put it back up. 

Heard a beep...somewhere. Got the step ladder, climbed up it, took it back down. 

I don't even know how many times I've done that. Now it is down and I even took a screw driver to take down the little thing it fits into out of the ceiling. 

Nope. All that was there was ceiling.

Last night after my shower I thought it was in the kitchen. I moved the coffee cart and such away from the wall and took off the extension cord. I replaced it with a power strip that is supposed to be safer. 

I knew this couldn't be the beeping, but I am at a loss of what to do at this point. I have to do something, with Abi at my heels.

While doing that I thought I might as well check the outlet behind the coffee bar. I realized that my mini Keurig has a cord that is not two feet long. Who thinks up these things? Is there a reason it's so short? 

There may be a safety reason. But do you know how hard it is, in a house with very few outlets, to hook up such a short cord? You have to be an acrobat to fix these things.

In my dining room, there is one outlet for the entire room.

There was a lot of finagling with that trying to keep things from crashing to the floor. I had to perch the next power strip on a shelf or it would have pulled the mini Keurig to the floor.

Then I started looking at the mammoth refrigerator. The one that is in the VERY corner of the kitchen and a real bitch to move in and out. I decided I would have to look back there. 

Dust bunnies from two years of a refrigerator not being moved floated up into the air. I knew I was going to have to take another shower. 

Somehow, in my trying to pull it out, the computer lights on the front panel went out. Oh no...

So then I was faced with: How one earth am I going to get back there, because I cannot pull it all the way out, and plug whatever it is back in? I got my flash light and saw that somehow the red button that is turned to on on this power strip had suddenly turned off.

After much climbing and reaching and breathing in of dust bunnies, I rectified that. 


Does anyone, by the way, know why they're called dust bunnies? Not dust rabbits, or dust hares. Or any other animal?

Then I realized I might have pulled it out too far. The ice maker...

How to know what I'd done there? I took the container with ice out and dumped all the ice and put it back in and waited, my right ear to the door, to see if I could hear water running to the ice maker. 

It reminded me of those lessons they taught in high school where kids had to carry around something, pretending it was their baby, in order to learn how hard it is to take care of a baby. Wonder if they still do that.

My baby is a smoke alarm. My nemesis is a beeping noise.


I am now sitting in my chair typing. Abi is on a warm blanket between my legs. She is terrified. You would not recognize this dog. She is not at all her usual self. She is not playing and yapping and aggravating Charlie. I fear she will have to be fitted for a strait jacket soon. 

What to do? Well, I doubt if I look online or in the phone book there will be any help under??? Beeping fixers? Beeping annihilators? Beeping finders? ...Ghost busters?

Charlie is not nearly as frightened as she is. Actually, oddly enough, he's rather calm. Now if this were a gnat buzzing, it would be an entirely different story. He would be under the bedding shaking so hard his teeth would be rattling. 


What to do? I've done everything I can think of. I go and stand in every room and listen. Naturally it doesn't beep when I'm there just like water doesn't boil when you stand over it. 

So I take a dining room chair, and, holding Abi, situate it in various places in the house. 

I grow bored pretty fast, so I get my camera. I think up the idea that if I take a photo from everywhere I sit, I will be cancelling out that particular area. 

Not loud enough here...check.

It beeps randomly. Not at exact times. So hard to pinpoint. I feel like a failure, Abi. I'm so very sorry.

I am faced with a monster that beeps. It has put Abi into a practically catatonic state. There it goes again. Abi jumps, and raises her head fearfully. She is but a shadow of her former self. She is not Abi. 

Not here...check.

I can only think of a few things that have batteries in this house. A flashlight, two clocks, and the smoke detector. If there's something else, I can't think of it. 

Abi is now in a place she never goes, underneath a plant stand. 

Charlie is perched on the couch arm nearby staring down at her as if to say: "What's a matter, Abs?" His ears are perked up in consternation. She is hardly recognizable. She is not the Abi that he knows.

I am beside myself. Whenever I do figure out where this beeping is coming from, I will feel as though I've won the lottery. Or I will bash it with a hammer. Or I will have to be fitted for a strait jacket right along with Abi.

Thirty-six beeping hours and counting...

Abi will possibly need therapy after this. Or a dog whisperer. 

Abi is hiding. Abi never hides. She is an outgoing, playful, full of mischief little girl who keeps everyone constantly entertained. 

Her eyes, that I see peeking from behind the secretary, are beseeching. I feel so guilty. Those eyes are saying: "Mom, please stop the beeping."

I need one of those snugglies. Do they still make those? That you put on and wrapped around your neck and it held the baby in front of you?

Weeks from now, if I figure this out, it will be funny I know. It will be a silly story to tell. I hope I will laugh at myself for not realizing right away what it is. 

Unless...I still haven't figured it out. I don't even want to think of that possibility.

But right now I'm faced with (there it goes) a beeping noise that is holding everyone in this house hostage. That has Abi stuck to me like glue. 

Whatever could it be? ANY IDEAS OUT THERE?

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  1. could be your fridge telling you its time to change the filter cartridge on your water/ice dispensor - if you have a sump pump with a battery back-up - could be that the battery is getting low...I know how frustrating something like that can be...if I think of anything else I will be sure and share it

    Cheryl @ The Creative Me and My McG

  2. If you have a digital thermostat for your heating and air, it could be that, telling you it's time to change the filter or the battery.

  3. Brenda, no answers from me, ah I feel for you and Abi. When we lived in the condo I could hear the neighbors smoke detector going off and randomly beeping...yes I have really good hearing...
    It would drive me bananas so I can sympathize. I hope that you find it soon.

    PS, now your blog isn't updating in my blog roll...this is starting to not be funny anymore.


  4. I think you need to call "THE BEEP BUSTERS'"!!! LOL I know it's not funny but to hear you tell it, it is. The idea of the filter on refridge is something I hadn't thought about. The newer ones have to be changed. Have you ever changed yours?

    Sorry, I'm not much help.


  5. Do you think the magazine photographers left something behind? A camera, cell phone, or watch. Just trying to eliminate the possibilities with you. I have a terrier too!

  6. Ah so frustrating! Sometmes electronic keychains and small toys beep. We had something beeping recently and it was a toy buried in a drawer. So hard to pinpiont those little things!! The weird thing was how loud it sounded for being so small. I sure hope it stops or you find it soon!!!

  7. Could there possibly be a smoke detector in the attic that's beeping? That happened to a friend of mine once. Very frustrating, to say the least. Also, check your a/c thermostat. Those sometimes beep when it's time to change the battery. Good luck!!

  8. I was wondering the same as the other commenter did...if one of the photographers left something behind such as a phone of something. ( since it is happening right after they left )

    it's GOT to be frustrating as heck and especially because it is driving the poor dog crazy too :(

  9. do you only have ONE smoke detector? I had 4 in my last house and one was "hot wired" while the other 3 had batteries. I too was going crazy with random beeping. Researched the old internet and found the culprit, the "wired" one was fried. Once I replaced it, the beeping ceased. And yes, my "smart" thermostat beeps also when the battery is low.

  10. iT COULD BE YOUR CELL PHONE...letting you know you have a message waiting or your battery is low...or even your tv remote battery...hope this helps! Carol

  11. laptop battery or cell phone are the beeps that come to mind? I usually use an ac outlet for laptop but sometimes when I unplug I don't always turn off computer and then it beeps when battery gets low? Cell phone too when messages haven't been deleted or saved? Good Luck! Jeannette

  12. CORDLESS PHONE! That happened to me, is still happening to me, cause one of my cordless phones won't hold a charge anymore. It beeps about once every hour and a half or so. Now I switch the batteries between phones when I hear the beep. A normal person would just throw the phone away... I blame it on the beeping I heard for two straight weeks before I discovered the cause. Hope it's as simple for you. If it isn't, let me know cause my FB friends threw out dozens of suggestions and I can go hunt them down for ya. Here's hoping you have a beepless future!

  13. We had a beeping early one morning. After checking everything and the smoke detectors...we called the fire dept. They checked the detectors again and thought we should get new ones.(ours were only two years old) They came and installed new ones...still the beeping. Come to find out it was the carbon monoxide detector that was sitting on the shelf.
    I should add this...the fire dept. sent two trucks..one a hook and ladder...Firemen in fire gear. and an ambulance. We called the non emergency # and the firemen told us it's standard procedure to send them out this way. They told us not to be embarrassed...that's what they are there for.

  14. Do you have a security system? Our battery pack that goes with the security system has beeped before to tell us it's time to change it. Our fridge also beeps if everything isn't closed securely. We've also had random beeps from the smoke detectors. Like you...we've had random beeps that we never figured out but they never went on like yours has! I feel for you.

  15. First thing I thought of was what Balisha said - carbon monoxide detector?

    Hope someone helps you from the good ideas above.

    Keep Calm and Beep On - oops I mean OFFFFFFFF

    Hope you find it soon. Poor pootch.

  16. I once had a beeping issue and the culprit was a stopwatch/timer that had gotten lost, but was still in some sort of mode that kept it going off intermittently. Obviously when it was found it was like the best day on earth! :)

  17. This is exactly what was happening here a few weeks ago. I got the fire alarms even chaged the batteries. It was coming from my kitchen. Took me several weeks. It was my floor! This one spot if I stepped on it there was a beep! Crazy thing it is now gone!

  18. Had that happen once and it was the carbon monoxide detector. Hope you find it fast!

  19. I had a mysterious beep for days. It was a stopwatch. I don't know how to make it stop, but it does not make me crazy anymore.

  20. He is afraid of gnats? Thunder I could understand, but a gnat?? That made me chuckle. I read the other post, glad you found the culprit.

  21. get him a thunder coat could be an old calculator a dog toy stuck somewhere

  22. I don't know if it's been mentioned but how about your camera batteries or the TV remote control or garage remote control if you have one? Cell phone or portable phone? Answering machine? Something on your laptop? Something on the TV cable box? Hope you find it soon it would drive me crazy too!

  23. Oh I had a funny story I forgot to add.....a few months ago I kept hearing a faint playing of Happy Birthday to you, over and over, for the life of me I couldn't find what it was. Then one day while clearing out some upper cabinets in the kitchen I found the culprit, a single birthday candle that somehow turned itself on and played the familiar tune lol.

  24. Could it be your oven??? I hope you find it soon.

  25. Oh no Brenda! I remember when Anne (she commented above) went through that too. I hope you get it figured out soon!

  26. I would say it is a low battery of some sort, do you have an attic or crawl space? Previous owners might have put one in an out of the way place. Also a phone battery will beep incessantly. I know how annoying that could be. Hope it gets resolved.

  27. How annoying! I hope you've figured out the problem by now. I blew out the electricity in my living room yesterday. Not sure what I'll do about that. I can't afford a electrician right now. It's always something...isn't it?

  28. How about a CO2 detector...somewhere? Furnace room? Attic? Battery in your cordless phone??? Water heater?? Garbage disposal? (Reaching with that one, sorry.) Oven?? Microwave?

    Or...could it possibly be outside, and not even yours?

  29. Oh I feel your pain Brenda. I recently had the same thing happen and it turned out to be both the downstairs smoke detector as well as the battery for the Verizon master box. The smoke detector had the battery replaced and yet still beeped. Wound up that b/c it was also hard wired, I had to replace the unit. FYI, you can only replace with the same manufacturer as they don't 'talk to each other' otherwise. The FIOS battery, which thank goodness, was under warranty, was shipped out, and finally, after two very long weeks, we had a beep free house. Those beeps are soooo annoying! Hope you find the culprit soon.

  30. Brenda....WHERE ARE YOU? Are you okay. I thought I hadn't seen a post for awhile. I hope you are okay. xo

  31. I had the same beeping problem in my apartment. I found it to be the Thermostat. It has a label saying "Replace Battery". So I put 1 and 2 together. Now no more beeps


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