Winter Has Arrived

The other day, I took all my potting things off this potting bench I've had for years, and brought it inside. The wood had faded in the sunlight. So I painted it white. 

I'll let you know what it is going to be used for soon. 

Last night we got a pretty hard freeze. This photo I took a day or so ago is probably the last of the flowers.

I looked out the window this morning and the six foot tall cannas, so thick everywhere I transplanted them, look beaten and brown. It is sad to look at them.

I guess winter has arrived.

I will now be focusing my attention on the indoor plants for awhile. At some point when it's warmer I'll have to go out and take care of the drooping cannas.

I got a photo of the beautiful male cardinal the other day. He is so pretty in his coat of red.

I'm off to the kitchen to have my coffee now. I need to warm my hands around my mug and figure out what I need to get done today. Stay warm!

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  1. Brenda your potting bench looks great painted white. I am sad to see all the outdoor plants die but I have a my few indoor plants are still giving me some greenery in my home!

  2. It does seem that it has and I'm glad for it but I also know the feelings of goodwill won't linger past February!

  3. I did a Google search for "cozy home blogs" and yours was one of the first on the list. So glad I came across you! I love your photos, style and sharing. Can't wait to learn more.

  4. winter is here too. it was 23 degrees this morning.
    your potting bench looks great in white and your peace plant is beautiful. I've never had any luck with those.

    I'll be watching to see what ya do with that potting table

  5. Wow, Brenda, that photo of the male cardinal in the Rose of Sharon is about the best I've seen of one of those little fellers. Look how his tail is parallel with the branch, and the spikes on his head are the same as the spikes on the dried blossom in front of him. You can see the tension in his body as if he's ready to take off, and his face has an expression that seems to show the gears whirring in his little head as he ponders his next move. Thanks for sharing it. We've moved to a town that's a bit farther north than our former home, and we've had a touch of snow this week. We haven't seen many cardinals, but we took a drive on Monday, and in a 70-mile round trip we saw over 100 deer!

  6. Cute little potting bench. Can't wait to hear what you'll use it for. Good for you painting it. I love all the little touches your adding and changing in your home. It is nice to hear that your able to do so much after a year off with that foot/ankle. You sound like you're back to yourself and puttering the good old days! I'm happy for you Brenda. :) ~ Pat

  7. Your blog was recommended by bloglovin' and while I don't usually click over I am so glad I your potting bench. I will be waiting to see what in store for it! Winter has come to Ontario where I live as well, even some snow flurries in the last few cannas are looking brown and wilted as well - guess I better dig up the bulbs and put them away for next year!

    Cheryl @ The Creative Me and My McG

  8. It's really cold here in Alabama too Brenda, I covered all my plants last night hoping they will survive for a while longer. Stay warm and can't wait to see what you do with the potting bench.

  9. It is sad to see the summer plants completely spent...but amazingly, I still have a few begonias hanging on. They won't last long, as we just had our first freeze here in NJ. Love your cardinal shot...and can't wait to see what you'll use the potting bench for.

  10. It got cold here last night too and more of the same tonight. I'm probably in the minority, but I'm happy to see and feel it. :o)
    As usual, your photos are gorgeous. I love cardinals! He looks so majestic. I love birds in general. :o)

  11. Winter is here too Brenda...knew it was coming...all my mums have froze but my African Violets are all blooming as well as my Thanksgiving cactus...Love the Cardinal was stunning! Carol

  12. I love that photo of the cardinal! There's no flowers to be found around definitely feels like winter is right around the corner.

  13. It feels like winter has arrived here too, at least for the last two days. Love the photo of the cardinal...Stunning!
    Mary Alice

  14. Feels like winter here too Brenda...your photos are beautiful!!

  15. Beautiful white potting bench, can we say it's a shade of 'winter white', crisp and fresh?

    Stay cozy, my creative friend!


  16. The bench looks great ! Love that cardinal picture..he's a beauty :)

  17. I cut the last of my roses and put them on the kitchen windowsill day before yesterday. It was 23 this morning when I woke up really early, a bit before six. Now everything looks all "toasted" -- I don't like Winter.

    Your bench looks great. It would be a great little baking center!

  18. Brenda, what a great example of shopping your entire home AND garden to re-use and re-purpose! Can't wait to see what you will do w/ the potting bench and I am wondering what wonderful red items will adorn it!!

  19. The flowers are long gone here in northern IL. We are having such weird has been really cold these past few days (down to 10 - 20 at night; 30's during the day), but now we're having a gradual warm-up with temps supposedly reaching 61 by Sunday! Your potting bench looks great in your kitchen; can't wait to see what you do with it.

  20. Your potting bench looks great! My imagination is curious as to what it will be next! Our flowers here in southwest Missouri also got bit by the frost but I have many pansies that will bloom through till January. I love your blog and have become a follower so I will definitely stay tuned to see how the potting bench turns out!

  21. It's cold here, too, which means I don't have to feel guilty for staying indoors where it's nice and warm. :)

  22. I like your teapot and tea cup/saucer by the red lamp. Where did you purchase it? All your photos are beautiful! Have a great day!


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