A Farmhouse Themed Christmas

I don't live in a farmhouse. I don't have a barn. And I don't have real chickens. 

I may live in the city, but at heart, I am a country girl. 

So when At Home With Jemma, who put together this Christmas Tour called "Tis The Season," asked me what theme I'd like to do, I said farmhouse. I wanted to do a farmhouse Christmas.

From the red and white dining room, which has two tables and a sort of a bistro-flavor, to the checks and polka dot fabrics. To me it says "farmhouse." 

Speaking of fabrics, my friend from  Scribbler Unfocused surprised me by ordering the red and white material you see made into curtains.

Now the potting bench turned dining room coffee station has a skirt! And the red and white checked material is probably my very favorite fabric pattern and color.

I showed you these candles I added some scrapbook paper and doilies to the other day. I have stayed on budget. I have not spent one cent toward Christmas.

I like the idea of "making do with what one already has." It's fun to dig out what you have and put it together in different ways.

You just put your mind to it, and you can do it. You can bring an old wagon that was outdoors indoors. Stick a Santa and snowman collection inside.

Using quilts I've made on my walls, which is quite common for me, gives it a definite farmhouse feel. 

"Make it do, or do without" is my motto.

You can gather Christmas trees of all varieties and display them in an old vintage suitcase. Dangling silver stars across it gives it a little extra bit of whimsy.

You can take an old painting and spray chalkboard paint over it to rejuvenate it. And use a yellow-gold paint to dress up the frame. Then draw a Christmas tree with chalk to adorn it.

Gather ornaments and put them in a dough bowl.

I made many of these ornaments some years ago. Like the vintage children ornaments you see above. 

I simply printed off images from the wonderful Graphics Fairy blog, and dressed them up. I drew a pattern for the birds with wings about four or five years ago. And used beads for eyes.

I stuck Christmas picks I've had for years here and there in the tall skinny tree.

I stamped messages and birds on scraps of paper and they are ornaments on the little red tree.

I would much rather create my own decorations than buy them from a store. Anyone can do that. But when you make it yourself, it is one of a kind.

You can stick a candle into a colander and add gold beaded strands around it.

Isn't that right, Abi? You can have a perfectly wonderful holiday with all kinds of decor that you already have. Mix things up and look at everything you have in a new way. 

It's lots of fun, and Abi and Charlie and I are happy with our little "farmhouse in the city" Christmas theme this year.

Thanks Jemma for inviting me to participate.You don't want to miss the rest of the tour. Here is the line up.

Monday December 9, 2013
Jemma of At Home With Jemma   

 Chris of The Cafe Sucre Farine
Tuesday December 10th, 2013 Poppy View
Wednesday December 11, 2013
Sherry, Jess, and Nel of Red Rose Alley
Patty of Home and Lifestyle Design


Thursday December 12, 2013
Melanie of Comfy House
Brenda of Cozy Little House

Friday December 13, 2013
Melinda of The Refeathered Roost

Saturday December 14, 1013
Kathryn of The Dedicated House
Dewena of Across the Way

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  1. Your farmhouse touches of red and white checks, apron skirts, handmade crafts, and charming window treatments, definitely make you a country mouse living in the city! And, lately, I've noticed that you are cooking up some tasty casseroles, cocooning with the pupsters, and really warming up your festive, farmhouse inspired home to its full potential during this joyful Christmas season. Now, let's put it all to some practical use: I'll have a hazelnut latte, thank you very much! And you?

    Merry Christmas, Coach!


  2. Have a jolly holly Christmas...this is how I feel when I see your Farmhouse Decor-I love red anyhow and seeing it throughout your cozy home with the checks, quilts and decorative handmade birds make for a welcoming and caring home, which is you! Thank you for all your creative energy throughout the year and for always being such a supportive mentor to so many of us!
    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays,

  3. Looks great, Brenda and your living room looks the best I've seen it around the fireplace.

  4. I agree with your motto about decorating with what you have and it makes all your decorations much more original and meaningful. I love the farmhouse theme you have going on and you have certainly achieved that theme - sometimes we find ourselves living in places that we need to adapt to make it reflect our true selves. Beautiful! Thanks so very much for sharing!
    Patty at Home and Lifestyle Design

  5. Your new red-checked curtains do say farmhouse, Brenda! But then your house has that welcome, come on in, kind of feel on a daily basis--and that's why it's called Cozy Little House!

    I love seeing how you used what you had, what you made, and what you imagined for your farmhouse Christmas. I have loved being a part of all of you for my very first tour! And Poppy is right--you are the Coach! Thank you and a very satisfying and content-filled Christmas to you and Abi and the man of the farmhouse, Charlie Ross!


  6. Love your farmhouse Christmas, Brenda. The crate, the red check curtains, the wagon and the suitcase full of trees...all so festive and pretty! Abi is adorable and looks oh so cozy in your home. Merry Christmas!

  7. Thank you for sharing your beautiful, creative decor with us! I totally agree with using what you already have when it comes to decorating, especially with Christmas decorating. Unless one is just starting out, of course. The only two things I bought new this year were the welcome mat for my front porch ($10 on sale at Target) and a metal tree from Goodwill (99 cents!) that I spray-painted gold. Everything else was what I had in my Christmas storage bins or from around the house. One of my favorite pieces of decor that you arranged is your suitcase with the bottle brush trees and the stars falling out - beautiful! I love your new red and white checked curtains and "skirt" for your coffee station, too.

  8. I love your Farmhouse Christmas theme. Everything looks so pretty and warm and inviting. The red and white checked curtains and skirt look perfect in your dining room. Thanks for the tour, your home looks wonderful!

  9. It all looks very festive! I've always like the little bird with wings you made a few years ago. My favorite thing this years is your trees in the suitcase with the star garland draped around.

  10. So sweet . . . so homey.

    My favorite is the suitcase full of trees and of course all the red and white.

  11. Everything is beautiful Brenda.. I was hoping that you'd decide on a farmhouse theme.. Your "stash" of Christmas decorations and year round décor blended right in..
    Your new curtains and skirt for your coffee station just "hit the spot".. It's wonderful to have such good friends.
    Abi looks so at home and cozy there next to your candles..
    I hope you've been able to get out to do your grocery shopping.. I need to go tomorrow, before we get another snow.. UGH !
    Christmas day will be here before we know it.. I'm wishing you a happy day and many blessings in the new year..
    Charlotte in Virginia

  12. I love the new fabric for the curtains and the coffee bar! Red is definitely your color and makes everything look so festive. The two tables are so inviting. And I'm enjoying your recipe postings a lot!

  13. Your home is filled with Christmas charm!

    I love you didn't spend a penny, that's awesome.....frugality is the way to go!

    Well done, Brenda.

  14. I've had fun using what I have and buying vintage this year. I love your touches of RED throughout! Your house is so cheery year round! Happy holidays!

  15. Your farmhouse in the city is adorable! I love to make do and repurpose, especially with seasonal décor. Merry Christmas! ~Ann
    Tarnished Royalty

  16. It looks farmhouse to me! I love it!

  17. I don't have a barn or cows or chickens either, but I have always considered this a farmhouse. I do live in the country, but it's far from being a farm. I love everything you did. Merry Christmas!

  18. Your farmhouse Christmas decor looks lovely, and I love the red and white checked curtains. You are so right, a person does not have to buy new decor each year, we really should use what we have. I have spent about $2.00 for this years decor. It's a good feeling to know that I'm not a huge consumer. Just about the only that I buy that isn't used is food!

  19. It is very cozy and festive in your Cozy Little Christmas house :)

  20. Very pretty ! Love all your Christmas Farmhouse touches !

  21. I love your farmhouse themed Christmas decor. xo Laura

  22. Everything looks awesome, I love your mix of stuff together. You do have a talent that is for sure. :-) Thanks for sharing with us. :-)

  23. Super cute Brenda! I'm a huge fan of that fabric and the skirted potting bench looks just darling!

  24. Brenda,
    Your Farmhouse Christmas is wonderful! I loved all the RED in your decorating. I've never seen a red tree before, it's so pretty. I also have a little tree for whimsical ornaments and ones that the kids made when they were little. You make quilts also? My sister sews quilts, and I have always thought it was such a talent. Your home is charming and so cheerful for Christmas. I'm glad I met you through the blog tour. Jemma has some creative friends.

    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  25. Tis the season indeed. Your farmhouse Christmas is so very merry and bright, and the red check fits right in. My kids come home from school for the holidays starting tomorrow and we will put up the family tree then, then officially Christmas is underway in our home!

  26. Gorgeousness! Love all that red, you know I do! Proud of you!


  27. I think you've captured farmhouse style very well! Farmhouse style is all about using things you already have too. Decorating with items that are functional and attractive at the same time. Repurposing things as you've done is more interesting to me anyway. I love the checked curtains in your kitchen! They are perfect for that room. Also I love the checked skirt under your table. That is definitely farmhouse style to me!

  28. Very pretty, Brenda. Your farmhouse style Christmas decor really gives your home that warm and inviting lived in look. I love the handmade items for your tree as well!

  29. Brenda, you have such a gift for making all things lovely.

  30. Beautiful Brenda...everything looks so festive !!

  31. Brenda, your farmhouse Christmas decor is so warm and inviting! Definitely cozy! Thank you for sharing with us on the tour. Hope you have a great weekend. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  32. Your home if festive and farmhouse Christmasey Brenda!! I love how you have used what you had in new ways. I'm trying not to buy much new this year also. I've done pretty well! Hugs, Linda

  33. Your pretty country touches are so adorable, especially your cozy kitchen!

  34. You've definitely achieved a Farmhouse Christmas! There are so many interesting things to look at, and the overall feeling is so cozy!

  35. What a beautiful farmhouse Christmas. It looks so cozy!


  36. These are a few of my favorite things -- the red gingham curtain on the bar, the wagon full of Santas and snowmen, the lush plants in your living room, and the splash of gold leaves above the candles wrapped in paper. I also love the "miss a recent post" feature at the top of the page.

  37. Brenda your home and decorating is so warm and friendly! As I work to "fluff my nest" you remind me to "keep it cozy". Thank you for, as always, such lovely photos and great ideas!

  38. Brenda, I love your farmhouse Christmas! Everything jis just vintage and perfect!! It's great that you haven't spent a cent. I'm trying to do the same. Nothing too big as I'm way too busy with my 6 month old. I do want to try to make a few Christmas trees though...I'll see what I can find at the dollar store. I don't have anywhere near the collection that you do so it will be quite a simple Christmas. Enjoy being cozy in your gorgeous home this holiday season! ~ Jamie

  39. Abi looks so adorable with her little ear sticking up against the sofa!! Love her!!

    'Use it up, wear it out, make it due, or do without'. One of my favorite sayings, though I don't always live up to it's premise. Sometimes I can't resist the pull of something shiny and new and beautiful, although these last couple of years I have.

    Your Christmas decorations scream 'cozy' and are so creative and festive. While I sit here enjoying my first cuppa Joe, looking at your images started my day off right. :)

  40. Breeeeeeenda! You brought me out of my doldrums! Farm house Christmas is wonderful! I'm bringing in my old wagon, for sure!

  41. I just love your Farm House Christmas! I am inspired to get more red and white into my kitchen. I especially love the little red table and white chairs. And the coffee center. And the wagon. Oh shoot! I love it all. Can you do mine now? Have a merry CHRISTmas!

  42. Judy did a great job on the curtains, and I am so glad you like the fabric! I think it was just what you needed in here. (don't you love people who give you unsolicited decorating advice? LOL)

    Your house is always cozy and inviting -- thanks for the Christmas tour. I am still trying to find stuff in my attic ...

  43. You did a great job this year, Brenda (as always). You've always had a sort of farmhouse look, everything so homey and relaxed. Love the curtains, very cheery, like everything! :)


  44. love your decorating spirit almost as much as your FARM HOUSE!
    wonderfully done!
    merry Christmas Brenda!

  45. Love your cosy farmhouse theme, Brenda! There are some inspiring ideas here and everything looks so warm and homely!
    Helen x

  46. I love your new red checked farmhouse curtains. You have me wandering around the house looking at my things in a whole new light. It's fun!

  47. I really enjoy your blog! You are very talented and gifted.


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